the mrbrown show: curry night

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We love curry! We want to cook it all the time!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 16 Aug 2011: Curry Night
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  1. Rina Says:

    Fyeah! This is the BEST SONG EVER! :D

  2. Rina Says:

    Lyrics from the mp3 (for make benefit of those with no itunes :p)

    Curry Night

    Curry curry night
    Close the windows, shut the door
    Neighbour got complain before
    Their foreign noses cannot stand the smell
    It’s our favorite dish
    Sometimes chicken, sometimes fish
    What happened to our right to live
    Our right to cook the things we like to eat

    They did not understand
    Why we have to eat curry
    They suggested we try Hokkien mee
    That one also got chilli
    Their skin as thick as a xiao long bao
    They’re not in China now

    Curry curry night
    Curry is the spice of life
    That is how I met my wife
    She is my little spicy vindaloo
    You can eat with rice
    Or chapati, very nice
    Don’t be scared, come have a bite
    I promise eat already won’t lau sai

    They did not understand
    Why we have to eat curry
    They suggested we try Hong Kong mee
    Maybe cook it with some ghee
    Now we can only cook when they’re out
    Perhaps we’re China now

    And now my house must be airtight
    On every curry, curry night
    No smell will stand a chance of getting through
    Hey wait a minute, what the hell
    I think my neighbour has begun
    To fry some chou tofu

  3. Vincent? Says:

    Yay first to comment. But why you choose that song?

  4. CurryChicken Says:

    Walau…this is the best one yet! Hilarious!

  5. kf Says:

    SERIOUSLY EPIC! Laugh until peng!

  6. Kian Says:

    well. i guess this songs depicts how helpless we are right now.

  7. Martin Lim Says:

    OMG! This is hilarious! I came here after someone posted this link on my CurryFlurry page!

    I’m running a contest for curry slogans to make into t-shirts and posters! Contest will close tomorrow night (Wed, Aug 16) at midnight.

    Click on my name to come and play!!

  8. Vincent Says:

    Vincent? Nice song.

  9. leong chan hoong Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown. It is funny and you hit the nail right on the head.

  10. Patrick Says:

    mr brown u r super talented!!!! love ur song

  11. Curry Curry MND! Says:

    Ah Brown, this is not citizen or SPR fault. MDN never build bigger flats at cheaper price. That is why, you can smell you neighbour’s curry, see your neighbour hang panties and hear what’s on his tv!

  12. Archtomato Says:

    For Freedom, For Justice, For Curry … Awesome Mr. Brown ….

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    […] This post has been inspired by Mr. Brown’s curry song Here. […]

  14. Tetashi Says:

    Loved “Starry Starry Night” and love this parody LOL

    Great intepretation, Mr Brown!

  15. Sunfl0wer Says:

    Starry Starry Night~~ Oop, I mean Curry Curry Night.

    Seriously, so many nationality like curry; Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Singaporean etc, why that PRC want to make to much noise.

  16. GOODY wood Says:

    should be listed in SG TOP song chart.
    wonder when will Mr Brown compilations be out soon. ^^

  17. Cityhousefly Says:

    MrBrown …I curry favour you by coming out the Sing along version again in Youtube in suport of you, for everyone to sing along and for education purpose.

    You will be surprised many teachers show their students songs by you in Youtube.

  18. Eve Loh Says:

    You’re brilliant lah, Mr Brown! That’s why I voted you for Yahoo 9… nostril hair and all!!

  19. Jetreroy Says:

    Somehow I suspected it was gonna be Vincent when I saw the title lol…

  20. Rahmat Says:

    Awesome!! give me the Chords pls? lol so on 21st i can not only cook but play the guitar while enjoying singapore’s Fav dish! !!

  21. concerned mum Says:

    Mr Brown, another good one! How many takes were there before the final version? I cannot imagine anyone singing this song without LOL!!!!
    Salute man :)

  22. visitor Says:

    What a great song choice! It’s gentle and sensitive. A perfect juxtaposition with the excitement of cooking a pot of curry at 11am on Sunday.
    : )

  23. nicholas Says:

    Brown Bear, compose a song for 2012 National Day leh !

    Cos you and your team so Talented !

    Support Local Talent ! ! !

    HUAT AH ! ! !

  24. Joseph Says:

    Totally entertaining! Always love your composition.

    …but just a little comment - can have another version that is
    Country-agnostic. Then it will be a nation wide hit ;-)

  25. junie Says:

    Hilarious!! Well done, Mr Brown!

  26. Michael Lee Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! AWESOME!!!!! LOVE IT! Curry Curry night~~ heh heh…

  27. Dr Chan Says:

    Great vocals! Well done, Mr Brown.

  28. Jace Says:


  29. WYHE Says:


  30. Kuldeep Bedi Says:

    hahahahaha!! Excellent song!! Good music too!

    Way to go Singaporeans!!

