the mrbrown show: a singaporean tribute to steve irwin

Steve Irwin

Our tribute to the late, great, and mad Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter.

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160 Responses to “the mrbrown show: a singaporean tribute to steve irwin”

  1. mokshore » Blog Archive » a singaporean tribute to steve irwin Says:

    […] steve irwin is no more physically. he will live long in the hearts of many.. the mrbrown show: a singaporean tribute to steve irwin […]

  2. xd Says:

    always wanted to meet steve irwin since i was a little boy… now ill never get the chance :(

  3. Abdul Rahman Says:

    word of advice to all idiot, you eat stngray not swimming with stingray….

  4. Wenjin Says:

    Goodbye Steve. Remenber you forever!

  5. nerubian Says:

    Rest in peace steve, we’ll always remember and love you for bringing nature alive to a generation of us kids. You lived life with a passion and without fear. Love and respect.
    Brown - thanks for this podcast. Good stuff as usual :)

  6. nal Says:

    I learned that the Queensland Government has set up an online condolences book for Steve Irwin.
    You might like to send your condolences to this URL. Thank you.

    I will miss you Steve! Waaah!

  7. john Says:

    ii miss u steve irwin :)

  8. Karen Says:

    What a great accent!! We are so gonna miss him…..Pity his wife though…………….

  9. Darren Joel Says:

    Thanks for the love and care that you have shown to the animals around the globe. You have shown great courage so that we can understand nature in the comfort of our living room. Its just sad that a LEGEND like Steve Irwin has to come to an end at an early stage. The world will miss you and your adventures. Bless you.

  10. whispersfromtheheart Says:


    thanks for doing this.

    I will miss Steve. Many hours in front of the telly with my son watching his crocodile antics … sigh. Why good men can’t live longer?!

  11. an angry fan of steve Says:

    CURSE YOU MR BROWN!!!!stop making fun of Steve Irwin !!! I”ll wallop u!!!u bloody dirtbag mr brown!!!! ur website Sucks !!! u urself Stink !!!go apply de oudering!!!fuck u!!!

  12. zh Says:

    I grew up watching Steve Irwin’s shows, and now I won’t have the chance to watch them anymore.

    He will live on in the hearts of many, and will continue to be loved and sorely missed by many from all over the world.

    Rest in peace, Steve Irwin.

  13. coolmosz Says:

    I’m not sure if this is in good taste, MB. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to combine Steve’s soundbites here and there and make something heartwarming. But it wasn’t that way. I hardly watch Steve, so was kinda unaffected by the news, but then hearing Miyagi and his impersonation, I realized that this was quite sad… all of us are not going to hear from Steve again - all his ‘crikeys’, antics and all… never again… very sad… and I now understand how his fans are feeling. So MB’s ‘tribute’ is good and bad, to me… and for others who feel offended, can’t you use civilized language?

  14. crocodile tears Says:

    this is really done in quite bad taste, mrbrown. stop crying crocodile tears,and if u want to do a tribute,do it well and certainly not in this manner.Hope to see better content from you in your next podcast.

  15. d Says:

    what an awful tribute. it’s not funny.

  16. al gore Says:

    tv can do so much wonders. just because he is a celeb, everyone is giving out their heartfelt condolences. it’s a tragic event for anyone to pass away, but only celebs get this much attention.

    what if richard attenbrough passes away today? i doubt much will feel.

    and is it ironical how many of these “feelers” can be considered nature lovers and watching his show at the comfort of the living room.

    ok, lunch!

  17. croc rules! Says:

    it was, not really nice of you to make him a joke. yes we all know your good intentions of this “tribute” . but couldn’t you give the man a little more respect, he deserves it. honestly, tributes that show clips of him, pictures, what he have done for the people are then truly called tributes. please, next time, think before you really do it.

  18. Says:

    not a fan of steve irwin, but I agree if this podcast was done in a bad taste. Just use common sense lah, you don’t make joke of people that passed away, recorded it and published it on the web and called it a TRIBUTE! Sometimes, there is a limit that you can’t cross, really.

  19. antz Says:

    “With great power comes great responsibility”. Mr Brown & Miyagi, please be more sensitive and responsible for the kind of content you put out to your listeners. Personally, I feel that this reflects badly on the both of you. This podcast can’t be considered a tribute at all. And please don’t use the title, “a singaporean tribute to steve irwin”, it’s insulting. At most, it’s “a singaporean’s tribute to steve irwin”. Yes, if it’s how you want to pay “tribute” to a great man, don’t drag the rest of Singapore into it.

  20. Dave Says:

    It’s not that he is a TV celebrity that we feel sad.

    It is because he was quite a hero to many of us and we can’t belive he’s gone already.

    He put his life in danger countless times just to educate the world.

    It is very sad to see someone so alive and kicking in one second and dead another.

    If it was any other air head celebrity, it wouldn’t matter as much to us.

    As to Mr.Brown, I alway see that you all choose on matters to poke fun at, but this time, it is a little too touchy of a subject to poke fun at. Mistake dude.


    May Steve Irwin, Croc Hunter, be remembered for living and dying for the world.

    Steve Irwin (1962-2006)

  21. Jonathan Poon Says:

    Perhaps this is indeed the wrong kind of tribute. It just dont feel right.

