the mrbrown show: pluto not a planet anymore


Pluto is no longer considered a planet anymore! We find out why he didn’t make the cut.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 August 2006: pluto not a planet anymore (MP3, file size: 1.5mb, Time: 00:03:52)


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39 Responses to “the mrbrown show: pluto not a planet anymore”

  1. KsterK Says:

    ….. i luv EARTH……

  2. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    Pluto is very blurto, no wonder don’t make it. :)

  3. Wow Says:

    wow, another really good one. pluto goes down the gutter…hehehe..

  4. Wenjin Says:

    Is it gonna replaced by Sedna?

  5. Lincoln Says:

    Brings back memories when I went out of of course.

  6. zhihao Says:

    pluto got relegated by the council…

    i got relegated by my deardear too…

  7. gideon Says:

    haha damn solid.. pluto geng right… shld go sign extra.. guard the solar system..

  8. Su Says:

    WHUAHAHAHA! Pluto so cute…should have used the cartoon dog pluto voice for the Pluto la!

  9. TS Says:

    Downgrade.. Down to dwarf planet liao

  10. DING Says:

    …dam that pluto
    kena go other secotrs
    now got more things to learn

  11. Melvin Says:

    Why relegate Pluto? Why not UrAnus?

    sorry fingernail long liao hard to type :P

  12. Chris Says:

    Would be better if no vulgarities are used in future podcast.

  13. Wenjin Says:

    Vulgarities are better for humor purpose and it is censored. But dont try try it when talking to other people.

  14. Dominic Says:

    this coprol pluto is soo funny!this gives da reason y pluto is not a planet!it is very humourous!!!!

  15. ahsoon Says:

    now i have re-learn my science all over again

  16. Kai Jun Says:


  17. OceanIce Says:

    Reminds me of the enlightening conversations i had with my recruits. Haha!! I laughed so hard. You made my day, Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi!! =D

  18. jellyfish Says:

    creative application of what was in an interesting documentary that i happened to have watched. The lesson in real life is refreshing.

  19. Undisputed_seraphim Says:

    Eh, wait. No planets move in a perfect (or barely one) circle in the first place. All planets move in an elliptical orbit, it’s just that Pluto moved ina more elliptical orbit than the others, occasionally cutting into the orbit of Neptune.

    Pluto was declassified as a planet and relegated to as a DWARF PLANET.

    A Dwarf Human is still a human.

    Therefore, a dwarf planet is still a planet.

    Good day to you, sir.

  20. breakwater Says:

    aiyah just enjoy the podcast la~ i think it is damn hilarious esp when the sergeant had to swallow the vulgarity just about to overflow from his mouth haha.

  21. 12x12 Says:

    My primary school science teacher owes me 1 pt from class test!!!
    Basket! Give me back my 1 pt!

    I was right! She is wrong!

  22. Steph Says:

    Interesting…reminds me of my recruit life.

  23. Ben Says:

    I love this podcast abt the PLUTO~ hahahahahahah nice!!!!

  24. Sean Says:

    In my opinion, Dwarf planets are not planets, just like people with dwarfism aren’t actually humans.

    AND, The thing that sucks is all the money that will have to be spent printing updated textbooks, dictionarys and etc.

    SIAN… we must change “My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”
    to “My Very Evil Mother Just Served Us Nothing”…

    OH By the way, thats the mnemonics to help kids memorise planet positions.

    But then again… SIAN….

  25. Godmiaomiao Says:

    It even took them such a long time to come to this conclusion.x_x.

  26. Matsukaze Says:


    did i even learn about the planets? lol…

    i’ve always thought that ppl with dwarfism are still human, just hit with a genetic disorder…

  27. yuni275 Says:

    then now what? Small but can use good enough mah… no meh?

  28. caps_LOCK Says:

    very funny podcast… good work guys…

  29. Miyagi Brother Says:


  30. laydaybirdd- Says:

    pluto didnt even say that it wants to be a planet!

    and now we know pluto plays punk.


  31. roy13 Says:

    macham the x(ns)-men podcast - except it’s part ii and with johnny zhng as the “sarge” ^_^

  32. chao keng Says:

    macham the x(ns)-men podcast - except it’s part ii and with johnny zhng as the “sarge” ^_^

  33. jiagui Says:

    cpl pluto stupid la..remain in service for so long! now then kena kick the pri sch kids g0nna take their psle?hahax.

  34. junshen Says:

    how can pluto do push-up when he even don’t have hands?! HAHA

  35. thinker Says:

    Hey, does this podcast hint abt the decreasing discipline of the NS now?haha..i just felt there was this hint coming out from the podcast. Due to the “thiis cannot, that cannot due to medical reasons.’ sooner or later, our country will have to be protected by robots already. How sad.

  36. Ju-on Says:

    hahah..poor (Pluto) thing..
    being said to b a “lousy” piece of rock..
    aiyah now how? the textbks all that must edit..but i dun think the publisher will lah..later change here change there jin ma fan de..haha

  37. nottikia Says:

    hahahahahaha, dun bang wif me hor!

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