the mrbrown show: oil be there for you


Oil spill in the US, oil spill in Singapore too! The Task Force is activated!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 1 June 2010: oil be there for you
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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: oil be there for you”

  1. mel Says:

    haha everyone would be rich if we all tapao the crude oil, Pity we can’t refine it domestically.

  2. LOL Says:

    LOL i’m participating in youth oil games! sibei funny! this podcast sibei CHEEBAI GOOD!

  3. Dr Chan Says:

    How about an oil scooping competition? Winner gets 10 litres of petrol.

  4. Mada0 Says:

    love the last part!!!!lol
    cca point

  5. justin hui Says:

    It looks like a beach with mud!!!!

  6. justin hui Says:

    now they are scooping of the oil

  7. Hayashi Says:

    Haha! This sounds like a great idea actually!! xD

  8. Black Jeopardy Says:

    lol oil wrestling. I went to turkey last winter :)

  9. Black Jeopardy Says:

    *hungary sorry.

  10. The mrbrown show’s response to Singapore Oil Spill « ECO @ COP Says:

    […] HEHEHE! You may also view/download the original here. […]

  11. ZR Says:


  12. Michelle Says:

    Dear Mr Brown, I have heard you covering a big issue that has hit the netizens community.

    Keep up the entertaining work and public service.

  13. Yuhin Says:

    Free oil on the beach! Wow, that’s pittung the community to work.

    Good thing I doing O-levels this year, or this may force stopple to make students go clean in the beach

  14. historian_gohjmy93 Says:

    Damm funny pls,

    summore so sarcastic at ntuc fairprice, “strongest plastic bag”, haha

  15. Mike Says:

    Haha….Time to oil up!!

    Oil wrestling ^^

  16. emoboi Says:

    the youth oil game price
    1st: 10 litres of oil
    2nd:10 birds coverd with oil
    3rd:1 ntuc bag and a free sentosa ticket to collect and clear the oil

  17. nothing gotto do with this podcast Says:

    i love sudden attack and wolfteam! and mr brown!

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