    A good tribute would be like how Jay Leno did his on the Tonight Show shown on

  22. a Fan of Steve Irwin Says:

    mr brown i love to be listen to ur podcast every now and den… it had become part of my life listen to ur podcasts. after listening to ur “tribute to steve irwin”, i felt that it isnt much of a tribute but using him as a material and make fun of him. i hope that it might jus b a mistake or we had misunderstood wad u meant. It is my greatest regret that i had never meet this great guy in person… which i shall live on with it. His spirit shall always live on!

    he shall never be forgotten…

  23. dufus Says:

    assuming there are such things as spirits

  24. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    Yes, I think Jonathan Poon is correct. Jay Leno did a great tribute to Steve Irwin. Perhaps you need to look up the word “tribute” to understand what it means. Whilst I actually found your version quite amusing (in parts), I don’t think it’s fair to call it a tribute. Anyway, the guy was a great ambassador for animals (and indirectly, for Oz), I feel sorry for this wife and 2 kids that are left behind.

  25. Bloodangel83 Says:

    he’s a great guy… luved his documentries… his courage n his advantures… nw he will alwayz livein our hearts… Rest In Peace Steve”.

  26. dp Says:

    Just becos a piece is funny, it doesn’t mean it’s disrespectful.

    I thought the podcast was very familiar in the way that most Singaporeans will remember Steve Irwin by, that fanatical animal lover that knows no boundaries whatsoever with regards to handling wildlife.

    There’s nothing common-sense about being bitten by crocodiles all the time… Steve lived a passionate life.

  27. Ok_lah! Says:

    I think our pod cast is quite nicely done. I like to remeber Steve that way, full of life. I think people are probably offended by the sniggering at the end. It makes the whole thing a little insincere. So there, take note ok?

  28. Ok_lah! Says:

    Oops…sorry spelling error, should read ‘your’ not ‘our’…I m not one of them..

  29. xex Says:

    LAME!!! making fun of the dead!!! and it’s not funny at all la… it’s damn lame!!! lamer!!! mr brown is such a lamer

  30. I-chicken Says:

    I thot so too.
    At least we’ve proved that we have leftist and rightist views.

    A life less ordinary - Steve Irwin
    A life made interesting - mb
    A life forgotten - lemmings ver10.10

    Finally. Ban all Chicken!

  31. jel Says:

    I have always loved your podcasts. Always entertaining and fun to listen to. But I have to agree that this podcast was done in poor taste. Very poor taste.

  32. Win-Man Says:

    I agree that a great man has passed away. Instead of mourning him, we should be celebrating his life. This is just Mr Brown’s way of celebrating his life. He didn’t really make fun of Steve Irwin.

  33. I-chicken Says:

    and we now know who does ancestral worhip. The dead gods of Zeus, Swallows mk too, Kyklopes. Hell, this is as accurate as you can get for you general census of belief systems!

    Ok_lah! Says:
    I think our pod cast is quite nicely done. I like to remeber Steve that way, full of life.
    I-chicken Says:
    September 7th, 2006 at 2:33 pm
    I thot so too.

    Ohmmms. Ommms. Ommms.

  34. Phinehas Says:

    the people who are ragging mrbrown and miyagi really should get a life - steve was an entertainer, and he lived life to the full.

    great job on the accent!

  35. BT22 Says:

    just another MB’s production
    personally felt that we need not take it to heart..

    with respect or not, I felt that this is just MB’s way of bringing Steve to light in a different manner..

    No offence intended

  36. I-chicken Says:

    the actor John Hammond played by Richard Attenbrough or the news caster/commentator or the writer David Attenborough?

  37. Nicole Says:

    I do feel that Mr Irwin will laugh if he hears this podcast.

    lighten up folks.

  38. dodo Says:

    whispersfromtheheart Says:
    September 7th, 2006 at 11:04 am
    MB, Why good men can’t live longer?!

    How many good men have you seen at work or play lately ?
    bad boyz rulez. Speaking of which, I must get that tatoo.

  39. dodo Says:

    cannot lighten up. muzz get wayangz, hire criersz, get men in whitez, get lawyez, get cosmetic frownz, give endearments like we lived with him, den everybody happyz. wait. also cannot. everybody must seriouz, frownz, tearz, tearing hair out, must same way of expressionz.

  40. HRM Says:

    Honestly, mr. brown, I listen to your podcasts and usually they are really cool and funny. I’m not sure whether you intended it, but this podcast sounded more like a parody of Steve’s show. Parodies aren’t very respectful in the first place, and I rather not have this podcast at a time like this when Steve just died of a tragic accident.
    Maybe it would be funny if he was still alive, but yeah, this wasn’t funny at all.

  41. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    Aiyah …

    You people really quite dense ….

    the podcast is not poking fun at Steve.

  42. aghseng Says:

    one objective question: what would steve irwin say about the podcast- would he be offended or would he laugh along?

  43. Davin Says:

    a hero who inspire me a lot and became an idol to me.. R.I.P i’ll still watch your show daily.. =(

  44. Fire Phoenix Says:

    Those who can’t take the way MB is paying tribute to Steve should not be here. We love Steve! We love MB!

  45. estelwen Says:

    hey chill ppl.
    it’s a tribute. everyone has their different ways of rmbering steve, i don’t think it’s disrespectful to e dead.
    i think mr brown & mr miyagi did a great job in rmbering steve in their own special way.

  46. Passingby Says:

    After reading some of the comments here, i realise most Singaporeans are really …. sigh….! Lighten up folks!

