the mrbrown show: the mrbrown show 2010

Sick so must use digital subs

mr brown loses his voice and sends his digital stand-ins.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 August 2006: the mrbrown show 2010 (MP3, file size: 2.9mb, Time: 00:07:11)


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37 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the mrbrown show 2010”

  1. hermit Says:

    great! thanks for the daily podcasts, they brighten up my day!

  2. b Says:

    the “upgraded” voice is amazing! which software did you use?

  3. zhihao Says:

    brown2010… hairy voice… ha ha ha…
    Singlish COOOOOOL~

  4. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    Just realise my digital age is 101000 …..

    The digital age don’t sound very young hor?!

  5. "Dr." Bob Says:

    Wah lau eh, it is so funny.

  6. Hobbes Says:

    wah biang eh….. buay tah han. :D

  7. Mr Purple Says:

    Mr Brown, your upgraded voice was superb!!! Hope to see you turn over a new hairy leaf one day when the old yew tree is growing shorter…. Hope your popularity with bloggers like myself will make you the voice of true singapore - or at least the funnier yet true voice of singapore - hope your many attempts at injecting humour in a very sterile intellectual climate will bring you lots more brownies and vanilla icecream when you’re not in the pink of health !!! Good luck - keep the flag of intelligent satire flying high - up, up and away !!!

    Mr Purple [Sir Basil]

  8. Lincoln Says:

    Waaaaa… like that you don’t need talk anymore, just type your out your show and let the mac read it… cool.

  9. Spunky Says:

    Win liao lah!

  10. Fire Phoenix Says:

    Can start a class for us to learn how to do it or not ?

  11. Brimy Says:

    I want de REAL mb!!! tis one is so FAKE!!

  12. someone Says:

    Walao eh! Buay tahan!! Ha ha ha…

  13. epr0mlse Says:

    Hard to comprehend what they are talking le.. Their laughter so fake.. Ha Ha Ha

  14. Wenjin Says:

    Wah Biang! Angmohs in mb show!

  15. Pat Says:

    Tia Bo leh…

  16. ahsoon Says:

    power! i loving it man!

  17. Seth Says:

    “Can start a class for us to learn how to do it or not ?”

    Can can, I also can.

    Step 1) Buy a Mac.

    Step 2) There is no Step 2.

  18. Seth Says:

    Wah… Got Front Row sound effect also.. Haha..

  19. pakkiu Says:

    umm microsoft mike and mary?

  20. CKC Says:

    ehh….mb….i would rather u get yur regain yur voice liao than pia all the podcast back… dis robotic voices very the tia bo lei….oh ya…n get well soon…cos i cant laugh w/o yur zao sia voice in the podcast!

  21. Sean Says:

    Which part of the Mac? Which programme lor?
    Lol.. i using MacBook Pro… sure have la.. Mac OSX Tiger… But, WHERE?! Where to type and let it read???

  22. Seth Says:

    1) Highlight text (in most applications such as TextEdit)
    2) Click name of Application on the menu bar, (i.e.) Safari
    3) Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text

    To change voices and assign shortcut keys go System Preferences and Speech.

    Actually your MacBook Pro don’t have one. Only my PowerBook got. I can trade with you… Don’t even need you to top up.

  23. Forseti Says:

    heard ur digital voice at the old parliment house dam funny ahhaahahahahahahahahahahaha.I heard ur performance at old parliment hse before hearing this funnier

  24. haru Says:

    HAHA! Nice one

  25. alee Says:

    the voice gimme headache sia. your digital voice talents must practise singlish more.

  26. bookie Says:

    i like the “no… LaH…” and “Ha… Ha… Ha…”:D

  27. Makantime Says:

    Brilliant Mr Brown!!! Really kewl Mac podcast show!!! Get well soon!

  28. Ephraim Says:

    I’d like to outbid Seth with Powerbook G4 17″. haha… (fake voice)

  29. Bravo Says:

    So brilliant. Truly admire your talent. Wish MB will set up courses on using all the techie stuff to product podcast or mini video. Pls teach leh…

  30. Sean Says:

    Seth and Ephraim…
    HAHA… wait la… lol =X

  31. Sean Says:

    Seth, my MacBook Pro can lehh…

  32. rachel Says:

    HAHA! nothing beats the human voice. robots are still imperfect!

  33. JO. Says:

    the hahaha ve fake leh. but still okay la, still can.

  34. 33 Says:

    wa lao… this reminds me of the artificial voice poke thing use by some throat cancer patient on an anti-smoking thing… real voice much much better…

  35. Seth Says:

    Seth, my MacBook Pro can lehh…

    Cannot la. Trade with my PowerBook.

  36. Seth Says:

    I’d like to outbid Seth with Powerbook G4 17″. haha… (fake voice)”


    12-inch PowerBook never got replaced. Even better than 17-inch. Smallest Apple laptop yet.


  37. meimao. Says:

    wa mrbrown u got access to leopard!!!