the mrbrown show: gee ahruh see


Gee, almost all of us will get to vote. What can you do for me?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 April 2011: gee ahruh see
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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: gee ahruh see”

  1. Eugene Says:

    LOL!!!!My 1st time at “election”… please be gentle..:P

  2. Eugene Says:

    kept me awake at 2:40 am while ironing my clothes!!!:D

  3. Ron Tan Says:

    Wah…. 1st ‘erection’ or election ar MB.. … trying to speak like korean can give ppl wrong msg la… wahaha..

    Great Job guys…. Slap Slap Slap… … steady … sgp must give licence to WP ! =D

  4. cedge Says:


  5. ian Says:

    haha… nicely done mate.. cheers

  6. chawming Says:

    funny sia . music video music video

  7. Rina Says:

    wah ti-ung ti-un g damn annoying!

  8. Bren Says:

    정말 웃겨… 미스터 브라온 대박!!!

  9. t.k.chia Says:

    wah lao,you people are sure full of artistic ideas

  10. Sangrawi Says:

    Fantastic job…

    The lyrics sync well with the actions… Great timing…

    Thank you MB

  11. Yuhin Says:

    Mrbrown, this is like one of your musics done yet! Gee gee gee gee Gee R C…

  12. Marcus Says:

    Mrbrown, please parody more genres of music for election and other SG issues. Like rock, country, classical, etc. Don’t just stick to dance pop music (even if you cover in guitar).

    For rock, the last time you parodied rock song with instrumental music was in 2009, “Lekuasimi”. The last time you parodied rock song using guitar to cover the background music was in 2010, “I still haven’t found what I can afford”.

  13. leo Says:

    slap slap slap slap slap!

  14. VFKK Says:

    Is that…. Ruby Pan?

  15. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown your MP3 should be dated 110430, not three years later as 140430.

  16. Sorry sorry Says:

    Now that the PM has said sorry (After careful consideration)
    U should do the song Sorry by Super Junior. Great dance moves.

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