    Steve Irwin was a great entertainer and I have always respected him. I am sure he would like to be remembered as a great entertainer and an adventurer just as mr brown has intended to help people remember him by.

    and i agree just bec a podcast it’s funny, does not mean that it is not showing respect. It’s showing respect in a way that is positively reflecting the life of Steve Irwin. Please, lighten up….please.

  47. al gore Says:

    always got mixed up with the attenboroughs.

  48. mp Says:

    MB running out of ideas… sad day

  49. galven Says:

    Please listen to it and realise who, or what, is being mocked in the podcast. It certainly is not Steve Irwin. As someone else mentiond, a tribute need not be all sentimental and moody. Humour can be used to good effect too.

  50. No big deal Says:

    wad’s wrong with all of u.
    “Oh how dare u guys make fun of the dead!”
    Errr. It didn’t sound like making fun at all. At least MB didn’t show the merlion biting him.
    It’s like why are u guys fans of a person who doesnt value life?
    U can educate people through other means u know?

  51. K Says:

    Many thanks Mr Brown. You have made a tribute to Steve in a way that is typical of your site, with humour. As an Aussie, who never paid a great deal of attention to Irwin but is still saddened by his death, thank you for your tribute.

  52. K Says:

    PS the trick to an Aussie accent is not to try too hard! Broad Australian developed so as to keep the flies out of the month, so dont move any thing - tongue, lips etc - too much. The less movement the better!

  53. K Says:

    out of the “mouth”

  54. WTF? Says:

    Walao eh. Singaporeans will always be singaporeans: no common sense.

    Hello. Tribute = moody, mourning, etc etc?

    GET A LIFE YOU IDIOTS. No wonder singaporeans are called stupid by that dunno which china or taiwan guy. Coz we are. Esp those who call this podcast a bad podcast. Dun like this podcast then fcuk off. Or just say it sucks. Dun kpkb here like a person who was just castrated.

    Nice one though MB. May Steve Irwin rest in peace. God bless you.


  55. macrothinker Says:

    I can’t help but feel indignant by this podcast. I was hoping it to be a well-meaning TRIBUTE but not a mockery of the memory of Steve Irwin. The entire Australian nation is grieving over the loss. Miyagi’s accent was pathetic at very least, and to make a joke out of Steve at this very moment is defnitely insensitive.

    Frankly speaking, MB has kinda lost his midas touch in some of his recent podcasts. Has it got anything to do with escalated quantity at the expense of diminished quality?

  56. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    Sigh ….

    what better tribute from Singapore than to have Steve poking fun at our Merlion …

    What happened to thinking out of the box, for once!

    We must be serious … we suffer seriously and die seriously too.

  57. lauises Says:

    Weird how so many of you guys misinterpret this.
    This podcast doesn’t laugh AT Steve.
    It shows how he truely loves and respects animals.
    It captures his spirit.

    But it DOES laugh at is our dear national icon.
    Not just that, it laughs at US.
    At OUR attitude towards life and the world.
    How a tour down the water front is more important than love for animals.
    How WE actually laugh at dear Steve.
    How WE DO laugh at Steve sometimes for thinking he’s silly when he is serious and passionate about his work.

    Why don’t you haters listen to the podcast a few more times?
    Totally missed the point.

  58. emigre Says:

    I didn’t think it was disrespectful although I didn’t think it was funny.

    It’s just mrbrown’s way of reminding us what Steve was like.

    Yeah..lighten up people.

  59. JD Says:

    check this out! :P

  60. Someone Says:

    mb , that podcast is not funny and this is not the way to tribute.
    If you think this is funny then you are a son of a bitch.

  61. Anoy Says:

    Steve was a great guy. I do watch his show and i like his shows every much. It was a sad thing that what happened to him. But at least he died doing what he was passionate for. The whole world will miss him dearly.

  62. Boboman Says:

    I agree with some folks yer, mate! Lighten up, Singaporeans! Stevo (rest his soul) had a quirky sense of humour. Look at him dangling his baby while feeding the huge crocodile and he got malign for that stunt! That’s ole Stevo for you. He will be laughing at this parody of himself by Mr Brown.

    That’s what he wants to be remembered for. Fun, entertaining, quirky.

    What you are dealing with a one tonne reptile you need some really weird balls to carry it off, mates.

    Lighten up. Singaporeans all so damn serious.

    Learn to be more Aussie and chuck that seriousness away even there is death.

  63. Reason Says:

    I have something to say regarding this podcast after reading all the comments posted before mine.

    firstly, i have to say that althought i know who Steve Irwin is, i don’t watch his show very much. But upon hearing this unfortunate event, i was deeply hurt. I was like “I won’t be able to see this man in action again”.

    and now regarding MB’s podcast. MB, i am a great fan of your podcast, i subscribe it through itunes so i can have its daily updates. after hearing this podcast, i have some feedbacks on it, hope it won’t be to lengthy.

    to me this podcast is good and also bad at the same time. why is it good? because (this is what i think) MB is trying to show us how enthusiastic steve irwin was dealing with his work. risking his life just to educate the world. Mb is just trying to tell us what steve irwin has done in his life, and how he has lived his life to the fullest and try to lighten up our hearts by telling us that, hey he will always live in our hearts so cheer up! for those who still think that it is a totally bad podcast, i suggest you listen to it once again, and try to state here what has MB done that is very disrespectful to Steve Irwin. He didn’t chang his voice to make fun of him, he didn’t make him say anything that is funny or disrespectful, he didn’t make him do irregular things in the show, he is just showing us that steve irwin is trying to save that “beauty” which is what he did all the time when he was alive. and most importantly, he didn’t even say that the “ang-moh” in the show is suppose to be steve irwin.

    and the reason for me finding it bad is because of the NG part which shows all the laughing and sniggering, i find it not that respectful. it wouldbe better if you don’t post the NG part at all. basically this is what i feel, and for those people who is a big fan of steve irwin, cheer up, this is all i can say, as this hero will always live in our hearts.

