the mrbrown show: oh yeah

Photo by the jyan

the mrbrown show team pays tribute to a lyrically brilliant song of Olympian excellence!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 7 June 2010: oh yeah
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26 Responses to “the mrbrown show: oh yeah”

  1. residentevilchef Says:

    version 2 RAWKS!!!!!!

  2. LeeHatesYeah Says:

    Yeah simi??

    So many murder cases around.
    So many suicides incidents around.
    So many cheating frauds/religious/charities happening.

    Yeah ki lanz arhhh…

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  4. Noob Says:

    This is awesome! Definitely sound better than that gay fuck JayJay

  5. mrq Says:

    I want more versions! lol….

  6. version 3 commentator Says:

    lol! version 3 should be sang on national day…

  7. Wahhh Says:

    Wah need help leh! Try to find the mrbrown show podcast on iTunes store but cannot find, any help?

  8. Ben Says:

    Wow you got musical talent!!

  9. kb Says:


  10. Denise Says:

    I was hoping for mrbrown show to change this horribly tacky and uninspiring lyrics. No more versions please, the song is bad no matter which way you sing it.

  11. MB Fan Says:

    Seriously, the person who came up with the singapore oh yeah is just plain retarded…

    Not to mention that hand sign is moronic…. Should just drag the retard to north korean for firing squad execution….

  12. oh yeah it sucks... Says:

    hahahah… jj is limited in his word…

  13. ^^ Says:

    This podcast isn’t even funny. All your versions are terribly stupid.

  14. Sam Says:

    Rock version …is the way to go!!! the riffs are good!

  15. reno77 Says:

    ^^ are you JJ Lin ?

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  17. stupidcow Says:

    Imagine the irony when the atheletes say ‘ Oh no … (not again) ‘ when they heard this over and over

  18. adeline Says:

    Ohhhh Yeah man!!!!
    Mr Brown & Gang…u guys are sure creative….kind of…..
    Ver3 is soooo pro PAP… Oh yeah else they tear down your website, oh lah.

  19. Mb lost it? Says:

    Mb, nowadays podcasts not funny lei. Ever since doing all these gahmen stuff. Did u really turn to the dark side?

  20. Dr M Says:

    JJ Lin sound so girly…oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

    Have you watch WWE Raw, the real men sound like…hell yeah, look who is cooking? oh yeah rock it baby…rough tone

    JJ, Ms Lin do you need to dress like a nerd?
    JJ, you voice is too girly, seriously you had a girl voice
    Hmmm…you dancing look girly too

  21. Tyral Says:

    Damn version 2 is so good!
    Version 1 is GAY.
    Have enough of version 3 every year.

  22. CL Says:

    Folks, the fact that the lyrics were *terrible* is the point! Satire at its best.

  23. AST Says:

    Oh Yeah! Version 2 is awesome!

  24. JT Says:

    Lol. Version 2 is brilliant.!!

  25. Sky Says:

    Can u pls tell me the lyrics??



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