the mrbrown show: gongxi ni

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If you get this invitation, gongxi gongxi gongxi ni!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 10 Feb 2010: gongxi ni
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25 Responses to “the mrbrown show: gongxi ni”

  1. gimme ang pao Says:

    Gong xi gong xi!!!! Happy new year to the mr brown show!

  2. sgstudentshow Says: damn creative!

  3. melvin Says:

    how dowload so diffculth

  4. Alicia Says:

    Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Mr Brown and Team! Happy Chinese New Year! Love this song! Especially since we have been listening to it since 10 years ago! Same tune, different words, I can’t stop grinning!

  5. Western Chow Says:

    Love this man!!!!

  6. DOM the Clown Says:

    To Mr Brown and Gang:

    Happy New Year!……and thanks for all the podcasts!


  7. morningside_park Says:

    This one shows that the team’s “nei gong” 内功 improved a lot liao leh. Short, to the point, and funny.

  8. Ming Says:

    wow this is the best podcast of the year ^_^

    i like it thanks you Mr Brown and his team ^_^

  9. Ian Says:

    This is awesome, haha! Good job, tmbs team! Happy CNY, and more good years ahead!

  10. Bernardo Says:

    It definitely is a most religiously harmonious podcast! Gong Xi Gong Xi to your team for creating this witty and wonderful gem. This song should be played at all religious gatherings on this coming Sunday, to usher in the Lunar New Year as well as to remind certain groups of people to be mindful of their tongue and deed. Happy Lunar New Year, Mr Brown & your team!

  11. Sue Says:

    Your podcast very funny but actually you also a bit insensitive leh! For the Buddhist and Taoist population, whole incident not funny at all just very insulting.

  12. Yuhin Says:

    gongxi to mr brown. And good telling all religious fanatics that our gahmen is the true “higher power” here.

    Frankly, I’m no Buddhist or Taoist. But I feel damaged as a Chinese that our faiths are threatened

  13. Joosh Says:

    Happy chinese new year MB

  14. john Says:

    Ronnie going to be a Phd in LGBT studies
    - homosexuals are not born this way (”Don’t believe all those loud-mouthed gay people who tell you they are born this way”, he says);
    - “If we don’t warn people against this, then there will be more and more homosexuals” because “many of these Gay people will be harrassing and seducing young boys, and they in turn will become homosexuals” and then very soon, God forbid, “half the world will be homosexual”!
    - “Proper sex means life — it propagates life. Lesbianism/Gay and homosexuality simply mean death and barrenness.”
    Gay people are paedophiles, Ronnie watch CrimeWatch in the story which tell a “dirty old man” seduced little boys for sex

  15. John Says:

    Hello, Man-Utd Ronnie being watch bythousand of fanz is let off the hook. 3 little punks had to drink kopi-o

  16. Sab Says:

    HAHAHAHAH!!! best podcast.

  17. Sumedha Says:

    Guys, you are GOOD!

    I know you guy sure will come out with something on that but did’nt expect that was it is so creative! WELL DONE TEAM!


  18. Pastor Rony Case - SGCafe - Cosplay | Anime | Dollfie Says:

    […] the mrbrown show Blog Archive the mrbrown show: gongxi ni __________________ […]

  19. john Says:

    Hello, More power to ya.
    Who made Man-Utd Ronnie (lim-kopi) ?
    Who made Man-Utd Ronnie say sorry ?
    Who made 3 youth to be let off the hook? 6 mths rehab
    1) New Media Communication Tools 2) Netizens 3) Online Media

  20. Jun Wei Says:

    lol… quite tru ah… gah-men higher thn religion here… somewhat…

  21. Michael Says:

    There are many people who believe that lim kopi is not enough! There is a perceived double standard in the application of the sedition Act! Anyway, with the light, light treatment, I think, in future all the religion will be very bold to preach already since everybody knows that influential religious leaders will not be punished: just go lim kopi & apologise loh!

    Anyway, the indiscretion of the pasta, oops, i mean pastor has helped the 3 teenagers to escape punishment!

    But why did the teenager has to undergo counselling while the pastor did not attend? Is it because the pastor has written a “worship the LP” song before?

    P.S. Watch out when you go Orchard in future, all the religion will be there to convert you! Will there be dual- or tri-religious membership recognition in future?

  22. alvin HO Says:

    summon is not funny and ISD is not happy with people trying to be funny.

  23. adeline Says:


    Be careful too hor! Don’t u guys too have kopi peng and kopi pok with the ISD!!!!
    Gahmen monitoring every one hor! Especially your fans!….hhhmmmm….that includes me too….sigh! So dangerous to live here!

  24. Jubeat ユビート - Page 2952 - SGCafe - Cosplay | Anime | Dollfie | The Best Blend of Awesome +} Says:

    […] Originally Posted by iCloudZ- Actually, I meant that Headphones/Earpieces for Jubeat is a luxury. If I didn’t bring that across properly, huhu. Ps xD I stab someone and take his liver first lor. no lah. I didn’t read properly. had one eye on the tv. may be outdated but still. the mrbrown show Blog Archive the mrbrown show: gongxi ni __________________ […]

  25. Pokkai Man Says:

    Talking about sensitive things is dangerous.

    Here are some ways out:

    a) You can think of anything, any higher being, any non being, semi being, demi being, semi demi human being, all kinds of permutation. Just only think. No talking whatsoever. Then it’s safe. Just make sure the head does not escape through the mouth. Practice guggling if need be. What comes out is mumbled (very safe). No direct punch, so to speak.

    b) Be sensible. For example, if you see a demon or make some unrecognisable repetitons, just say that the message is unclear. When something does not make sense, it’s sensible not to be sensible. Do not interpret. Just remain muddled. Again this reflects thinking, not talking.

    c) Don’t be a showman. Like putting videos in youtube, mytube, histube, or cybertube. Go into the jungle and feed the snakes. At most they tell other snakes, not broadcast all over to non snakes.

    d) Learn from the roving and performing medicine man. If anything goes wrong, blame it on the audience. Not on the contents of the talk (again, see how dangerous it is to talk). Let the medicine do the talking. It’s hard to punish the medicine.

    e) Play the alter ego. Instead of examining the confessor, let the audience examine the showman. Then, the showman will not be at fault. Let the audience be at fault. The damage is limited (because it’s hard to curb the itch to talk, having talked for so many years).

    Think smart. Maximum is small talk. Nothing more than that (remember small talk is also highly dangerous).

    In summary, be a talk thinker. Thinking is enough. More than enough. Mouth is reserved for eating as the basic, safe and sole function.

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