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  32. bookjunkie Says:

    once again….awesome lyrics :)

  33. Threez Says:

    I want the Curry T-shirt. You making?

  34. Bernard Fernando Says:

    Mr Brown, thanks for sharing that excellent song. You have put the messages across wonderfully. Hey! You sing well too. This is our country and no one should tell us what to do. We have our rights too.
    Well done!

  35. QQ Says:

    Love your Curry song!!!

  36. brownrawkz Says:

    awesome as usual guys!
    Thanks for supporting out event!

    Tho I personally loved the floood one more~

  37. Goh Says:

    Well done, Mr Brown and your friend Mark. How could you keep your cool while singing… and with such emotion…I can’t help laughing…..
    Good guitar play and the voice. Thanks, too, for giving another set of lyrics to sing to this tune.

  38. Kenny Says:

    Way to go Mr Brown. This one’s the best.
    Now there another song coming along the way….

    Use the KungFu fighting to strick back…hahaha
    Everybody please cook curry
    It is one of our favourite meal….

  39. Steve gallagher Says:

    Mr. brown,
    Im an american. Lived in singapore five years. Recently moved back to usa.
    My slogan is “Wanna feel my fury? Then don’t mess with my curry!”

  40. Lobang56 Says:

    Mr Brown, this is a brilliant song. Definitely a good candidate for Chart Topper.

    I love curries and the wafting smell.

  41. James Ong Says:

    Mr. Brown, just a suggestion for another podcast for the “curry” saga. You may make a podcast on an Indian family requesting his PRC Chinese wife to shave her armpit hair as he felt disgusted seeing women with unshaven armpits. The PRC Chinese wife stood firm and says that hairs are gotten from parents and cannot be shaved. After negotiation, the PRC Chinese wife relented and agreed to wear long sleeve clothing when leaving her home. Hahaha.

  42. Bernard Fernando Says:

    Well done, Singaporeans, Chinese, Malays. Indians and Eurasians!
    Stand united for our own country and our rights to live freely!

  43. sound-n-silence Says:

    Mr Brown, you are so talented. Such sensitively rendered vocal to hit the nail on the head! I salute your ability to not laugh on the final cut. Singapore needs more local talents like you, man!

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  45. Guwakzhai Says:

    Great song, great vocals and best of all, the lyrics were awesome!!

    “Perhaps we’re China now”

  46. CB Says:

    Vocal = 11/10
    Lyric = 10/10
    Overall = see peh good! seriously !
    Curry curry night
    If they can’t stand the smell or take a bite
    ask them to go fly kite

  47. Katana Says:

    Wa Lau ye like dat also can, shiok man, keep it up mate… siong leh next time hv chou tofu

  48. gs Says:

    super….brilliant !!!

  49. Joanna Says:

    Entertaining Song with nice lyrics! Simply love it.

  50. support Says:

    curry, 赞!

    超爱 curry!

  51. iloveaaa Says:

    fantastic! U r amazing.

  52. FuckTIONG Says:

    w (^^) w

  53. Ah Pat Says:

    I love, love, love, love, love this song! I like every line of the lyrics and how you sang it.

    Well done! Thanks, mb and Mark!

  54. Kat Says:

    Hi Mr Brown! Love your curry song! It brighten my day every morning when i listen to it !

  55. Otaru Says:

    *Salute you bro.
    I’m a Singaporean Chinese and I eat curry.
    What makes them so special, from mainland? Haha..,

  56. Curry, Curry, Night: National Cook Curry Day in Singapore - Dim Sum Diary Says:

    […] This story was not considered newsworthy when it happened seven years ago.  The recent uproar occurred only when the same mediator who had managed the conflict used it as an example of success via alternative dispute resolution.  The Indian community picked up on the old slight to its curry and began to promote “National Cook Curry Day” across Singapore.  The campaign went viral and several supporting Facebook pages were created – as well as a song which retold the story of seven years past.  The song, “Curry Night,” is sung to the tune of Don McLean’s Vincent, better known from its opening line,  Starry, Starry Night. […]

  57. Lewis Says:

    ooi…very well written lyric, luv the singaporean accent…nice job!

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  59. fynyx Says:

    mrbrown, your MP3 file name for this episode is inconsistently dated …160811…
    Based on your year-month-day dating format since January, it should instead be …110816…

    I’d waited quite a while to point this out, as I hoped you might notice and amend it earlier on, or someone else would point it out first.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  60. VIP Says:

    Fantastic voice, Love it! When will he sing more songs for us? With a voice like that, he can become very famous.

  61. Jake Says:

    well done !!

  62. Cherie Says:

    hahah.. Curry and CHOUTOFU i love them all!! o… and! Duran!!

  63. Emma Says:

    like u guys voice…

  64. mood down says Says:

    when my daughter heard the curry song, she asked what kind of song
    i was listening, I kept laughing and laughing. My mood went up. Thank you very much.

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