the mrbrown show: Singapore goes to the Olympics

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A minister has a great idea for Singapore Olympics glory!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 Sept 2010: Singapore goes to the Olympics
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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore goes to the Olympics”

  1. shawn Says:


  2. Reg Says:

    LOL! This is too funny!
    Great job guys!

  3. so funnehh Says:

    lol really very funny

  4. Dream On Says:

    No harm day dreaming. I remember 10 years back, a certain MBT also dream Singapore could reach Soccer World Cup 2010.

  5. UR FAN! Says:


  6. TCK Says:

    lol…..on psp….

  7. sgstudentshow Says:

    nice one mb!

  8. adelinelovesmrbrown&gang Says:

    Yo! there was this Costa Rica or Puerto Rico or whatever country that sent its bobsledge team…it became a movie…remember…any of you…it was super hilarious movie!

    Likely our minister watched too many times of that movie! So dream until like this lor.

  9. MGSPW Says:

    haha, damn hilarious mb. SG where got snow, how to practice snow sports? lmao.

  10. Weiteck Says:

    Guys, i have an issue and i hope u guys can enlighten mi
    i tried to subscribe to The Mr Brown Show on itune via the option on the webpage, itune shown mi an message stating it’s not avaible.
    then when i search via itune store, i can locate The WTF! show and See What Show; But not The MrBown SHow…

    so how do i subscribe to the podcast…?
    pls help

  11. mb Says:

    Weiteck, the itunes link got problem.

    You can subscribe manually by going to iTunes, and then choose:

    Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast, then use this URL:

  12. Yuhin Says:

    Mrbrown and guys, I feel so great that the old humourous podcasts are there again. And it’s so funny on how Singapore does winter olympics lah

  13. Ian Says:

    Horrendous singapore minister who give condoms to the altheles….

  14. fynyx Says:

    Er, mrbrown, the Equator is an imaginary line round the fattest part of our planet.

    If “Singapore is in the Equator”, then we on (and in) the big red dot have been stuffed into a line that does not exist!
    Poor us!

    Actually, Singapore is near the Equator (only about 1 degree off!)

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