the mrbrown show: liquefied natural gas for singapore

The Singapore government is looking at having our own Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Singapore. We suggest a way.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 14 August 2006: liquefied natural gas for singapore (MP3, file size: 2.2mb, Time: 00:05:30)


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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: liquefied natural gas for singapore”

  1. "Dr." Bob Says:

    Yeah, SOFA again.
    i think i can sign-up for it too. haa haa. PR also must contribute.

  2. zhihao Says:


    NeWater… LNG… 4 Million farts?

    cheers =P

  3. oceanuz Says:

    This is so funny….
    Remind me of an episode of South Park…

  4. candie Says:

    so…funny, aiyoh, laugh until can die. must hid underneath my table or ppl know i eat snake listening to mr brown podcast. so gross and so good..

  5. Lincoln Says:

    Hahahahaha… good one

  6. Allergic to Stupidity » Added some new links Says:

    […] You can download the podcast here. […]

  7. wildbluefox Says:

    Cartman: I bet a hundred dollar that you can’t light up your fart!
    Kenny: I’ll show you!
    Cartman: Ah damnit kenny’s on fire!
    : From southpark: The movie
    Wa lao eh….this thing hor gives me the answer to what my parents told me…use your shit to cook dinner…now i get it…

  8. wowwww Says:

    copy cat!!! I heard this joke by using farts to become NewGas from www

  9. somebodies Says:

    go go, thunderpants!

  10. kingkong Says:

    haha nice fart!!!!you guys are funny!!

  11. yantaokia Says:

    Thks guys for always brightening up my days, when it gets tough to go through. tuning in to your blog always lightens things up on myside and makes things easier.

    You guys are not only funny but your blog also leaves much after thoughts.

    Thankyou guys.

  12. Amakusa Says:

    Bftt Lol
    Really funny

  13. ps Says:

    so so jokes only…copy cat

  14. Benjiroo Says:

    Absolutely hilarious!! You guys are really funny.

  15. pagan Says:

    dun like then dun visit the site oredi lor… who force u make yrself so cham…
    come here say pple copycat… think everyone can tell jokes meh… super original but not farnie den can be considered good jokes lah?