    Rest In Peace, Steve Irwin…

  64. flier123 Says:

    this would be cool if made after the day Steve Irwin came came to the Singapore zoo some years back. but hey, it is a time of mourning for him, and it would seem insentive and even cruel to some of his fans, if this was published now, because he just died.

  65. deadbeat Says:

    Crikey…this couldn’t be better! Maybe its time to take a step back and look at the entire situation in a different light. I’m too, am sad that he passed. He was a great person, a very very wonderful character which the world will greatly missed. Its because of his character that stuff like this podcast can be taken as a tribute rather than a detractment of his spirit. After all, if some Ah Kow from Lorong 21 pass away, do you think the world would be this taken aback?

    Guys, different people grieve in different ways. There are many kinds of tributes, and this is part of it. Maybe its time to stop be immature and think that ‘your way’ is the ‘only way’.

  66. Benny Says:

    I’ve a friend who just passed away too. But look at it, life is more or less like this podcast. It’s seriously a piece of joke :0 Just lighten up. If I’m Steve, I think I’ll definitely laugh my head off! If you watched his shows you will know what i mean.

    We should be dead serious with our profession, but again we also must learn to laugh at it……..

  67. Larry Says:

    Miss U Steve :(
    Hey Dis Podcast is not funny Lah…
    Steve erwin is very Poor ting:(
    dunn make fun of ppl who is very good
    he sacrificed to let us see how animal work!!!!
    Steve ur Cool

  68. Freaky Guy Says:

    don’t think it’s funny.

    respect the dead.

    people dead also want to make fun.

    how about when you die i’ll make a podcast , a tribute to you.

    o yeah , when you die , i’ll burn your Microphone For You , anything else?

  69. monkeysee Says:

    Steve Irwin was an entertainer. He knew the risks he was taking, as mentioned by his Dad in an interview, but he did what he did for a living because he loved it. He was iconic because of his style and his demeanour, but he was an ordinary bloke, again as stated by his own Dad.

    mb’s tribute is fine. People had no problems finding amusement in parodying him when he was alive, and there shouldn’t be any stigma of doing so, even though he’s now deceased.

    There’s a difference between making ill-spirited fun, and remembering someone fondly by parodying their quirks.
    mb’s podcast falls squarely into the latter.

  70. angry fan Says:

    its nort funneh at all ok..if this is ur’ll be best if u dont make a tribute at all..
    P.S Dont drag the whole singapore in ..

  71. tsk Says:

    hmm very upset by this clip. its just wrong. he’s a great guy. mrbrown can do better than this! i know that!

  72. what the hell? Says:

    what is wrong with both of you? this is not funny at all, please have show some respect for the dead. i am utterly disappointed.

  73. fallen from grace Says:

    i’m disgusted. this is not tasteful at all.. do you even care about him to begin with?

    we are very saddened by his death and are deeply concerned about his family. how dare you make fun of him at this point of time and still call it a singaporean tribute?!?!!

    i thought one xiaxue was bad enough..

  74. SGbleah Says:

    wtf is wrong with you ppl.. saying what cus steve was an entertainer, got loads of humor… so what, mean his tribute must have some humour as well? The fact that someone great has passed away, be it a funny guy or diplomatic down to earth serious 24/7, it is a mourning. You wanna do a tribute, you should highlight his achivements and accomplishment. Yes he made us laugh… but what about other comedians who had passed away? Would you like include jokes inside your tribute if you were to make one? hahaha? i know you mr brown you’re a funny guy, but i’m sure you have the right mind to differenciate between what is humour and what is not. I suggest you better start making an apology

  75. Dave Says:

    By the way. The comment I made up there was not to say that the podcast is bad. In fact, I think it is quite a good one to celebrate his life.

    What I said up there was to reply to this comment

    “al gore Says:
    September 7th, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    tv can do so much wonders. just because he is a celeb, everyone is giving out their heartfelt condolences. it’s a tragic event for anyone to pass away, but only celebs get this much attention.”

  76. Tarot Says:

    dude… rest in peace… we will miss you

  77. astroboy Says:

    it seem really amusing that all those people who think the podcast is making funny at Steve sound as if they are close friend of steve and know him very well. why impose your values onto other?

  78. Jim Says:

    i think u guys take it a bit too seriously. listening to the past podcasts u should know what type of person MB is, so if u arent happy about the podcast, den move along and stop whinning over it! no one force u to dl it u know.

    great job MB~

  79. rogue Says:

    I read through and felt disturbed by comments posted by a lot of singaporeans

    what alot of people wrote: steve irwin a hero. hero? i cant remember how many comments listed him as a hero. countless in fact.

    quoting Dave:
    ‘It is because he was quite a hero to many of us and we can’t belive he’s gone already.

