the mrbrown show: oh army!


This is going out to the old soldiers of Singapore!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 3 Sept 2010: oh army!
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  1. cedge Says:

    Ahahah, this is sheer genius.

  2. Louis Says:

    Just wonderful! For once i like this song!

  3. amy lu Says:

    I am amy, this is good.
    Good day.

  4. WevHez Says:

    Loved it. Sian la… I also no Moolah

  5. Dro Says:

    lol. Thank your mrbrown, our very own Jon Stewart lol.

  6. AT Says:

    Excellent! Keep up the good work! Couldnt agree more with the lyrics. No one loves us anymore cos we are old. But isnt that SOP for the Gahmen? :)

  7. nicholas Says:

    Truly, Like the line - We Should Leave No Man Behind

    That’s the Tagline of ALL Army.

  8. Ah Loke Says:

    Like MOE’s Connect Plan: from the 15th year of service, no need to “connect” with you so much.

  9. Ash Goh Says:

    Great song !! …I also missed the 9K… :(

  10. DenTheMan Says:

    I just knew Mr Brown will come out with a suitable statement on behalf of all the lau peng. Excellently written! All credit to Mr Brown.
    Humour aside, I think it speaks for the silent majority of the many many lau peng who has done their time in much harder conditions than today whether in NS or in reservist ICTs. The government should really reconsider extending the award to ALL who have done their NS even if the payments need to be staggered out due to any budget constraints!

  11. rain Says:

    Welcome back MB. Hit the spot… this will be a classic!

  12. MSNGTH Says:

    Whoa! talk about moving forward and forgetting the ones who did their time. No complains though, solution: Immigrate to another country? One of the chief reasons for the brain drain and injection of foreign talents……oh well. SG males got to do what it takes to take care of ourselves. Good song MB!

  13. ah lim Says:

    Song of reality :)

  14. Mister Jack Says:


  15. Alan Says:

    I semi-old bird, only one last giveout on 7th high key hehe

  16. Panzer Says:

    Apt and to the point.

    I for one is not hard-up for the $9k. It hardly makes a dent to the interest I paid on my bank housing loan over the years.

    But it is the way NSmen who have MR’d and ROD’d long ago who RECEIVE nothing, not even a TOKEN that is meaningful.

    And I am wondering more and more how NS builds up a nation when the policies being implemented increasingly divide rather than unite NSmen?

    Majullah Singapura.

  17. Paul Seah Says:

    Very good song, ….leave no one behind …..
    After, we served our country, given 2.5 yrs of cheap labour.
    Thank you for speaking for the can’t speak up ones and the in-between of Singapore society…the left behind ones…but leave no one behind is what we want.

  18. ben Says:

    We Should Leave No Man Behind

  19. kf Says:

    THANK YOU for voicing out for us!

  20. Cheng Says:

    lol! epic. but honestly i’d rather forfeit the money and ROD straight away… hahahaha

  21. J Chew Says:

    Lyrics please !

    Great stuff !!

  22. toadette Says:

    “And this song is also for all Bieber bashers out there!”

    Mr. Brown you’ve once again struck parody gold. Could you post the lyrics to this song? Thanks!

  23. Louis Says:

    The lyrics, from what i can decipher.. here it goes

    I serve my country
    I serve my time
    In my BMT
    I didn’t mind
    I give my blood
    I give my sweat
    And I never ever ask for anything back

    Now you give money $9,000 bucks
    To the new soldier
    Then we get what?
    We finish army and we ROD
    How about all the years we go for ICT?


    And we say army, army, army Oh~
    Don’t want me, want me, want me No~
    Why don’t you pay me, pay me, pay me Whoa~
    Why is the Gahmen so one kind?
    Is it cause I am, I am, I am old?
    That’s why you are treating treating me so cold
    I may have served a long long time ago
    You should leave no man behind


    We ate the sardines, we ate baked beans
    Our food not catered, tray must ownself clean
    We miss our mother at night in bunk we cry
    When our girlfriend call to say goodbye

    We are the Lau Peng, you don’t want us
    We are the Lau Jiao, we very frus
    Thou we are fat now can’t fit number 4
    Don’t forget we also contribute before

    Chorus x 1

    When I was eighteen, I went to Tekong
    Always drop twenty, cause the Corporal tell me so
    Every day we chiong-sua, every day we 2.4
    Everything must sign extra, wash the toilet mop the floor
    Our PC crazy, wake us up so early
    Our boots must kiwi, kiwi until so shiny
    Our time no welfare, only can get tekan
    But now so take care, $9k give to all our sons!

    Chorus x 1


    PS: Wait for cityhousefly to upload the vid version soon.. hehe

  24. mb Says:

    Louis, very very close. Haha! Well done. The lyrics are in the mp3 file itself:

    Oh Army!

    I served my country, I served my time
    Did my BMT, I didn’t mind
    I gave my blood, I gave my sweat
    And I never ever ask for anything back
    Now you give money, 9000 bucks
    To the new soldier, then we get what?
    We finish army, and we ROD,
    How ’bout all the years we go for ICT?

