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Citizens need to feel better in the face of a stronger foreign presence!

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  1. Ah Kang Kong Says:

    :-) Truth is even funnier than fiction. Just read the comments on blogs and forums when the student fees hike was announced. Singaporeans are so happy to pay more as long as foreigners pay even more!

  2. DOM the Clown Says:

    Thank you, Mr Brown and Gang. You speak for Singapore CITIZENS!

  3. ComeJoinOpposition Says:

    Haha… You must have known someone from HDB to know about the “cherry” lingo.

  4. alex tan Says:


  5. Pokkai Man Says:

    Foreigners are needed for foreign flavour.

    1. Geylang - Very few local girls (may be not even one) are there for rental. Foreigners make up for the shortfall.

    2. Languages - The four offcial languages are not enough to cover the whole world. So just import for example Bangladeshis, Russians, Polynesians, Maldivians. Possibly even Martian in reaching out to far away places. Singapore will be very super cosmopolitan. Not Liliputan.

    3. Casino - Foreigners are welcome to enter for free. If they lose $1,000,000, the net loss is only $999,900. Only six figures. Call it foreign flavoured limits. The odds are in their favour, up to $100.

    4. Theme parks - again it’s foreign something studios. Love the King Kongs and not the king king kong kong. Love the Jaws and not the paws. Foreign animations with foreign calibrations.

    5. The old Arabian ship - sailing into Singapore and it may be put into a musuem for all to see and admire. Add a buzz to the babes at the beach. Again this is a foreign ship. It adds flavour to the babes.

    So, please love foreign things. They are flavourable. The stuff for fables.

  6. Sun Says:

    Maybe truth can be communicated in a less dangerous manner. Would not this very sharp satire breeds deep discontent, unhappiness & hatred between this 2 groups of people. We are living a very small island.

    I am concerned .. if not afraid of such things.

  7. The Just One Says:

    @ Sun

    dun be so paranoid then. the PAP needs to come down. and come down hard.

    Mr Brown and crew are just putting stuff in a funny way. if i were him, i wouldnt do things like that.

  8. Yuhin Says:

    good plans there…and we have a live case study of SS.

    Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland in our own backyard…but will be citizen vs PR-foreigner alliance how cool is that…

  9. alvin HO Says:

    Marc’s voice classic!! lingering still in my ears. truly Singaporean! First class voice!

  10. adeline Says:

    So many cherry pickings in the comments!
    Wow! Mr Brown, you surely put forth many good and valid cherries for the picking!

    LOVE YOUR “1st class 2nd hand citizens”…that is very true in many ways, except that there are too many blind and/or deaf Singaporeans on this tiny red dot that is becoming like a cheeze with many holes!

    Perhaps you should do 1 on transforming a stable little island into a countless-cheesed-holes-island-that-thinks-it’s-a-continent! Just need one equake of 8.5 and this cheeze will crumble….what a scary thot.
    But sadly, those at the top just loves building building up and out with no regard for the acts of the wrath of Nature.
    These days equakes are more in the 7.x range and above;
    below 6.9 is becoming rare….well….greedy people don’t see such facts!

  11. pokai man Says:

    come down lah pokkai man!!!!!!!must be foreigner right?

  12. fynyx Says:

    “Always hike, never cut.”
    Welcome (again) to Singapore; funny, we are a flat island with few physical hills to hike over; height-challenged, we try to compensate.

    “We must dig the spurs into the hides of our citizens, …”
    Scold, scold, scold; scold, scold, scold, such can be the lot, in the life of our senior mainstream politicians:
    “… because they are starting to be complacent, and taking us and their citizenship for granted.”


    My father-in-law, who spent about 7 decades of his whole life in Singapore, is still classified as a blue-IC PR.
    As he now gradually declines from heart condition, and frequently admits & discharges from hospital, he will continue to be charged rates befitting his formal, not actual ’status’.

    By defining almost all of his major existence solely in Singapore, he is Singaporean in a truer way, than formal citizens who spend most of every year (and their lives), ever living and working elsewhere.
    Perhaps they are the true PRs in spirit.

    So every time I hear of all that citizen versus PR talk, it pains me in a personal way, how the local togetherness of our families and kin keeps getting casually harped about as stereotypes.

  13. maria Says:

    what is there to left to retain citizens?

    there are so little space in the best uni in Singapore for polytechnic students who have proven to be increasingly attracting top o level students.

    students who are good but not admitted to local unis either choose to go into less desirable ones or they leave for overseas education. once overseas, the opportunities might or might not be better but at least there are still opportunities.

    foreigners, talented or not, they invaded singapore’s job economy and now singaporeans, talented ones.. head overseas for jobs they deserve.

    i just feel s*** when i stepped into macdonald’s in sg and the girl at the cashier said “你要吃什么”。Funniest thing? I was with an indian friend.

    good service? if she says that to an angmoh, we would all know why singapore has been ridiculed. it’s just one case i know, but i know alot of people has been complaining. and the fact that i’m not in sg but still hearing about it… i don’t wanna know how bad it can get when im home.

  14. maria Says:


    there are so little space in the best unis in Singapore for polytechnic graduates and polytenchnics have proven to be increasingly attracting o level students who score well.

  15. ww Says:

    i’m singaporean.
    i do enjoy your podcasts and can relate to them.

    but somehow i think this smacks greatly of xenophobia.

    Singapore is a land of immigrants.

    Don’t forget that our ancestors came from afar to settle in Singapore.
    They were technically foreigners and PRs as well in the beginning.

    Let’s embrace diversity, and welcome those who has left all to live here.

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