    He put his life in danger countless times just to educate the world’

    ever stop to consider how many others are there in the world who gives much more to save wildlife and animals? all so WITHOUT being in limelight and publicity and going onto tv pulling stunts and wowing ignorant viewers? and ever think about how many groups out there are trying to reach to the world, trying to educate us as well? instead of whining, go out there and do real work.

    and ever stop to think of certain people who put their life in danger not at the hands of animals, but crazies, just to ensure an entire world/nation is peaceful for another day? and by doing so is keeping us and our loved ones alive? what about those that had fallen while doing so? we might not know them, but give a thought to it.

    irwin wass a good man indeed with his love to the wildlife and the efforts he put in. no denying that.

    call him hero or what ever title to be bestowed upon a guy who by pursuing his interest had forsaken a family. has he forgotten that no one alone saves the day, not to mention the wildlife?

    get a life, singaporeans, wake up

    there are lots more thing in life that needs attention than this kind of tiny issue, the least among which is screwing one another here

    on the podcast: nothing much wrong and nothing disrespectful intended. for those aggraved listeners, make your own podcast.


  80. MeC Says:

    i just don’t think u should poke fun of a person who has just passed away.. In respect to him and his family

  81. Spectralizer Says:

    i dun like this

  82. Lincoln Says:

    A fitting tribute.

  83. Ash Says:

    dad and I watched his documentaries often when I was young.
    now that I am grown up, thinking back, I do not think he is a serious nature lover. His documentaries are entertaining but I do not think the animals like his agressive behavior around them.
    the podcast said it all…… good job.

  84. Steve's Fan Says:

    Hey Mr Brown, your tribute to the late Mr Steve Irwin sucked big time mate. Maybe you should have a tribute done for yourself instead when your articles got taken off Today?

    Being a family man urself, you should exercise more sensitivity and maturity and I dont think you need someone like me to remind you of it.

    Btw, your mimic of the Australian accent kinda suck, so dun even bother to try again becoz this ‘tribute’ podcast of urs was nothin near to being funny.

  85. No big deal Says:

    okay that’s it. Only when ppl die then cannot make fun of them. Does that mean that when they alive we should try our very best to make fun of them?
    Thousands of people die everyday and ppl get on with life. He is but one single person who happened to receive extreme media treatment. If we were to show respect to him. What about the others who are neglected?
    I’m not saying pay respects is wrong. But u guys are overdoing it.

  86. rogueP Says:

    [Steve’s Fan Says

    ‘Being a family man urself, you should exercise more sensitivity and maturity and I dont think you need someone like me to remind you of it.’]

    well well. family man indeed. irwin was a family too. did he had the responsibility or maturity? one way or another he only had one

    come on, if MB’s mimic sucked and nothing was near to being funny, then lets hear you do one okay?

  87. HRM Says:

    i like your podcasts. but this is not very nice..

  88. Eugene Says:

    Like the rest before me have said, this is surely in bad taste.

    Respect the man a little at least..

  89. savethemerlioncorp Says:

    Steve Irwin will be remembered by us job MB!this podcast will help us remember him..


  90. esael Says:

    Steve’s probably knew this day would come.

    He died doing what he loved. He did what he loved knowing that he most likely will die from it.

    How many people can do what they like in this world.

    He is a Hero. He is a case whereby an ordinary man did extraordinary things. He did extraordinary things because he is truly passionate about what he did.

    He’ll be sorely missed.

  91. deadbeat Says:

    Lots of comments here remind me of the Internet Troll podcast…anyone remember that?

    Hahahaha :D

  92. varun Says:

    “swimming away in her natural habicat”

    is it just me or does “steve” say “natural habiCAT” instead of natural habitat at 3:52 mins. hahaha! amusing…

    besides that, a pretty good podcast guys! i’ll classify this one under satirical =)

  93. washiwashitengo Says:

    A life lived fullest.

    It keeps eternal whisperings around
    Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
    Gluts trice ten thousand caverns, till the spell
    Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound.
    Often ’tis in such gentle temper found,
    That scarcely will the very smallest shell
    Be moved for days from where it sometime fell,
    When last the winds of heaven were unbound.
    Oh ye! Who have your eye-balls vexed and tired,
    Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea;
    Oh ye! whose ears are dinned with uproar rude,
    Or fed too much with cloying melody,
    Sit ye near some old cavern’s mouth, and brood
    Until ye start, as if the sea-nymphs quired!
    - Keats

  94. J Says:

    Is this supposed to be a tribute???? Not funny at all!

  95. Kollin Says:

    I have been listening to MB’s podcast for ages and this particular podcast seem to have caught my attention… more specifically the comments than the podcast itself.

    MB’s tribute to Steve Irwin is indeed funny and reflects the truly colourful and engaging personality of Steve. He also reflected the stereotypical stiff singaporean behaviour towards Steve’s seemingly odd behaviour in his tribute.

    However, unlike most of the people commenting, i do not find that MB made fun of Steve at all. True enough it was not done in a more solemn manner since he passed away and all, but it is still a serious tribute to Steve to remember him. He was however making fun of singaporean behaviour.

    as for those defending MB i feel that its better to let those people who have misunderstood comment as they like as they are entitled to their views, even though they seem to lack the intellect to understand the podcast anyways.

    n a side note, i felt that the two matters, making fun of singaporeans and paying tribute to Steve should not be mixed in the same podcast as it makes your tribute seem less sincere.

