the mrbrown show: one million dollars

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Doug Wheller

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 7 March 2013: one million dollars
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3 Responses to “the mrbrown show: one million dollars”

  1. kf Says:

    I can feel that the song is written about me!

  2. No money no talk Says:

    One million is not a big deal. Now I tell you how:-

    1) Book a direct HDB flat. Make sure earn less than $10,000 (many will qualify).

    2) Stay free 5 years.

    3) Sell $1 Million. See how easy it is to make money in Singapore!

    4) If lower class or no class, no problem. Got cheap rental flats by HDB.

    5) If cannot born child, no problem. Save the child bearing money for old age. Why waste?

    6) More immigration is good. It makes life better. E.g. got nice girls to serve beer at coffeeshop, no need to queue up as food will be brought to your table, got foreigners to build and construct houses and roads so that you can stay in peace.

    7) Even bicycle paths can be expanded using foreign labour. It’s all good for the country. So, to the envious proletariat, please keep very low voice. After all, the bourgeosie is always there, regardless of social norms or structure.

    Just work hard and make babies, not useless noise. This is million dollar advise:)

  3. random 78 Says:

    This is a nice song… Anyone know what the actual song name is?

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