the mrbrown show: the wonders of Singapore 4


Unlicensed tour guides rile licensed ones but none can do a tour like Fast Horse Bus & Tour Co.!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 4 June 2012: the wonders of Singapore 4
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7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the wonders of Singapore 4”

  1. Good Tour Guide Says:

    I like you cmmentary… You are a super guide… The STB must learn from you.

  2. Harry Kek Says:

    The PAP should engage you to be their Chief Propaganda Officer and they will win 2016 elections outright!

    The untruths with your skills repeated often enough will become the truth, nothing but the truth.

    Salute! Heil PAP!

  3. Silvercat Says:

    Why must sell HG to JB?

  4. Silvercat Says:

    Sorry. I mean donate. :p

  5. Nice person Says:

    The licensed tour guide should learn more so that they can give commentary that is more humorous and even more accurate.

    I am so relieved that Faith Lee was found after such a long detour.

    With such a doting family, she will be well cared for.

    Come to think of it (no pun), the gahmen can also get your network of bloggers, tweeters, mailers, podcasters, friendsters, supporters, detractors, politician rally speakers, youtubers, and all assortments of thinksters, movers and spreaders for faster apprehension of escapees, tortfeasors, suspected convicts or whatever assortment of wrongdoers.

    You are a great NGO! Mr Brown.

  6. kazuo Says:

    LHL: he’s greatest talent is he is very tall. LOLOLOLOLOL

  7. JL Says:

    Sang Gila Utama. LOL!

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