  96. Kollin Says:

    Just to make sure people understand…

    Tribute - from
    a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem. (done in any way, solemn or funny or whatever.)

  97. mingde Says:

    Ok what, nothing wrong.

  98. Mel Says:

    I’m a regular reader of your blog and podcasts, and have found everything entertaining and interesting… till tis.

    Honestly, I am utterly disappointed in you this time round. How can you call this a ‘tribute’??? A wife out there have just lost her husband. 2 beautiful kids have just lost their daddy. And here you are with tis totally retarded and untimely podcast.

    You really caught me by surprise with this one. How would you like it if someone made a ‘video tribute or something as retarded as this’ of Faith’s autisticity if she had died???? How would you, your wife, son feel if you have heard it? How do you think Mr Brown’s readers would have felt if they had come across tat? Anger? Outrage? Well, these are the exact sentiments Steve’s fans are feeling right now having heard your podcast.

    I think you owe his fans and apology, and admit that this is truly done in bad taste, and take this down. You’ve done well thus far, Mr Brown, but tis is truly a bad mistake.

    Pls respect the dead, and more importantly the surviving family.

  99. dc Says:

    Steve is such a fun guy when he’s alive. I’ll remember him for the joy he brought. To me, the pobcast shows him as he was. Rest in Peace.

    MB: thankyou

  100. Steve's Fan Says:

    rogueP Says:

    “well well. family man indeed. irwin was a family too. did he had the responsibility or maturity? one way or another he only had one”

    Brush up your writing skills even b4 trying to stand up for some1 else’s podcast.

    You sound like another typical beng/lian but this time round, instead of trying to write like the beng/lian as what Rockson does, your just being urself. lol.

  101. dp Says:

    There’s really no need for some of you self-appointed censors to make your hypocritical and personal attacks on MB. Like like, dun like, dun like lor. There’s more ways to do a tribute and it’s my opinion that if it’s done sincerely, it’s fine.

    There’s also no need to “represent” steve’s fans to make comments that Steve’s fans will supposedly make. Steve’s fans may have a different opinion from you with regards to this tribute.

  102. Steve's Fan Says:


    I wasnt making comments on behalf of all the fans of Steves’ out there. “Steve’s Fan” in this instance and as simple of these two simple words is merely representing that I am Steve’s fan.


  103. Boboman Says:

    If people felt that the Stevo podcast was of poor taste, than I’m assuming they felt the same way about the PM Lee “Mai Hum” podcast.

    In many quarters, that can be seen as disrespecful of a sitting Prime Minister!

    Clearly, Singaporeans just have no sense of humor, black or otherwise. No wonder PAP govt trying to get more FTs in.

    Should print a t-shirt, “Singaporeans got no humor”.

  104. rogueP Says:

    Steve’s Fan, why would you think that everyone who stands up for the podcast is a beng/lian? why would you require me to brush up on my writing skills when you’re having errors all over your post to flame me as what im not? just because i dont give a damn about using capitals and puncutations and perhaps had mistyped a word or something?

    i made a previous post before that particular one you tried to flame, so read it and you will understand why some of us do not particularly think that greatly of irwin

  105. dp Says:

    Not talking about your post lah “Steve’s Fan”. Look above your post…

  106. Raven Says:

    Weird how people keep sending their well-wishes to Steve Irwin through this blog. This isn’t the place, guys, although I know you mean them well. Inappropriate place; this is a podcast weblog.

  107. me Says:

    mr brown when you die i will specially create a podcast to humour and create a joke out of you. i hope you die soon so that everyone can laugh.

  108. me Says:

    boboman i bet you must have laughed at your grandparents or parents when they died. And dont worry i will laugh at you when you die soon

  109. me Says:

    you critisize the gov. we laugh along, you critisize steve irwin when he’s alive i dont care. but trying to make people laugh at someone’s else death is totally unacceptable. seriously i’m looking forward to your death.

  110. deadbeat Says:

    oh touche….mr high and mighty precious sensibilities are being insulted….

  111. magical Says:

    me, you suck
    1) cant u type everything altogether at one shot?
    2) “omg i will be looking forward to your death”, “omg i hope you die soon”, “omg hope everyone laugh when you die”, “omg laugh laugh”. i mean shut up already!!!

    wateva i wanna say here is “me, you suck”. if you like everyone to laugh at someone’s death so much, how about when you die, i will ask the whole singapore to laugh at you? “4 million laughs” for our dear little “me”? oh yeah, i will ask ppl to post their laughing photos into a specific wbesite for a tribute to u? im sure you will like it, no, u will looooove it, since you like to ask ppl to laugh at someone’s death so much.

    P.S tell me when you die

  112. aygee Says:

    hmm…i guess that humour is viewed differently by different people.

    Instead of choosing NOT to listen, people prefer to complain. When there is something which TRULY needs complaining, they keep quiet.

    Sigh.. like dis how aaah, MB?

    All this Funny-Not Funny comments is making me want to get myself a nice barbequed stingray at Adam Road… some sambal, lime, a Tiger, and i’m all set.

  113. me Says:

    sorry magical, is mr brown who wants to be laughed at when he dies. When did i say that I love to laugh at someone when they dies? They are laughing at steve irwin death for goodness sake! Please get your statement right! And please get your eyesight checked, i dont use the word ‘omg’. If they love to laugh at people’s death, doesnt it also mean that they love people to laugh at their own death!? Can’t you sense my sarcatism? Please get a better working brain!

