Get your very own Tur Kwa badge for Facebook and Twitter!

Is the General Election getting you down?

Not sure which political party logo to sport? Don’t want to be accused of being partisan and destroying the future of Singapore? Don’t want people to accuse you of being Pro-PAP or Pro-WP or Pro-any other party?

Wear the Tur Kwa from the mrbrown show with pride! An icon for the 2006 General Elections and now for the 2011 one, Tur Kwa is here to represent you, regardless of race, language, religion and party affiliation!

Made from the finest materials, the Tur Kwa badge will declare your allegiance to a sense of humour about life in Singapore!

If you do not join us in this movement of fun and laughter, you will TRULY live and repent!

Click the badge above or this link:


8 Responses to “Get your very own Tur Kwa badge for Facebook and Twitter!”

  1. Harassed Says:

    It’s been rather stressful … I’m from Aljunied GRC. Thank you, thank you, for helping us laugh!

  2. mb Says:

    You are most welcome. It was my pleasure.

  3. Sengster Says:

    hi mr.b looking forward to your works on post-election!

  4. ky Says:

    tur kwa not halal leh….how to regardless of race language religion..=P

  5. curious Says:

    isnt tur kwa from oink oink? how does it represent race and religion?

  6. mb Says:

    It is turkey kind. So safe. Hahaha!

  7. Lee Chee Wai Says:

    Ooi … Mr Brown … “tur kwa” without pig is like Ice Kachang without red beans :P

  8. Daniel Says:

    Hi all, I did a little WP commemorative victory video to mark this historic win on my blog do check it out and like!

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