the mrbrown show: music video for version 2 of “oh yeah”

We thought it would be fun to do a music video for our version of the YOG cheer song. This is for version 2, the rock one.

We, er, borrowed the music video from the original one.

We even included lyrics in the captions feature (CC) of Youtube, in case you couldn’t catch the lyrics. We’re always trying our best for you, our loyal fans.

If there is a demand, we may do an MV for the other two versions too.

15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: music video for version 2 of “oh yeah””

  1. LOL Says:


  2. Annchovy Says:

    Oh no. Lame. Is this the best you can do?

  3. Zailani Asral Says:

    Yours is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the original!

  4. TooManlyForThisSong Says:

    This is the worst National Song ever!! The lyrics is corny, the tune so childish and what’s with the hand gesture? Is JJ still trying to emulate his Street Fighter hero? Why not do the helicopter like ChunLi instead…. err, oh wait, nobody wants to see his gay butts.

  5. fynyx Says:

    Another jolly podcast, mrbrown!

    Love Version 2;
    Rotflmao over Version 3;
    Version 1 is fondly familiar, satiric schtick.

    I keep remembering the JJ Lin jingle is a cheer song, which by its repetitive function is not as beautifully melodic as full pop.

    But the JJ Brown versions may be what the heartland masses need more, to inject excitement over the YOG, which I feel that so far, all that official business is failing to achieve.

  6. Ace Says:

    thanks for the lyrics… now i know it is feet on the ground not pee on the ground….

  7. Gordonator Says:

    u should do a podcast on the MRT embarrassment instead of this. YOG is like so yesterday already.

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  8. Kai Says:

    I want mv for ver3!! Hahaahah!!

  9. Dr Chan Says:

    Why didn’t anyone realise how stupid that hand gesture is?

  10. Dr M Says:

    This guy read like a nerd
    This guy hairstyle look like a nerd
    This guy using the 80’s British Pop Culture that make used of “hand-signs dance” oh please this is so yesterday, liao
    Now it is hip-hop, are you in tune with the youth?
    This guy read up like those cutie next door mummy boy
    He is a gay? he will grow up to be a faggot
    Wait, let me guess Dick Lee arrange the dance steps?

  11. Dr M Says:

    This is a Street Lighting dance, this guy dress like a nerd from the 80’s. Wow, Singapore making Greease 3 the move John Trovalt and Oliva Newton John remake

  12. Dr M Says:

    Are they making roti-prata in the air
    Or they are doing the Aaron Kowk hand dance
    I love love love you never end…
    No lah, you are showing you how to clean windows

  13. Dr M Says:

    Actually they are doing a stunt show

    Jackie Chan both hands are being hand cuffs by the police

  14. Dr M Says:

    He look like a guy selling shampoo
    This is how we wash your hair
    Put your hands together
    Rotate to the left
    Rotate to right
    And the backgrounds are all happy using the hair shampoo
    Please buy our shampoo

  15. Chan M Chan Says:

    I think your version 2 really rocks . Certainly better than original. Good Job! How about producing another music video? the hand thingy velly silly lah.

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