the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Hossan Leong

Hossan Leong held its first spoken word “live” event, TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens, at Old Parliament House on Thursday, 24 August 2006. It was in support of Indignation 2006 and was an evening of light-hearted speeches celebrating Singaporean-ness. The mrbrown show was proud to be part of it.

This is a video of Hossan Leong’s segment. Got lyrics for you to sing along to even!

(Video footage courtesy of Kelvin of Warning, this is quite the big file hor. Yes, we know Youtube there got, but ours got karaoke lyrics.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Vodcast iconVideo Podcast: the mrbrown show (video) 1 Sept 2006: TalkingCock in Parliament, Hossan Leong (MP4 Video, file size: 18.9mb, Time: 00:06:09)

For PC users who need to get a Mac, we also have a WMV version (WMV Video, file size: 21.4mb, Time: 00:06:09), right-click and save it to your computer.


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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Hossan Leong”

  1. wongkokwai Says:

    Where to find the lyrics?

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  3. Happy? Says:

    We Live In Singapura

    Sang Nila, Utama
    Saw a lion, alamak
    Name the village Singapura, then run very far

    Years later, ang mor came
    Stamford Raffles was his name
    Posed for statues very nice, we kenna colonize


    Singapura very strong
    Big guns all, pointing wrong
    Japanese, came on bikes, invade us from our backside

    War is over, ang mor back
    Singaporeans no respect
    Commies come, make a fuss, Singapore independance!

    I live in Singapura
    It’s not perfect living
    But at least it’s interesting
    I live in Singapura
    Though it’s kind of crazy
    We win other country

    David Marshall, Lim Yew Hock
    National Anthem starts to rock
    Yusof Ishak the big man, guess who’s PM?

    Malaysia say, come join me
    Two of us be same country
    Then not happy, Then make PM cry

    PM Lee lead country
    Build jurong and HDB
    Made the country clean and green, opposition cannot win

    JB Jeya no more funds,
    Chee Soon Juan won’t eat his buns
    Lim How Doong, what a goon, ‘Don’t talk cock’ in parliament

    I live in Singapura
    It’s not perfect living
    But at least it’s interesting
    I live in Singapura
    Though its kind of crazy
    We win other country

  4. lemon Says:

    written and sang well! gooo job Hossan Leong

  5. teddy cuddly bear Says:

    Wa Ka Lu Kong…
    This is one guy I’d give my 3 thumbs up if I had that many.

  6. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    Sh*t! That was hilarious. Makes me wish I’d been there to see this live :)

  7. ZHU GE Says:

    Hi, i feel this song is very funny…

    Very thanks to the person who insert the lyrics into the video…

    I would also suggest if he could also help us insert the subtitles into the other few video podcast…

    For me, my hearing is poor.. can’t figure out wat the other video podcast r trying to say even though i turn on my volume loudest… sincerely hope if the subtitles r inserted too..

  8. groyn88 Says:

    Hello Mr Brown, you handsome devil, you,

    You may also like to have a look at the video clips I shot from a different angle that night at the Arts House.

    I have prepared a playlist containing all of them:


  9. groyn88 Says:

    Fans of Hossan Leong might like to catch him in action at an IndigNation (Singapore’s gay pride season) event I recorded on video called “Be who you want to be - the great Singapore makeover”:

    Those interested in watching gay documentaries and newsclips shown on Singapore television may view them here:

    Happy viewing,

  10. Chong Says:

    Can this be put inside the psp?

  11. Atomant Says:

    Nice show, too bad I miss it, is it possible to make just the mp3 audio file(so that file size won’t be so big) for us to download ?

  12. atomant Says:

    any mp3 file for the song for download? just sound no video so that file size not so big

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  14. Magical Says:

    Is that the “Ah Hock” in Zhng My Car?

  15. onlyme Says:

    I love his segment! Really hilarious & definitely very Singaporean!

  16. jh Says:

    I ripped out the part where it’s just purely mp3 on solely the song.


    For those who want a portable small one, 46kb/s[low].mp3

    I’m still uploading now so if you happen to look in early, wait 1st =P

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