    And we say

    Army army army oh
    Don’t want me want me want me no!
    Why don’t you pay me pay me pay me whoa
    Why is the gahmen so one kind?
    Is it cos
    I am I am I am old
    That’s why you’re
    Treating treating me so cold
    I may have served a long long time ago
    You should leave no man behind

    We ate the sardine, we ate baked bean
    Our food not catered, tray must ownself clean
    We miss our mother, at night in bunk we cry
    When our girlfriend call to say goodbye
    We are the lau peng, you dowan us
    We are the lau cheow, we very frus
    Though we are fat now, can’t fit Number Four
    Don’t forget we also contribute before

    And we say

    Army army army oh
    Don’t want me want me want me no!
    Why don’t you pay me pay me pay me whoa
    Why is the gahmen so one kind?
    Is it cos
    I am I am I am old
    That’s why you’re
    Treating treating me so cold
    I may have served a long long time ago
    You should leave no man behind

    When I was eighteen, I went to Tekong
    Always drop twenty cos the Corporal tell me so
    Every day we chiong sua
    Every day we 2.4
    Every thing must sign extra
    Wash the toilet mop the floor
    Our PC crazy
    Wake us up early
    Our boots must kiwi
    Kiwi until so shiny
    Our time no welfare
    Only can get tekan
    But now so take care
    $9k give to all our sons

    Army army army oh
    Don’t want me want me want me no!
    Why don’t you pay me pay me pay me whoa
    Why is the gahmen so unkind?
    Is it cos
    I am I am I am old
    That’s why you’re
    Treating treating me so cold
    I may have served a long long time ago
    You should leave no man behind

  25. Hoo-Ya Says:

    We need your new MV to go along with the song like the flood 1…lol

  26. carrot Says:

    wah… tok kong sia!

  27. DOM the Clown Says:

    Is it just me? I was weeping while I listened to this podcast!

    F*** the damn gahmen! All old soldiers must Vote out the damn super whites!

  28. Lao Peng Tan Says:

    I so want to hit the “LIKE” button on FB a million times when i saw the link to this podcast… I have never complained about army during my NS or ICT days but this really pisses me off…

  29. Ah Lau Peng Says:

    Pua Turtle.

    Rast time do NS…is do 2/1/2 yrs.
    Jiak cookhouse food, wash own trays,
    every month get pathetic pay.

    Nowadays soldiers jin ho mia.
    allowance higher, food better, wash plate aunties oso nicer.

    Heaven no eyes ahhhhhhh.
    Waiting for lightning to strike that 9k policymaker.
    Pua turtle.

  30. barsushi Says:


  31. Zenga Says:

    I can only SAY CLAP CLAP and CLAP CLAP!!

  32. JT Says:

    This song speaks a lot. My father cried when my bro has to enter NS, saying it will be tough. It speaks volumes of the different type of treatment between old soldiers and new ones

  33. sorry sorry Says:

    why is it the gahmen can give out such big amount of money without any forum….. i wonder where they get the $ from……
    ~ scratching my head ~

  34. Tiger Hong II Says:

    Panzer has certainly said it very well. Such policies are really unnecessary.

    Or in Singlish: Want to do, do properly, otherwise don’t do at all.

    Oh yes, well done too, Mr Brown. Next time if you hear this tune on streets as a ringtone, you’ll know it’s me. ;)

  35. dawo5010 Says:

    Justin Bieber + MrBrownShow = AWESOMENESS
    (JB sucks)

  36. slyx Says:

    gd song & gd remix
    keep it up mr brown

  37. MGSPW Says:

    Agreed with the lyrics. Gahmen only care about the young and upcoming generation. Eventually they become old they also kana outcast lor.

    Nothing is fair to begin with. MB always ftw. haha.

  38. william leok Says:

    yah so true…. so unfair for the lao bing…. hai….

  39. Tjandy Says:


  40. Avatar Ezio Says:

    *Clapping and laughing non-stop while listening to this masterpiece*

  41. Louis Says:

    @sorry sorry

    The Gahmen don’t have to cough up the money, at least not yet.. because they are only putting $9k into our CPF acct.

    Something that you do not get to see until 65

  42. Ken Says:


    A song well written and truly reflects what ALL the old soldiers are thinking right now!

  43. Cityhousefly Says:

    $9000 might be just a smoke grenade. Afterall you’ll need to settle down and buy a house or car. The gahman can increase the price and tax to recoup from there.

    Here is my tribute video to MrBrown :

  44. isftish Says:

    election coming. $9k in CPF is good enough to rope in the bozos and idiots.

    to add to what louis say, something you don’t get to see until 65. in years to come it may become 68, 72.

    in short, you’ll get it if you live long enough, just when you’re dying.

  45. Erection cuming Says:

    MM says work until you die today saturday straits time.

    Looks like the $9k can pass to ur children. But then our children also must wait until dead first then pass to their children.

  46. Yowe55 Says:

    Dear Mr. Brown,

    Thanks for the song.

    I think the relevant authority should review the policy.

    They should leave no MEN behind for all our boys and men are serving regardless of our “MILESTONE”.

