the mrbrown show: last protest island

Last Protest Island

Cannot protest in Singapore during the IMF? We have the island for you!

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 4 Sept 2006: last protest island (MP3, file size: 2.6mb, Time: 00:06:39)


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26 Responses to “the mrbrown show: last protest island”

  1. zhihao Says:


    even with loudhailers, can people protesting from Batam can be heard in Singapore?

    my bad… protest packages in Batam… ahahaha ahahahah hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    cheers =P

  2. Jack Says:

    Mr Miyagi’s Indonesian accent was the killer..

    Protest March… Hahaha..

    Nice play on the double meaning of the word and the Protest vs Progress package at the end really made me laugh the hardest.

    Totally enjoyed it.

  3. Hendra Says:

    amazing…haha…. loudspeaker part was funny….

  4. Cliffano Says:

    LOL. Hillarious.

    The RRRRRR at the end of protestorrrr, farrrr, indoorrrr, outdoorrr - convincingly Indo :p.

  5. wesley Says:

    The end is the funniest…Definitely… Protest pakage… The post script was funny too… Teenagers suicide because they don’t want to live anymore…LOLS

  6. ahsoon Says:


    go batam protest. hahahaa.

    10,000 rupia for banner.
    20,000 rupia for loudhailers.


  7. deviantteacher Says:

    This is sooo hilarious… i totally dig the Indo accent! :)

  8. zhihao Says:

    ok… looks like its a no go for the protest packages now…

    ” BATAM police have refused permission for protests on the island against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank meetings in Singapore. ”
    source: Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

  9. YuKi Says:

    (Indonesian here) Haha… where did u learn all those indonesian stuff from… you even used indonesian worrrds.. immigrrasi… ahah, funny indeed :D

  10. Wenjin Says:

    So how about Karimun and Bintan?

    Bak Chor Mee blog:

  11. Wenjin Says:

    To add on…

    I thought he say “lets get on with it”"let go your see ang tau” “You forget to fill the immigrasi form:

  12. JW Says:

    Haha… Cool.

    Sounds Not so indonesian… just a little tinge there.

  13. sweet robots Says:

    this podcast is starting to lose it’s sense of humour in it..
    i don’t really find it funny..
    kinda getting bored after hearing the same kinda podcast again n again…
    ur indo accent is good..
    i agree with that..
    but just too lack of dept for your jokes lah..
    get what i mean??

  14. mokshore » Blog Archive » links for 2006-09-04 Says:

    […] the mrbrown show » Blog Archive » the mrbrown show: last protest island (tags: podcast singapore) […]

  15. b Says:

    crusades next year! roflmao.

  16. JL Says:

    Well, i didn’t find it very funny. 1stly the content is really b-grade. After the 1st 1 min, mr. miyagi’s overdone accent was more irritating n unbearing than humourous. Maybe cos I’ve been listening him “kek sai” for too many podcasts. Sorry guys, it’s abit long and wannabe. I like TMBS, and i wish they bring back more of those short but really hilarious stuff. and some fresh content. less is more. dw, i still lup u guys

  17. Jacko wacko darklord Says:

    Is the accent correct? Sounds like more phillipines accent :P
    Protest package we get how much ar? :P

  18. pokeymoan Says:

    think they’ll go to JB instead?

  19. imagawayaki Says:

    imigrasi lol i from indonesia also laugh ^^ i like the imigrasi part. imigrasi form is piece of yellow stupid paper wif a eagle wif it ^^;

  20. rotikawin Says:

    just a word of caution…while the Rrrrr’s were typical of indonesian pronunciation, the rest of the accent were simply non-indonesian. more like a confused indonesian/malay/german/etc.
    after sometime, it gets kind of boring…

  21. guppy Says:

    lol… gd one mr brown:P

  22. L0rd Says:

    not so good leh a bit of bangladesh accent… come on guys u can do it

  23. BT22 Says:

    Frotest in the outdoor, you will kena lang-gar by the car….

    P represented by F
    Damn it~

  24. Says:

    Batam officially bans anti-IMF protests…

    A move to protest International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank policies - right at Singapore’s doorstep - has been officially banned by the Batam police….

  25. Adui! Says:

    “If it rains you will be wet if you outdoor and your loudhailer become the electrocute”


  26. washiwashitengo Says:

    Saturday 9 September 2006. Media corp Weekend Today tabloid papers :

    “The IMF and World to engage those who protest against was in this vein groups such as Jubilee South promised four months back to “take to the streets and plazas” in Singapore during the IMF/World bank meet.

    But its international coordinator Lidy Nacpil told TODAY that its plans to mount “vigorous actions” had run into a brick wall.

    “Definitely, Singapore is one of the worst cities to host the meetings,” she fumed. “Certainly, it does not respect people’s right to peaceful assembly.”

    Also, quote: Apparently peeved at not getting their way, IMF/World Bank representatives wrote to Mr Donatus and several others who had been blacklisted:” (The Singaporean authorities) state that you may be stopped at Singapore Government checkpoints … We have registered our strong disagreedment with this decision … The IMF and World Bank will continue to accredit you.”

    Moral of the story:
    Next time, when visiting the abodes of IMF and World Bank, remember to register disgreements but conveniently omit registernig multi-million dollar deposits for potential damage to their infrastructure and credibility to conduct civil discourse.