GE2011 Repent! Tur Kwa Wallpaper for you


To commemorate the General Elections for 2011, and in conjunction with the podcasts this election season, especially “the stall next door“, we bring you a new version of our Tur Kwa wallpaper by Artgerm (we did it in 2006 too). Enjoy!

Size of wallpaper: 1600×1200
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Size of wallpaper: 1024×1024
Square version for avatars and profile pics.
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One Response to “GE2011 Repent! Tur Kwa Wallpaper for you”

  1. Akers Says:

    As Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

    Therefore, when the big corporations are not performing, they get external consultants to help in identifying the problem with solution, or change the top management team.

    From all the recent news and debates with opposition parties, it can be noticed, obviously, that almost every time when the PAP’s members make an arguement or comment, it comes together with a few loopholes for backfire. It simply reflects that these memebers in PAP, after staying in the comfort-zone for too long, do not to need to debate among themselves in the same party and therefore lack of the skill in all-rounded-thinking.

    Bless Singapore

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