  114. me Says:

    yes aygee i agree with you. instead of choosing NOT to read others comments, people prefer to critisize others comments.

  115. haiz Says:

    celebrate his live or mourn his death

  116. Dave Says:

    Hey. rogue.

    He is a hero in a role model kind of way. Not the superman kind.

    He wasn’t only a TV celebrity, he really did alot to save the wildlife.

    He was a hero to some of us because he was a very virtous man that lived and died for the sake of the world without gaining anything. ALL his profits went to either world wildlife fund or the Australian Zoo.

    He really did care about his family. Did you know that he was filming a documentary for his daughter when it happened? He did this dangerous stunts not for the sake of TV. But for his family, his passion and for the worlds education.

    So rouge. Shut the hell up.

    And Mr.Brown. Just want you to know that your podcasts are great. Just that it was a little mistake to make fun of Steve this time because some people may take it as an offence to Steve Irwin. I know it was all for humour sake.

    P.S Hey brown. I miss those random 20 mins conversations between Miyagi and you. Also miss your crazy songs, WTF and Zhng my car.

  117. kiat Says:

    This podcast shows 3 things:

    1) Steve Irwin’s commitement to doing what he likes best
    2) He entertains us while being fully serious.
    3) Singaporean’s simple understanding of the world: making money.

  118. Poor Mr Brown « It’s Tough being Human Says:

    […] Looking at some of the comments made on for his tribute to Steve Irwin, I really wonder just how open-minded can someone be. […]

  119. aghseng Says:

    me- anyone looking at your comments on the site and mrbrown site will know you have ALWAYS complained about everything he does- dont bullshit and talk about laughing along. you’re a troll that keeps complaining and keeps coming back- now to me thats just downright stupid hahahahaa.

  120. me Says:

    sorry to say aghseng, you’re trying to act smart here thinking that ‘oh im so clever that i found out something which everyone else did’nt’ but sad to say you’re wrong this time. this is the first time i took the time to comment on something which is totally unacceptable to me. I might have used someone’s else name but sorry, this is my first time. I didnt want to throw your face but that’s the fact.

  121. me Says:

    yes its tough being human. no one say it isnt. furthermore it is really no good laughing at someone’s else death. im utterly disappointed

  122. clara Says:

    If you don’t like something, then MOVE ON,instead of telling people to change to suit your own needs.we all have the freedom to choose what we want to do.if you don’t like it, then LEAVE.Personally I found this tribute unique and it even made me chortle a bit.But still, it doesn’t mean that I do not respect Steve Irwin or his works.I grew up watching his shows and I do mourn his death.All your berating will not affect MB in anyway.All it will show is how close-minded you are, and reflect badly on yourself.

  123. Goodbye Steve Says:

    Goodbye Steve. You are a good man indeed. Few of you walk on this fragile earth. Thank you MB for the tribute. Good taste or not, funny or not; thats not the issue. For those who came to this website and were disappointed, please bear in mind that everyone remember Steve differently. When someone passes on, we want to keep that little memories that we think is unique to each of us. Dont be angry if others remember him in their own special way. We mourn in our own special ways. Have you own tribute to him if you really cared instead of ridiculing others’.

  124. aygee Says:

    Self censorship - whether in expressing an opinion or a creative piece of work - will lead to mediocrity.

    If Jay Leno’s tribute to Steve Irwin is the best type of tribute ever, then maybe MB should hire a Foreign Talent to do the podcasting from now on.

    Or MB should put out a consensus form/feedback unit on the topics for blogging/podcasting before he does anything - because it must be a topic that is palatable to every single listener.

    This is how silly this funny vs tasteless conversation is going.

  125. varun Says:

    i believe that a tribute is a tribute no what if it’s funny or anything. it’s all done in respect for steve irwin.

    if you think that mrbrown made a laughing stock out of steve’s death, go and listen to that podcast again. if you’ve been following steve’s shows, you should know that that was his way of presenting documentaries and that was what made him different. you’ll realize that the fun being poked here is NOT at steve irwin but at typical singaporean behaviour towards ang mohs.

    i suggest to all you guys who’re supposedly standing up for steve here to get the interpretation of the podcast itself straight first and then comment fi you need to.

  126. mp Says:

    MB, pls remove this podcast immediately!

  127. George Says:

    why remove? break which law? never wat…

  128. FanOfAnimals Says:

    sigh whoever said it “hate myself” towards end of the podcast, u shud “hate yourself”. Ur tribute wud hv bn taken differently if u had done this when Steve was still alive, m sure he would hv had a laugh. The man died a tragic death n there r ppl still grieving (apart fm his own family). Ur podcast is poking at many ppl including the man who died! Was such a tribute really necessary?
    By the way, u hv nt displayed (nt that I knw of) any interest in animals before so watsup wit ur tribute to an animal lover? - All the more I didnt find it amusing at all…

  129. james Says:

    Seriously, I think Steve would have laughed over this podcast if he were alive. I mean, this podcast would have told people who visit and don’t know who is Steve Irwin, this podcast has brought out the character of Steve Irwin almost perfectly.

