the mrbrown show: CRAP training


An elite force trains to fight crime in the underbelly of our casinos!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 19 Feb 2010: CRAP training
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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: CRAP training”

  1. sgstudentshow Says:

    wah.powderful podcast

  2. SG Girl Next Door Says:

    Very funny!

    But seriously, Mr brown, do you think Singaporeans bother to pretend to be foreigners just to get in for free?

  3. Yuhin Says:

    very funny indeed…and u rock, mr brown

    And in response to SG Girl Next Door to ur query, i would try to act foreigner to get in casino. I practically sound non-Singapore, just need act as Hongkonger.

    And my dad want to use his HK passport to get…

  4. Joel Says:

    I loved this line “… Singapore lose money is a crime…”

    OMG, it is really so true. I too feel that sometimes, it really seems that to the gahmen, losing money to them is the worst thing that can happen.

    Just look that the constantly increasing ERP pricing and gantries, HDB pricing. casino tax, etc.

    Mr Brown keep it up!

  5. daren Says:

    casino 101

    if u won $, u lose because greed will pull u back in to play more
    if u lose $, u actually win because u less likely to go back n play
    if u on a winning streak, stop playing or u lose what u won
    if u on a losing streak, stop playing. u lose more what u lost
    if u play long time, u for sure to lose.
    if u play short time, u more likely to win
    if u saw anyone you know in the casino, dont tell anyone, apply to both parties

  6. alex Says:

    Singapore lose money is crime!

  7. Pokkai Man Says:

    Casino is a modern social amenity, just like swimming pool is to a condo.

    It provides a clean, safe and sanitized environment where money changes hands, through the medium of cards, slot machines and the spinning of balls.

    It promotes eye-hand coordination (you have to follow the ball to the slot where it finally rests), mental alertness (forcasting when you will get 21 points), stamina (you need to sit down for a long time to properly follow the trend), note taking (to record crosses on numbers that come out) and generally soulful exertion.

    The authorities ensured that these reflexes are well taken care of and hence accord two places for these exercises.

    We are in good hands. Probably (and most likely), the good news is that may be a third or fourth casino may be on the cards. Remember, there was only one university (SU) and then NTU morphed and then again SMU and now a fourth technological University is on the cards.

    We should be very proud of our country. Everything multiplies, like ERP, after one or two successes.

    Then and probably again, there will be smaller mini casinoes e.g. one in each neighbourhood to ease the overcrowding.

    To discourage gambling (but to provide a critical social amenity), the same $100 must apply. Heartland people are smart. So may be, one uncle comes out $10 and in total 10 uncles come out with $100.

    Then amongst them, they select the Chief Uncle to go in. Like a tontine, they rotate. Keep the costs low but keep the fun going.

    Hence you can see, casino helps in social cohesion and social harmony.

    Promote casino. It’s a lifestyle choice. For life.

  8. Dr Chan Says:

    I don’t think those who really want to go in would have much trouble coming up with $100. Pretending to be a foreigner may be more difficult.

  9. Nice Says:

    it’s “Singapore govt lose money means is a crime”

    singapore ppl can lose money.. bo tai chi… LMAO!!!

  10. SG Girl Next Door Says:


    Aren’t you afraid of being caught and picture of you being published at the front page of our national newspapers with the heading: Singaporean faked as foreigner to get into casino for free!

    Very mah loo… :P

  11. eMuu Says:

    singapore is a multiple racist country

  12. Magister Of darkness Says:

    I want to be a CRAP officer! Wait i am crap.

  13. adeline Says:

    Dr Chan, why should people fork out $100 when they can fake their way in like Michelle from THE NOOSE who not only is a Singaporean, but a Cina, a Indon maid, a Filipino, an AngMo, etc. etc. Singaporeans got talent what!
    See. Mr Brown & gang already a big talent! Sure can get past the CRAP at the 2 Casinos!

    HAPPY u called them Casinos!

    Casinoes are casinoes! Why hide behind a facade called IR?

    so much crap!
    be careful as some people on top [[not referring to that who is beyond this world :) ]] may not be able to take your crap each week lah!

  14. fynyx Says:

    The podcast actually went:
    “Singapore gahmen lose money is a crime.”
    (i.e. insert ‘gahmen’, delete ‘means’;
    even if that means gahmen is in, and we don’t have the means!
    What does it all mean then?).

    Still, wow, deep.

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  16. asshole Says:



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