    More good years ahead…
    Thank you.

  47. Kevin Says:

    Your song inspired me to start a Facebook group:
    “We also served NS. All old birds join us and be counted.”

  48. Husband of Miss Lum in Shanghai Says:

    Very funny. Enjoyed listening to the song which brought back memories of the old times. Thanks. It’s song like this that make me realised that Singapore is UNIQUE. Like no others.

  49. Yuhin Says:

    You rock with that song, and we should always look out for the old dudes around who wasted their days and got no cash.

    But now, I feel great that NS gives out $$.

  50. bearpaws Says:

    Brings back memories of my days in safti and 2 sir. Keep it up. Meanwhile, read how this commander values and honors their servicemen. Not the $9000 nrsa award.

  51. Joshua Says:

    Bo whey kong!
    Such lyrics, love the semi Eng-hokkien rap

    Maybe PM Lee will play this for the opening the National Day Rally 2011

  52. pet Says:

    9k is credit into CPF acc one ….. so in the end also go to pay installment for house …

  53. MeeSiamMaiHum Says:

    They will play this song at the 2011 National Day parade if the opposition kicks our the papaya gang

  54. panzergrenadier46 Says:

    no money for me too. MRed last year. No money no big issue but i seriously think $9K is too little in present day envoirment. To make matter worse, it pay in 3 tranches, so by the time present days NSFs received the full sum when they 35yo, the $3K is not even 1% of his HDB deposit.
    A more useful alternative to this $9K is to issue to all MRed personnels a ID card that allow them discount to certain govt services, ie..10% off on new passport, 20% off entrance fee to public swimming pool, 2% off NTUC products etc etc…. It wont cost much and most will be happy as at least govt show some appreciation.
    By the way, what do i have to do to download the song to my PC? Sorry, i no IT savvy, i belong to the 2G SAF reservist.

  55. James Louis Says:

    The showing of short-sighted and jealous Singaporeans. I’ll belong to the 50s born and served my army, too. Not happy ? our Singapore doors are open for you to migrate and you can participate in the coming election, too. What a rubbish song !

  56. Tan Seng Leong Says:

    Mr Brown ! don’t talk cock and sing rubbish here. Not happy, just migrate or fight in the election. Don’t be a coward hiding here and singing that rubbish song for others.

  57. Wong Boon Hong Says:

    I email MINDEF to feedback the flaws in their new NSmen award system but instead of addressing my concern, they simply re-explain how it works. So I replied:

    Since I have already know how this flawed award system works, won’t it be more helpful for you to address my concerns over an award system that reward passive NSmen over active NSmen than to reconfirm that this is indeed an flawed implementation?

  58. John Yap Says:

    @Wong Boon Hong : Did what you did too and got a reply from MINDEF and NSSC explaining the criteria to me.

    For those of us who are near 40, not officer and confirm not reached MR by 40, also no award of any kind. If not wrong, no watch and no cert of any kind even before this award is introduced. So, according to the award and the feedback, we didn’t do our dues to NS “diligently” enough. I certainly do not think so!

  59. Ho Hock Lye Says:

    I’ll felt so sad of Mr Brown in seeing a so small and jealous picture in singing this song, just waste your talent in hiding and composing this song.
    There are some e-mails here, suggest that you should migrate or fight in the election, I’ll strongly agreed. This is what a gentleman that all Singaporeans love to and not at here hiding and singing that junk song. For what ? Just like a crying baby !

  60. zac Says:

    you guys are funny isnt it? complaining when you guys missed out on the 9k but are u guys complaining also when u miss out on the new SOC route? hahah

  61. 1949'er Says:


    SOC route? Don’t tickle the old soldiers. Try marching 4 periods on the parade square morning and 4 periods afternoon and 2 periods night all in one day. Ever done 7 trial runs before live firing on Pengkang Hill. How about 5 BX at 5 am up Pengkang and down and top that with an obstacle course, or better an 8 km run in full battle order? Big deal the SOC.

  62. zac Says:

    haha i understand that the old soldiers have been thru a lot. no doubt about that. and i m not undermining what you guys have completed.

    my point is, changes are happening all the time and it is unlikely that the government policies can satisfy everybody isnt?

    just to add, i m not receiving 9k either

  63. Indonesian Says:

    nice song mb!
    i like your songs, it made me laugh on full power!

  64. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    yup yup u guys R THE BEST!
    luv this latest creation from u.
    yup yup oso agree why gahmen so bias
    and luv only those 35 and below.

    now gahmen wants univ graduates to marry
    & hav babies ASAP.
    Only the young r treasured….what to do!!!
    Singapore like dat what!

  65. Indonesian Says:

    Wooww, i can still laugh hearing this :D :) :)

  66. ethan Says:

    Hey mrbrown maybe you should go and make more parodies without using the original tracks because I think it’s bo liao. Better you guys could use some electric and bass guitars and drums to make some rock version of the original song then it will sound very nice. So far none of your parodies have rock songs except beat it whose original song is rock.

  67. hajui Says:

    damn nice

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