the mrbrown show: stem cell salesman

Cloned Sheep?

Singapore leads the world in selling stem cells. We meet the world’s best cell salesman.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 23 August 2006: stem cell salesman (MP3, file size: 3mb, Time: 00:07:32)


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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: stem cell salesman”

  1. Brown Noser Says:


  2. zhihao Says:

    human’s quest to cheat death has taken a brand new meaning…

    cheers =P

  3. Flamingoptimus Says:

    Stem Cell blinking light???!?!?!?

    That is so retro … so 90s!

  4. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    I think Goh Chok Tong looking for this stem cell seller …

    Mr Peanuts was trying to solve the puzzle of the missing babies 3 days ago.

    He found one at the Bishan NTUC Fairprice but about 14,000 still missing leh.

    This chap is needed to help in the Police’s investigations.

  5. cell fan Says:

    eh mrbrown ah, who is this mr tan ah? quite funny guy leh. he oso got stage chemistry with you lay. i hope to continue hearing more from the two of you ok? thanks you.

  6. Austr-ah lian Says:

    Hey, very funny one lah! Must send to our health minister here in Australia, leh. Have no sense of humour, but if he thinking S’pore go into competition maybe he set up pasar malam for stem cell in Canberra.

  7. nicrome Says:

    heh, mr brown…

    kudos to u ppl…. ;)

    hmmm…. it would be great if one day u and talking cock’s colin goh do a podcast together one day… HAHA… im sure it would be real power man!!! haha… though i understand tt he is in the US…

  8. siao ah beng Says:

    limbei live for 14 years oready first time see mr. brown then noe his future very bright… continue wrk hard arh young man…

  9. Peter Lee Says:

    Keep up the gd job! :-)

  10. Brown Loser Says:

    Your podcasts are getting more and more lame. Getting sick of just targetting the Government. Once twice thrice still ok but imagine eating the same type of tur kwa everyday. Ugh! Luckily I only bought one shirt or else I will really regret supporting you.

  11. casinomoney Says:

    So, this is where all Singaporeans hanging out! LOL

  12. Brown Supporter Says:

    Dude. What you think might not be what others think. so keep your opinions to urself, you’re pissing many ppl off.

  13. DarkneZ Says:

    haha stem cells also have pirated. nice one

  14. Warfan Says:

    “stem cell also can be used for cloning sheep”
    can clone evrything la. so sian. put sheep stem cell in ur body then u become hybrid arh? den i want dolphin. intelligent what.

  15. -meep- Says:

    Brown Supporter: I find your suggestion ironic in a string of comments that seems to advocate freedom of opinion. I love the podcasts myself, but I think you should look into your own tolerance levels, hum.

    yay for brown! I love your harmless jig!

  16. Supporter oF Supporter Says:

    Meep: Take note: These comments are for the podcast, not for ur own personal opinion of other things. If u like to comment on other Things , pls go do it somewhere else

  17. *raises eyebrow* Says:

    Supporter of supporter: you would find that meep IS commenting on the podcast…

    “yay for brown! I love your harmless jig!” isn’t that a comment in itself?

    and your own comment is self-contradicting cos you’re commenting on what she said and not on the podcast. In other words…what you’ve said is…ridiculous?

    in fact what you said should be aimed at who you’re supporting. So…isn’t that even more ironic and absurd? If you want to rebutt someone, at least make a less laughable attempt.

    Anyway…mr brown i love your podcasts! it’s my daily dose (: keep it up! at last there’s someone who provides new meaning to “freedom of speech”.