the mrbrown show: In a Fun Pack (video)

We missed the yanked NDP Fun Pack Song so much that we wrote our own, in a heartbeat.

Youtube link:

8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: In a Fun Pack (video)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Wow! Why didn’t the NDP organisers engage you instead? Original, relevant and most importantly,not a COPYCAT.

  2. nicholas Says:

    Brown Bear ! Si pay tok kong !

    We dun need FT, support local product !…..eerrr, soli, I mean Local Talent ! ! !

  3. Alvin Ho Says:

    I did not know the power and mystery of an NDP fun pack. Thanks Brown Team

  4. gordonator com Says:

    Lady Gaga will approve this.

  5. yishoon Says:

    you losing a bit of your usual mojo. Not as solid as your earlier ones. like the flood video!!

  6. adelinelovesMrBrown&Gang Says:

    GEE…i must be stressed….I laughed throughout
    when I hear you sing and read the lyrics!
    It IS funny. Good job.
    Funny too at the way people craves and even attend the rehearsals just for the fun pack.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Your lines does not rhyme with the original lyrics at all. Why don’t you try having another song, based on the same song, but with the title “In A Minute”?

  8. mrbrown rocks Says:

    at 2:23 - arcade machine
    wow mrbrown your studio got arcade machine, so good

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