the mrbrown show: the Ser-Luck-a-lot remix (music video)

You know you wanted this set to music AND have its own music video. Don’t be shy. Three cheers for Teo Ser Luck!

8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the Ser-Luck-a-lot remix (music video)”

  1. nicholas Says:

    Teo Ser Luck is a good man.

  2. jay-tee Says:

    this is alot of haha’s but… damn painful to watch…

  3. ''ZORRO LIM'' Says:

    Janil your PuthuCheebye lah…….

  4. George Says:

    please Mr Brown! You are making me laugh until i cannot stand up from my workstation!

    I saw you on stage. ME. Please… the next time I see you there while lifting up my hands, I’m worried I might laugh in the midst of singing!

  5. richard Says:

    i laugh non stop sir

  6. Dr Chan Says:

    This guy is not that bad as a person, but he’s a very poor stage performer.

  7. Choy Says:

    The audience looks very like a group of zombies …
    (except some lively ones) …

  8. park hong lim Says:

    He shd ask his sis to perform instead….i think e audience thought tat former ms spore wld b there. Wat a disappointment to c this joker performing like mr bean. Pls perform better since each joker sucks $2 to $3 million per yr fr the citizens.

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