the mrbrown show: paycut (music video)

Trust cityhousefly to be so quick with a video version of our song.

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  1. Pay cutter Says:

    MG Chan looks very sissy. May be it’s to make up for the lost of a woman minister.

    He sashays, gyrates the hip 360 degrees and smiles all the time.

    Come to think of it, the governmemt may be producing a Karaoke video to catch up with the times. If the army chief is so sissy, then I think 4G army will consists of sissies more than non sissies.

    And to think out of the box, Nicole Seah should also be in the film. She is out of politics for now and there is no fear that she can be included in the video. Next election may be she will change party to get elected. This is clever way of induction.

  2. Pay cutter Says:

    Look carefully the minister is now smiling very broadly.

    After pay cut, please see the contrast.

    You can see how mathematics work - more money more smile and less money, less smile. No money then how? No smile.

    But seriously, they should be paid well so that we still have smiling people. Why cast a pall just because people are envious? If want to make money, then stand for ministership lah. If no standard then don’t sulk lah.

  3. Domino Says:

    isnt this the ‘Switch ‘n’ Click Show With the Muttons’

  4. Dr Chan Says:

    Standard? What kind of standard do you need? How does one stand for “ministership”? What if you don’t like the party? That means no standard?

  5. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    Katy Perry parody!

  6. Gladys Says:

    It’s very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?.!?

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