the mrbrown show: all-local ad agency

We explore an ad agency that believes in being all-local.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 3 August 2006: all-local ad agency (MP3, file size: 2.4mb, Time: 00:06:31)


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19 Responses to “the mrbrown show: all-local ad agency”

  1. "Dr." Bob Says:

    eh brown, you change the layout of the site?

  2. zhihao Says:


    can’t help but noticed that no more entries for the comments are allowed… “The comments to this entry are closed.”

    mb, are the tur kwa t-shirts ready?

    cheers =P

  3. Blue cows Says:

    are u insulting some company?

  4. des Says:

    sooooo soooo true.. agencies expats in singapore receiving huge pay cheque while the locals slog to death. That’s why, I’m now an expat else where. *teeheeheeheehee*

  5. Firestone Says:

    Just wondering if there’s any discount for us readers who orders the ‘
    IFS Imagine Artbook’..?:)

  6. mrkm Says:

    Would love a satire about local IT companies with their “Foreign Talents”!! Please do another version plssssss :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    brown who u insult? (quote blue cows)

  8. Harou Says:

    i prefer the old layout

  9. Ian Says:

    Cool! More parodies pls :)

  10. ricecooker Says:

    why are u still quoting wat the minister said when he was ultimately responsible for the shutting down of your column?

  11. bookie Says:

    one thing to add… ang moh tua ki ah!? :D

  12. bookie Says:

    coz whatever minister says is important whether its true or false:)

  13. {-^_^-} Says:

    mrbrown , mrmiyagi we want MOREEEEE!!!

  14. dlaw pigcher wan Says:

    ur poc cas veli gd, sey all the tings we local workers wan to sey. i is the dlaw pigcher wan. my boss sleeping, i stil dlawing the pigcher n the england man stil writing the england. nex dey boss come, say the pigcher i dlaw is long, the england nt enuff pattern. achili he tok so much, he canot do anyting, he jus tok. n sleep. but his pay the number veli big. he hear from client n tell us differen ting bcos he tink he veli the creative. so we do he sey, the client duwan. we do more extra tings, wase time, he tok n cown money. y our cuntry lidat.. bring more n more of these ppl here, n pay so much when it is we do all the work. we also got idea, bt our idea in the end bcome their idea, our work bcome their money.

    if someone pay me $ to tink new name for east coast, after ‘research’ n spend the $ i tell them it is east coast, i tink i wil kena jialat. bt there is some ppl who tink this kind of fertiliser is veli clever n creative.

    ploblem is our cuntry own ppl look down on own ppl talent n skills. if we r ploud of wad we hav, we can oso b sucsesful wan, is onli we wan to anot.

    thank u mrbrown, ur show veli gd, i wil tel all my fren to listen.

  15. mylousiencliss... Says:

    to Mr dlaw pigcher wan

    Your english is so superb, takes me so long to decipher. But I enjoyed & laugh so much as well. U veli gd oso, can join mrbrown oredy. hehehe….

  16. tham Says:

    hello !!! i love ur the podcast very much !! i love ur courtesy one and this one . i agree with u man … ang moh the foreigner sucks man … especially the china one also

  17. annonymous Says:

    That’s SO true. Clients ARE the creative directors. Take the NUS ad as an example. “AMAZING CONCEPT” from the Dean. hahaha….

    Point of having a creative director is merely to execute the client’s ideas.

    Pls do another parody of this focused on the clients leh…

  18. wildbluefox Says:

    Your ang moh is chim, but not in the sense of pronounciation…the reporter must sound like British then it makes the interview more real…but overall, I liked this piece very much due to the boss’s attitude and his employees, hope to see more.

  19. FB Says:

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