the mrbrown show: the iPad army (video)

Audio of the mrbrown show podcast, 30 June 2011 episode: the iPad army. Easier to share on Facebook!

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the iPad army (video)”

  1. nicholas Says:

    Brother !……. Where got video ??? Bo leh, bo video leh ???

    Must use iPad then can see ah ? izit ?

  2. 1.5G army Says:

    Hahaha……. Loves those army song.

  3. camomilet Says:

    Eh… I thot jiro is spelt G-E-R-O. Like in the lift, press 1 for level 1 and press G for gero mah. :)

  4. gordonator com Says:

    Can also use ipad cookhosue app. See what is the menu for lunch.

  5. DJN Says:

    Hi, how do I subscribe to the podcast from iTunes ? I used to be able to but not now… =(

  6. Silent Voice Says:

    Another classic epic!!!

  7. army man Says:

    Fantastic new weapon of mass communication. Better than WMD!

  8. willyzonker Says:

    time for the gaga parody mr brown!!! looking foward to it hahaha

  9. sorcereR Says:

    n1 Mr.brown! Hahahaha.. can’t stop laughing while sharing this with my friends! :)

  10. News News Says:

    Mr Brown, Friday 22 July 2011. 1.30PM you free to go elections department? ^^

  11. Dr Chan Says:

    Enemy took my photo and put it on Facebook. Hahaha….

  12. Passerby Says:

    You ask for Nicole Seah, you get Chief Clerk

    The best!

  13. Bluejay Says:

    SAF issue ipad goes clickaty clickaty for every selection… so very hard stuff.

  14. VFKuan Says:

    I love ipad and want it to be free! Really.

  15. G Says:

    My Favourite is to shoot the LJ

  16. PercyPeterWhatevur Says:

    I hope this will be implemented into NS, YEA!

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