the mrbrown show: one party MUSIC VIDEO


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  1. rose Says:

    Fantastic parody! Works to great effect with the video montage

  2. ~autolycus Says:

    Following the noble tradition of ACSians changing National Day song lyrics to good and very amusing effect… :D

  3. ah lian Says:

    maybe gahmen is right, singapore no talent, don’t know people understand your song meaning or not…one party, can’t mati

  4. duh Says:

    Noble tradition of ACSians??? wake up ur ideas lah… barker ah? rich but not clever enough for ACSI

  5. Steve Chia Says:

    Hi Mr Brown,

    May I suggest for you to consider doing a video of the Polling Day over-coming of shock and fear effect — when the voter’s Name and Nric was read out loud for all to hear.

    It is important that Voters get mentally prepared that their FULL NAME and NRIC will be read out if full when they receive their voting ballot slip (with serial number behind.)

    The serial number is for voting security. It is not a means nor ways for the PAP to find out how an individual voter had voted. It will be illegal if they do that, and jepordizes their legitimacy to rule.

    I think your side will be able to do a great job in voter education.

    Thanks and most appreciated.

    Steve Chia

  6. Weiteck Says:

    Mr Brown, ur work are the best when it come to parody of political topics…

    However, as a loyal fan, i feel that ur recent works are mainly montages & “sing-song” types…which are too linear in presention.

    Ur best works are those that u & ur crew, set up a situation, and use conversational means, to showcase a “to & fro” exchange of the chosen situation.

    anyway, look forward to u (and ur crew) outdoing ur self with the “wealth of material” from the pending GE.

    I remember 5yr back, someone left a comment on this very site, asking u, Mr Brown to set up a party, The BROWN Party. to contest during the last GE…Hahaa….

    Maybe u can try to do that; BROWN can stand for “Be Realistic to Our Wants & Needs!” party…all 1st letters taken, except “to”and “&”.

    recently, lot of comments by netizens about the GE & how they will vote for the Opp and express disappointment(s) with the ppl in white…But how many will actually vote the opp in?….

    Mr B, u have to save us by taking over the government!!!!
    all i want is my bread in the morning, plate of rice for lunch, a bowl of porridge at end of the day…and a good laugh from the Mr Brown Show….

  7. ken Says:

    What A team they talking about!!
    A team that loss billions in investment???
    A team that over budget YOG???
    Billion dollar marina bay bay garden??

  8. MOthers Day Gif Says:

    This was brilliant done….where did you get all the old footage? hahaha…great stuff

  9. DRoy Says:


  10. DRoy Says:

    PAP DOGS!!!

  11. A. Says:

    @Weiteck: i’d vote for a Brown party. it’s a serious career option Mr Brown, you have our support. pays well too =p

  12. Akers Says:

    All babies in the world are born the same… Whether they can become a talent or not, to a high degree, they rely on the education system of the country, and the surrounding public media (Environment).

    Which party taking charge of the Ministry of Education for the past 40-50 year???
    And, take a look at the quality of the SBC program, don’t even come close to MR. Brown Show!

    So. If we are really don’t have enough talent… Whose responsibility?
    Then we must ask why and how can we bring up more talent locally… Not keep saying that all talents are in PAP…

    Seriously, many local talents are now moved overseas.

    Bless Singapore

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