the mrbrown show: oh army! MUSIC VIDEO!

With singalong lyrics too!

29 Responses to “the mrbrown show: oh army! MUSIC VIDEO!”

  1. Tjandy Says:


  2. Kelpee Says:

    Damn best lah!

  3. Joel Says:

    haha… we know who is the fat man in the video… he can fit in No. 4.

  4. Cityhousefly Says:

    Ha Ha MrBrown, this time your video came out first.

    You become Justin Brown now !

    Here is my tribute video to MrBrown :

  5. ben Says:

    没良心的小李! 把我们这些老兵都忘了!哭啊!

  6. JX Says:

    imagine justin bieber sing tis song…

  7. 15th's(: Says:

    LOL , nice (: Work harder M.B. (: Tiongxim frever t MRBROWN (: .

  8. Alex Says:

    $9k is quite a lot. I won’t feel sore about this when I still have my job.
    Now no job, need money. Gamen say this is not for lau peng.
    And the workforce don’t want lau jiao cos we are too expensive.

  9. Philip Says:

    This is hilarious! and so spot-on.

    its one of your best so far!

  10. Auctuz Says:

    HAHA!…Hilarious but very true…I really like the beat and tune!! had my tapping my feet away!! I’m sure all the lao cheow all feel the same way! Great job guys!! Seriously!

  11. Hahaha Says:

    Very nice! Kudos!!!!

  12. lau peng Says:

    but lau peng already got the watch and medal when we go MR rite? since already enjoy benefit, so no $9k

  13. Gordon Sandtrooper Says:

    I salute you my good Sir!

  14. Bennington Says:

    awesome. HAHAHA Justin Bieber…

  15. Roshini Says:

    HAHAHA…Funny…Am soo gonna post this facebook…Though i love Justin Bieber! :D

  16. 2BTS Delta 1993 Says:

    Those old camo uniforms bring back the memories and smells :D

  17. mel Says:

    at some point in your life, could you release a compilation album of all these wickedly funny songs? it could be called “Best of Brown” (BOB). I sure will buy one.

  18. djasakurayoh Says:

    Haha. Sounds like JB…Johor Bahru! =P Do more covers!

  19. ruixiang Says:

    hi,how did u upload this vids can u teach me???????????????????????

  20. ihatejb Says:

    this is much better than justin bieber…gonna post this on facebook…

  21. slyx Says:

    fantastic, Mr. Brown. Absolutely amazing. Definitely gonna keep visiting this site.

  22. 89ten Says:

    *super love!*

  23. dawn Says:

    awesome. creative as always :)

  24. Aloysious Says:

    Super super nice

  25. moonlight Says:

    Haha.Nowadays uniform more cheap.

  26. James Lim Says:

    Because of my 8 years daugther who loves listening to Justin Bieber songs everyday with her mobile. I like this conversion :)

  27. Shun Hui Says:

    MORE VIDEOS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. limdes75 Says:

    Mr. Blown, you’re the man… Keep them coming…. hahaha…

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