the mrbrown show: give way to yog… Music Video!

Cityhousefly is getting really fast at making these videos of our silly songs. Even faster than us. And now with nicer fonts and accurate lyrics too! Gotta give him a medal!

13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: give way to yog… Music Video!”

  1. MUsker Says:

    nice vid.. wif high definition pic. Mr brown, ur the best…

  2. David Says:

    Yet another classic!! Very funny. You guys are great!

  3. Marcus Says:

    mrbrown, I like your songs, but how come you never post one about my Song for XCB music video on YouTube? National Day is around the corner, and I want more and more people to watch this video. Only for one time I uploaded the video with your song first before cityhousefly on YouTube.

  4. BullShittyShit Says:

    hahaha Nice one Mr Brown!!! Ur songs are just getting better~~

  5. Gordon Sandtrooper Says:

    Love the song and music video as well! lol.

  6. DT Says:

    What to do ….. THE GOV of SPORE did not realise that they are teaching the YOUTH to be a hypocrite.
    So after “YOG”, no need to give way?

  7. Wolfee Says:

    you have to stop doing this….
    I watched it in my office and was laughing away…
    You might just make me loose my job…
    Great wan…..

  8. wayne Says:

    haha, sound like some Russian song….

  9. woogie Says:

    Mr Brown…
    Can you publish a video which is related national day like the 2009 national day lyrics become lekuasimi. can u make fun of national day?

  10. [Star☆] QiQi(: Says:

    why soo long haven’t publish new videos yet.. ): still waiting impatiently mr brown…! hehe :D .. no offence :P

  11. Bernardo Says:

    Great song…wonder why your team had not been commissioned to write the offcial YOG song. Imagine a whole busload of YOG participants (including those volunteers who survive on measly packet meals) filling up an open-deck bus and belting this song as the bus ploughs down our main streets. It will be a sight so touching with sounds so stirring…thinking of it already brings tears to my eyes.

  12. AGNES TAN Says:

    Great song n lyrics!! Love all your jokes n funny songs. Can you do one on young able-bodied people pretending to sleep on the MRT trains, esp those in the Priority/Reserved seats, ‘blind’ to the old, pregnant, weak etc ones in front of them who need the seat badly? I am sick n tired of witnessing this ungracious behaviour and MRT is not doing much about it!!
    This is like a thorn in my eye whenever I travel on the trains during peak or ‘crowded’ periods. It is a sickening behaviour and shows foreigners n visitors what Singaporeans are like!! V ‘malu’….. makes me ashamed of being a Singaporean.

  13. KU KU jiao Says:

    Good song , comrade !!!

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