the mrbrown show: the stall next door

Photo by Reizz

So many stalls to choose from, which one should we choose?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 4 May 2011: the stall next door
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  1. quietobserver Says:


  2. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown, your MP3 should be dated 110504, to the correct year, and not 140504.

  3. Panzer Says:

    One for the history books. 2006 Bak Chor Mee. 2011 Teo Chew Muay!


    I’m loving it!

  5. SLG Says:

    Mr Brown, you sure this is not another persistantly non political podcast or not? If it is must tag as such hor. Otherwise cannot be free to un-comment on erection OK?

    This is another classic. I just wish you can do podcasts every day from now on….

  6. Dro Says:

    amazing what you can do with the same context but just a different shell. brilliant!

  7. Patric Says:

    can we have a sorry sorry sorry parody!???

  8. ROFL Says:

    AWesome this is just Awesome… I laughed so much listening to it that I’m gonna share it with EVERYBODY!! :)
    Keep up the good work Mr brown.. you’re the best! HAHAHAHAHA

    so happen Aljunied GRC has lots of darn good Teow Chew Muay Stores!

  9. andrew peh Says:

    brilliant mrbrown……

  10. ~autolycus Says:

    Wah, next time can be expand to whole Food Court story hor.

  11. Rina Says:

    THIS IS EPIC! BEST GE PODCAST EVER! i can never look at teo chew muay the same way again XD

  12. Lim Meng Yong Says:

    This is the BEST EVER!!!!!!

    Thanks and Kudos to Mr Brown and company!

  13. bandie Says:

    hahahahahah !!!! damn good pei pei !!!!

  14. Shu Yen Says:

    This is the bak chor mee sequel we have been waiting for!
    Yes, I would like some Teochew mueh and Nyonya kueh for lunch too.

  15. ken Says:

    YA! you never try you never know.
    my family like pernaraken food also!

  16. rachel Says:

    awesome!!!!so so funny

  17. Yang Qixiang Says:

    Haha MrBrown i just came to know about your website, but so far it has entertained me so much that i regretted not knowing it earlier!!!
    Anyway i will be eating TEOW CHEW MUAY this time…
    But the peranakan seems tempting too *slurp*

  18. Overseas fella Says:

    Really clever guys, I wonder how the public will choose to ‘dine’ come election time.

  19. CL Says:

    HAHAHA! Awesome. :)

  20. Ah Chong Says:

    Since I picked up “today” many years back, where I first read your column, you have always been so entertaining. This one takes the cake for being the best summary about the GE so far.

  21. John Says:

    That’s one damn classic podcast coming out every 5 years!!!
    Laugh until tak boleh tahan.
    Mr Brown, you never fail to amaze everyone everytime.
    Eagerly waiting for your next podcast.

  22. -E- Says:

    lol…buay tahan! >.

  23. -E- Says:

    lol…buay tahan! >.

  24. teochew kia Says:

    1 rat escaped…….frigging hilarious!!

  25. the chio bu Says:

    this is simply brillant mr brown.

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  27. Bert Says:

    You are very creative Mr Brown….

  28. Jonathan Tan Says:

    What a sequel to the bak chor mee , heh how about the mia hum sequel ?? When did food because beauty pageant

  29. Ng Ping Says:

    My hawker centre does not sell Teow Chew Muay but they have Chee Cheong Fun. So we will have breakfast on Saturday with lots and lots of chilli.

  30. Hougang Voter Says:

    I always like Teochew Muay better than Bak Chow Mee. It’s more healthy and not oily or fatty. 清淡。Plus so many variety and can share with family and frens. And is value for money. I vote 5 chopsticks out of 5 !!!

  31. Tao Sua Store Assistant Says:

    Totally Hilarious! Good one Mr Brown!

  32. Sangrawi Says:

    Clap… Clap… Clap…

    All the opposition parties should play this podcast at everyone of their rallies.

  33. Dennis Says:

    Bloody hell Mr Brown! You damn tok kong ah! (compliment).

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  35. dasumon Says:

    It takes a Singaporean to understand this podcast - so funny…… btw, u forgot to add the elements of Grading A, B or C….. A = ASIA, B = BuaySIA, C =??

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  37. Yuhin Says:

    Outstanding, this is like the one of best mrborwn shows ever!!! Makes me so proud to your patron…

  38. sungyubun Says:

    This is really the best ever! OMG!

    I nearly die laughing!

    I live in Marine Parede, I will definitely try the Peranakan kueh served by that young, pretty and smart Nonya girl!

  39. Ms Tur Kwa Says:

    This is good man… I like the freak event! i like the “peh peh”… BEST!

  40. Mr No White Says:

    Sigh! My hawker centre have 3 stalls. Definitely no eat bak chor mee, still don’t know should eat Teow Chew Muay or Kuey Chuap

  41. Roysten Estrop Says:

    Awesome! I remember “why you so like that” wonder if you guys can bring that back? Like many, I will be trying something else besides bak chor mee….once again awesome guys….Power to the people!

  42. Themis Says:

    this time should be going for some teochew muay for me..

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  44. Albert Says:

    I am a vegetarian, bak chor mee is not for me, I will try the teochew muay with some vegetable :)

  45. yang Says:

    Pleeeease mk your stall next door & the bak chor mee stall into a play!!!! sell tix & raise funds for the OP. will be sell-out! :)

  46. Edwin Says:

    Finally I still get to enjoy the teochew muay. Well done teochew muay uncle. After the teochew muay, maybe should also have some rojak… healthy living..

  47. Sengster Says:

    teochew porridge has bought over a stall from bachormee…

  48. Regina Says:

    I love IT! So accurate and creative!

  49. kazuo Says:

    “Rat, what rat, I caught all the rat!”

    LOL! great political resonance

  50. adelinelovesMrBrown&Gang Says:

    Most people went for BakChorMee last weekend!
    Singaporeans are not adventurous when it comes to food lor!
    & apparently don’t really like rojak, be it Chinese rojak or Indian rojak! sad….sad.

    your fans are rite…all opp parties should have played your creation (& rojak stall should be included too lor!).

    Itz a pity many Singaporeans not bold enough, too fearful, too short-sighted & not thinkers…only 9 news stalls are allowed (there is even a ceiling for number of new stalls; pretty democratic; hahaha) .


  51. KLboy Says:

    The grass on the other side of the fence is greener. Try KL, they give you more! But not much of your choice.

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    […] A highly-contextualized, satirical podcast of this year’s elections was made by popular Singapore blogger known as ‘Mr Brown’ can be found here. In this podcast, there are many references to government slip-ups such as the referral of the escaped Singapore detainee Mas Selamat as a “rat” (he was eventually captured by Malaysia), the trivialisation of the floods that inundated Orchard Road as a “freak accident” that can only “occur once in 50 years” and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s warnings to Aljunied residents that they would have to “repent” for the next five years (till the 2016 General Elections) if the majority votes for the Workers’ Party . The ‘chiobu’ (pretty) helper, Nicole, in the podcast refers to Ms Nicole Seah of the National Solidarity Party who contested and lost to PAP in the Marine Parade GRC. […]

  54. ทัวร์สิงคโปร Says:

    The ‘chiobu’ (pretty) helper, Nicole, in the podcast refers to Ms Nicole Seah of the National Solidarity Party who contested and lost to PAP in the Marine Parade GRC.

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