the mrbrown show: the race for president

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In darkest night, we need a shining light!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 June 2011: the race for president
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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the race for president”

  1. 郑少飞 Says:


  2. Eric Lim Says:

    I have problems streaming the full track. Was there an error when you uploaded this?

    I’ll try again later.

  3. Tom Says:

    eh, your race for president mp3 not uploaded correctly - only 28 secs

  4. Ang Kian nam Says:

    Halo, the podcast was not uploaded corectly. Am so frustrated!

  5. mb Says:

    It is strange, the file works on all the computers I tried. May be an ISP issue.

    I have sent an alternate link to the few who have problems downloading the show. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. Yuhin Says:

    Singapore president’s job can be done by anyone…even the Merlion. Great job, mrbrown!

  7. pau cutter Says:

    Dear All

    This podcast I really really admire. It’s is ground shattering. I believe the following are the reasons:

    1) Mr Brown was invited to the President-to-be show (only one person performing). He must have absorbed the full contents and assimilated completely;

    2) Mr Brown is of the same background - one is open media, the other the shadow? media. Both complement each other;

    3) Mr Brown was partly shown in the newspaper picture. His right side. Now he is showing his left. Left brain-right brain theory- the complete Mr Brown;

    4) The Merlion is the mythical icon of Singapore, much like the Dragon (a mixture of Tiger Prawn, Snaky flakes, Shark fin variant, Centipede legs). Rojak needs promotion, I think (oops.. just telling my heart.. no offence to Dragon or Merlion.. May be talk about MerTiger or Mertigress is better…)

    5) Sentosa is the land of peace, risen from die behind (Pulau Blankang Mati). So, resurrection is a root cause for renaissance…;

    6) Mr Brown show is sometimes super entertaining. And VERY BRILLIANT. I think his mind is full of crab… (crustaceans with a cause… long live Mr Brown…) You will get another mention in the Parliament.. and more fame… One day you will be a bikini model… and earn big bucks.. for not wearing much… :)

  8. P. M. Lee (no, not THAT one) Says:

    and ehh…. Merlion Tan, just imagine how much fish/chicken heads/empty soda cans/whatever a merlion eats you can buy for S$4,000,000 (you are not going to accept any discount, are you??).

  9. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Merlion Tan got comb-back hair…. sure win one.

    Brown, please limit the number of words people can put in the comment. Very sian one, when there are people who tell grandfather stories. My finger gets tired having to scroll down a lot to skip their comment.

  10. unifying fig ggggrrrrrr Says:

    Eh mrbrown, suddenly many people copy Tan Cheng Bock say unifying figure. Can do a podcast on unifying fig grrrr anot?

  11. L Says:

    LOL,”In brightest day,in blackest night,the mr brown show will shine torchlight at”

  12. Dr Chan Says:

    Tan Ku Ku going to beat you jialat jialat. Hahaha….

  13. Fun Packer Says:

    Wah Lau….. MR Brown…… see bay hoh…… Now Merlion Tan got cow peh you?

  14. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    Go, Merlion, Go!

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