the mrbrown show: bookie blues


Bookies are very sad after World Cup over.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 15 July 2010: bookie blues
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19 Responses to “the mrbrown show: bookie blues”

  1. brownlover Says:

    You guys rock. please continue to make those great podcast. we all love you.

  2. Jenny Says:

    The sotong will be arrested under ISD.

  3. SAHM Says:

    Love it when mentioned “activate the sotong” hahahaha

  4. LOL! the mrbrown show: bookie blues - VRForums - Singapore IT & Lifestyle Central Says:

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  5. LeeLovesSotong Says:

    Kopi is ready for Mr Brown team at cantonment road.

  6. ZR Says:

    Singapore’s largest mamak shop. LOL

  7. adeline loves MrB & Gang Says:

    So hilarious!!!

    U want to conduct & coordinate the betting?
    I want to bet who will win!
    U know, I know. Every one knows way before
    it is conducted.

    U guys are NO SOTONGS when it comes to creativity!


  8. anonymous Says:

    By the way, Paul is an octopus, not a sotong (squid). :)

  9. polalion Says:


    Singapore style.

  10. adeline loves MrB & Gang Says:

    ALAMAK! not the Kraken!

    Give me all the spray cans I need and I will get working on making all the MRT Trains colorful and eye-catching; so bright that it brightens the day of anyone who sits the MRT or sees the MRT from afar!

    Not the Kraken, leh! I willingly color your MRTs to make Singapore a colorful and lively city to be in, okay or not? Can?

  11. Simon Says:

    It does not even tickle my toes.

  12. Yuhin Says:

    OMG! The sotong Paul is intervening in the elections! And which opposition guy will be sued this time?

  13. Drofnats Says:

    Simon then fuck off. you confirm must be those ‘patriotic’ shit.

    Mr bwon this is brilliant stuffs ok. nice one.

  14. Cool Says:

    “Mohhamad Simon Bin Sotong “just ignore him Drofnats. u know who i mean =) lol

  15. rickimartini Says:

    Yo man! How r U? hey Hossan Leong already got his ‘Chevalier’ -bet u, he’s blowing French kisses now. Congrats to Hossan. Hey maybe u can get ur “MP” status at the next election to be another voice ?

  16. MGSPW Says:

    ROFL. to the sotong MOBILE!!!!!!! awesome podcast mr brown. you made my day.

  17. KB Says:

    Hi mrbrown, seems like your podcasts are no longer available on iTunes. Any help on that?

  18. MB Fan Says:

    Largest Mama shop… plus biggest prata foodstall…

  19. [Star☆] QiQi(: Says:

    Mr Brown .. (:
    You’re soo creative man :DD .
    Jiayous Jiayous worhs

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