the mrbrown show: the boat


The gang from Narnia is back and look, they’re on a boat!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 19 Nov 2010: the boat
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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the boat”

  1. Ashleigh Says:

    Great job Mr Brown!

  2. James Says:

    Nice one Mr Brown.

  3. Marcus Says:

    Another mrbrown show related to the movie.

    Next song can do hard rock music can or not?

    Lyrics (unmodified):

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Boat

    This is Ahhhhs-lan! Comin’ at you from the Land of the Talking Animalzzzzz
    You kings and queens of Narnia, I got news for ya’all
    We’re going on a trip, and we’re goin’ by boat!

    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    You are the royals of Narnia and you’re sailing on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    The beast belongs to Caspian and he promised it would float

    You may think it’s just a painting of a boat on the wall
    But it’s leaking ocean like a supernatural door
    It’s so 3D, it’s your personal Narnia
    We’re goin’ on a voyage on the Dawn Treadah

    We’re gonna bring the pain in a faraway land
    The witch is back, we’re gonna need a gameplan
    There be dragons, a mouse, a half-man-goat
    We cross the Sea of Silver on the motherlovin’ boat

    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    Part 3 of Narnia and you’re sailing on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    It’s gonna get cold so you better bring a coat

    Beware the green mist, it’s the Witch’s Fart
    At the end of the world, your destiny starts
    Grab your sword, get your king on, no time to mope
    There’s a talking Minotaur on the motherlovin’ boat!

    We’re gonna sail the Silver Seas
    We’re looking for our destiny
    Fightin’ the same enemies
    Reepicheep says he needs to pee

    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    What the fish, it’s merpeople and you’re sailing on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    You’re on a boat
    Don’t throw up your lunch on the motherlovin boat

    This is Aslan, the Lion who aint’ lyin’
    From the Land of Narnia
    You know you want some
    You want some of my boat

  4. Yuhin Says:

    Outstanding, didn’t know you do movie trailer parodies too. Thanks for telling me there’s a new Narnia movie this holiday man

    Possible if you can do one for Harry Potter though???

  5. ??? Says:

    Yo brown! pls come up with a new song or podcasthurry please!!!

  6. Prince Caspian Says:

    eh, I cannot subscribe to your podcast leh

  7. mb Says:

    Prince, just use manual subscribe in iTunes and this URL:

  8. ckling99 Says:

    how 2 download the song

  9. Likare Says:

    The Lonely Island FTW!!

  10. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    Aslan raps better this way, I guess…

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