the mrbrown show: gongxi ni 2 MUSIC VIDEO

Thanks to cityhousefly for his fine work!

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  1. Cityhousefly Says:

    Thank you MrBrown for the publicity.

    Always enjoy your antics.

    Once in a while you came out with mega funny songs. Loving it. Keep it coming …

  2. leeleongsoo Says:

    Keep me in the list…enjoyed very very much and will forward to all contacts

  3. spademan Says:

    Ai pi Ai qi then u have tau liap ni. ha ha ha ha ha

    well done Brown n team. Cheers

  4. Mike Says:

    Good one! I like!

  5. Bornbred Struggling Singaporean Says:

    This time round, u can c tt da Govt is running scared n resorting 2 underhanded n desperate tactics.

    They talk da talk but do not walk da walk. They ask us 2 tighten our belts during difficult times but then increase their salaries. They ask us to take public transport but then drive to work in their shiny Mercs. In Holland, da Minister asked people 2 not drive 2 work and he rode a bicycle 2 work.

    They ask Singaporeans 2 b more entrepreneurial but they set up business in most areas - how 2 compete? When we criticise Pei Ling, they say we are resorting 2 smear tactics n gutter politics n c how they attack Wijeyasinga.

    We Singaporeans have been suffering 4 some time now while they have been increasing their salaries and losing our hard-earned money in China, Thailand and on toxic investments. Then they keep telling us how bad things will b under da Opposition!

    There have been 2 many mistakes in da last few yrs - Mas Selamat, YOG expenditure, town councils losing millions on bad investments, EDB-Johns Hopkins fiasco etc. Even NKF, where Govt reinstated suspended IPC despite public concerns until trial exposed all.

    Time 4 us 2 vote in alternative voices 2 represent our views n concerns n 2 keep the Govt on their toes!

  6. aniluc Says:

    this is frekin’ funny!! keep it up, guys, I really enjoy the show :)

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