the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Dr Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh held its first spoken word “live” event, TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens, at Old Parliament House on Thursday, 24 August 2006. It was in support of Indignation 2006 and was an evening of light-hearted speeches celebrating Singaporean-ness. The mrbrown show was proud to be part of it.

This is a video of Dr Kirpal Singh’s segment. He was so Da Bomb lor.

(Video footage courtesy of Kelvin of Warning, big video file, so please wait.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Vodcast iconVideo Podcast: the mrbrown show (video) 30 August 2006: TalkingCock in Parliament, Dr Kirpal Singh (MP4 Video, file size: 16mb, Time: 00:07:14)

For PC users who want to use Windoze Media Playah, we also have a WMV version (WMV Video, file size: 18.4mb, Time: 00:07:14), right-click and save it to your computer.


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9 Responses to “the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Dr Kirpal Singh”

  1. lauises Says:

    umm…link doesnt work

  2. Anti Mac Says:

    LOL. Windoze Media Playah

  3. emigre Says:

    Quicktime link works fine for me.

  4. zhihao Says:


    cock-pecked wives and hen-pecked husbands… neat!


  5. dasheep Says:

    he’s the best of 3 so far. kudos

  6. meâ„¢ Says:


  7. Mr S. Says:

    haha.. it’s great! i like this kind of people speaking up in the parliament !

  8. graceolle Says:

    Can i susgest one thing? mr brown i think it is more esay and fun to put on tube so that all of ur can see mah? my 2 cent

  9. dots Says: