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What will you be doing on Election Day?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 2 April 2011: election day
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36 Responses to “the mrbrown show: election day”

  1. Seth Says:

    Hahahaha! Great election song again from Mr Brown.

  2. prusshuan Says:


  3. ipwntnoobs Says:

    Well it was high time this came on. I laughed my ass off at 2am. Good job man!

  4. LYX Says:

    HAHA Super funny! Almost died laughing. Better version of the original!

  5. Debbie Says:

    HAHA NICE! Can I have the lyrics? xD

  6. Griffin Says:


  7. Freckles Says:

    haha, great lyrics there!

  8. Yuhin Says:

    HAHA!! You put the original version to shame…and great election song there

  9. annoymous Says:

    adapted from friday from rebecca black

  10. Austin Says:

    wah nice one man

  11. Rivulets Says:

    LOL, Lee KY is there LOL.

  12. Ashleigh Says:

    Wow… great great, love it!

  13. Dro Says:

    there is so much win in this one song

  14. Christopher Says:

    Seriously, majority of the output from the gang nowadays is in songs. Could we go back to more skits please?

  15. Ezio Says:

    Somehow I knew that Mrbrown will use the tune of Rebecca Black’s Friday XD

  16. Jim Says:

    Funny but true!

  17. ping Says:

    Sadly I think polling day has been on Saturday for the last few elections no?

  18. Melissa Says:

    damn good. really damn good

  19. Themis Says:

    great song for elections!!

  20. Arron Says:

    Hey MB! Great song! I vote for u lah! if no seat, u can always sit on my lap :P

  21. I_luv_singaporean Says:

    Love it!! You guys are the real talents of Singapore lah. I would love to see this as the next NDP song too!

  22. Jenny Says:

    I love the satire. Mr Brown you are great and I love you!

  23. Yu Hui Says:

    Technically, even if you mark a box with anything but an “X”, it can still be counted as a vote for that party.

  24. ethan Says:

    omg! good parody sia. I think these are the lyrics

    2011 it’s time for election
    choosing government feel so shiok
    going to be a fight a just walkover
    hoping this time I get to vote
    wondering if the bus will come here
    wondering if there’re any seats left
    Is the bus so full, no place to stand

    hougang there got one seat
    potong pasir one seat
    aljunied got five seats which seat can I take?

    election day election day hope it falls on friday
    it’s very lugi if it falls on weekends
    election day election day now got cooling off day
    PM say must stay cool relax one corner

    scaly see my MP yeah
    once in every four years yeah
    fun fun fun fun suddenly want to make friends

    mountbatten there got one seat
    joo chiat also one seat
    tanjong pagar six seat but lee kuan yew is there

    election day election day booking confirm don’t play
    because we already know the winner
    high pay high pay you better not kao beh
    this is the price you pay for cleaner leader

    my flat got new paint job yeah
    workway got new shelter yeah
    dry dry very dry I no longer get wet

    if election falls on friday
    then cooling off day is thursday
    we we we love long weekends
    can go to market think of candidate eat tao kueh

    draw your “x” in the box
    draw other thing is bo pak keh
    voting is compulsory

    MP Mr brown sing this song also bo lui tan
    MP no horse run minister chao chao cek pa ban
    MP Mr brown sing this song also bo lui tan
    MP no horse run minister chao chao cek pa ban
    oh yeah

    election day election day booking confirm don’t play
    because we already know the winner
    high pay high pay better not kao peh
    this is the price you pay for cleaner leader

    I want to vote my part in…..!! Yeah

    I think these are the lyrics so far. So if there are any errors, please feel free to tell me so, otherwise then there will be no probs. But I think it will be better if mr brown had put some rock music into his parodies. This way he will get more people to like the song.

  25. ethan Says:

    everyone nowadays want to make some fun of the latest ot most common songs that are likened and then mrbrown is also one person who is like this as well. like this nobody bothers to remember the history that we went through or the old music that old people like….

  26. FrenlyBird Says:

    MrBrown, you are the best! LoL!

  27. nebula Says:

    fun fun fun fun suddenly want to make friends.. haha

  28. dblchin Says:

    hi MR BROWNNNNNN~ More singing pleaseeeeeeeee

  29. xD Says:

    wah off by a bit… election day is on a saturday, so cooling off day is on a friday, friday, friday.

  30. bliz Says:

    @ethan: some corrections

    going to be a fight or/a just walkover
    tao huey/kueh
    party/part in

  31. Angel Peng Says:

    The Mr Brown Show created some sort of political interest in my 6 year old.. we had a talk about politics in Singapore and now Ace (my son) says after he becomes polieman, he wants to become Prime Minister of Singapore! ;) (And it is not to serve the pple but to become very famous so tat :”everyone will know me..”) Wahahaha…

  32. w.neo Says:

    “suddenly want to make friend…”

    hilarious!! very creative!

  33. JamesTan Says:

    Can be stronger la, anyway, I like it lol … keep them coming!!

  34. Shuxian Says:

    What will i be doing on Election day? Relad…shake legs. and see the 95% of u vote. grreeaat…..

  35. Some Random Guy Says:

    Tanjong Pagar has 5 seats

  36. $5 Says:

    i didnt have the chance to vote. coz i was away from singapore. guess what, i heard that if u dont clarify things asap. you can be charge in court and get fine for $5 for not voting. lol! strange. $5 also wanna take.

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