the mrbrown show: be a better protester


Want to be an accredited protester in Singapore before the IMF meeting? Sign up here!

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 25 August 2006: be a better protester (MP3, file size: 2.6mb, Time: 00:06:31)


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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: be a better protester”

  1. KsterK Says:

    First 2 down load n com… hahahaha.. brown man u brighten my reservist days….. thanks brown man

  2. KJ Says:

    So when the course starting?

  3. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    MOM and NTUC should capitalise on this new industry leh…

    Provide certification, fancy job title and uniform also.

    Singaporeans, especially those old and unemployed can take up this ‘protesting’ career since they got alot of free time.

    (Working Singaporeans are too busy to protest, can employ them to protest.)

  4. sayonara singapore Says:

    Did you get Dame Edna Everage to help you with this podcast? Mr Tua or whatever his name is sounds like Barry Humphries with an Indian accent. Ha!Ha!Ha!

  5. bunkey Says:

    hahaha… hahaha…

  6. Brimy Says:

    Yes! I am interested in taking up this course. Sign me up please……. I am a homemaker, so I have plenty of time to practise protesting and I might come out as the TOP STUDENTof your course. Haha!! Look out for me on TV during the IMF and World Bank meetings!!!! Wahahahaha…………. :) :D :P XD

  7. marc Says:


  8. Vasilli Zeitsev Says:

    Hey u bunch of fools…. Start what protesting campaign… U bunch of crazy people… U wanna protests in S’pore izzit?? Singapore now very happy… U protest, later got no bussiness and investments come to S’pore, then we’ll really go bust… So the next time u think of such crazy activities, think about the consequence, u all these bunch of ppl with shallow thinking…. As for Mr. Brown, can stop doing all these nonsense or nt… Very irritating… U’re making the entire nation a laughing stock…

  9. jewelmatrix Says:

    Hv not attended any such cse yet cos’ I protest payment. The fact tt I protest payment, can i jump st to free advance cse pls???

  10. iVy Says:

    shall i make a protest soon ?
    hehehe … =)

  11. Tony Lim Says:

    How about having an “Indian” or “Aneh” voice included in your show. You know the type that say “cho Kal Lat” (chocolate)

  12. Warfan Says:

    LOL! Singapore may be considering lifting the ban.
    ” aiyo. go to the Comunity Club sign up for course”

  13. daryl Says:

    Wah lay, that voice damn irritating. Hear already want to slap someone’s face.

  14. daryl Says:

    *Wah lau