  130. fullofshiit Says:

    everybody chill pls, no need coarse language

    i know u all veli affected by this

  131. me Says:

    yup clara if you dont like my comment than MOVE ON, IGNORE it. Furthermore if you’re saying that i’m close minded, so are you. Defination of close minded : ‘having a mind firmly unreceptive to new ideas or arguments’ Note, unreceptive to arguments.

    If mr brown didnt add the last part of laughter i would definately accept this podcast.

  132. Su Mengde Says:

    Well, we all know how Mr Brown’s podcasts are like. In my opinion, he had touched on sensitive topics by making fun of happenings that I will not dare make fun of. I have laughed at his podcasts and this tribute to Steve Irwin is no different.

  133. what the hell Says:

    the least you can do is to apologise here Mr Brown……. I hope you and your friend are not doing this just to get more hits to your site, because it sucks.

    I have high respect for you but what you did here simply make me lose my respect for you.

    you get angry with people make fun of your family, think about his wife and kids……. I’m sure you would know the feel……..

  134. crystal Says:

    Er.. Good one.. But need to improve on imitating the way Steve Irwin speaks. He sounds more lively than how you showed in the podcast. It’s hard to imitate properly but yah, my 2-cents worth.

  135. Septh Says:

    All hail those who can see the other side of things! Personally, I feel that if Steve’s TV personality reflects his real personality, I honesty think that he wouldn’t have been bothered by this podcasts and he certainly would not have wanted his fans to be flaming and arguing with each other.

    After reading the comments and all, I realised that not only singaporeans have no sense of humor, they have a narrow mindset. Talk about CREATIVITY, folks! No wonder everything’s so systematically done in singapore! Where’s the adventure?

    To all those who still have their sense of humor and ability to take things less seriously, good for you! To the others, I suggest try to live in another country for a period of time, other country will expose you to more liberal mindsets, I NOT SAYING WHAT COUNTRY!!!

  136. mp Says:

    septh, wonder if it was your loved one who died tragically and someone pokes fun of the death in the name of paying tribute, would you still say that singaporeans have no sense of humour?

  137. agseng Says:

    me- dont talk cock. you sound exactly like the other “me” that keeps coming to troll. go read it yourself. we know who you are.

  138. Nephillim Says:

    Dumb, dumb, DUMB!

    Think of this from Steve’s PoV. Would he want people to cry and moan over his death? He was an entertainer (in addition to being an educator) to the very end, and he carried himself that way till that point.

    Good job capturing his spirit in the podcast, mb. That is the way he should be remembered, not as someone to cry over but as someone who genuinely wishes to bring back the appreciation of nature to his viewers, using the tool he favours: humour. Typical Stupid Singaporeans just can’t think out of the box, and even then clearly don’t even bother to read the contrasting PoV in the rest of the thread -_-”’

  139. jeffyen Says:

    Thank you! What an awesome tribute to Steve. I think this is what he’d have done if he’s hunting the stone thingyyy ;)

  140. Mr Brown You Chao Lousy Podcast. Says:

    Shall I Write Into The SPH?


  141. Thomas Says:

    This is a lousy tribute… worst Mr Brownshow

  142. dk Says:

    i dun tink this podcast is a form of insult
    maybe they just want us to think of the things we loved about Steve…..

    his special accent is also 1 of them

  143. dk Says:

    and pls….
    ppl who tink tis sux…
    u are juz being action……
    u are lonely
    tis is nt the wae to attract attention

  144. mi mi le new water troll Says:

    Although Conservationists often tread the threshold of antagonising the animals they are out to protect, for which gold seeking poachers are ruthless and often without hesitation claim the lives of both game park rangers’ and animals,
    its a pity we are not more forthcomming with tributes or simple acknowledgements while the good men are still alive, in this case a man that has brought awareness to living world around us.

    It shows that “one extrordinary man” can make a difference.

    Timely nonetheless.

  145. pradeep Says:

    This IS not a lousy tribute.
    I feel like i just lost a loved one.Steve is a one of a kind man.the amount of passion and courage and love and dedication he gave to the aimals is simply undescribable.he does not deserve this, his family does not deserve this.It should not end like this.omg.
    he will be in my heart forever.he truly is a legacy…..

  146. Dennis Says:

    I think the podcast was done with much consideration to Irwin, Mr brown is making fun of Singaporeans instead of him.

  147. lauises Says:

    ah please..
    if you guys are going to say that this podcast insults steve,
    please quote some lines.

    and shit happens. deal with it.
    fight for all you want.
    sometimes it doesn’t make a difference

  148. nofing Says:

    what’s wrong with the podcast huh? and what’s with steve irwin? he went to fool around with stingrays, crocs and the like. he think he’s good right? well he got his just deserts and it serves him right! as for the podcast, what’s wrong with it? it’s just irwin and the merlion. least this one wouldn’t kill him - if he was still alive that is.

  149. vivien Says:

    hey nofing, i think thats really mean.
    if u never knew wad steve irwin’s life was about, pls read.
    he doesnt think hes good, he doesnt thinks hes extraordinary or anything.

    hes merely an ordinary guy doing his best for his passion. doing his best for conservation. he wans people to know how lovely animals and how they need our help. and is that wrong? ya, it is probably wrong to people who are heartless and think themselves the best in the whole wide world.

    hes just someone very dear to many out here. hes someone very real to many everywhere. so stop insulting him like that.

    pls respect what other people think about him. besides, we are debating about the podcast being a good tribute and not whether steve irwin is a show-off. because almost everyone here thinks he deserves a tribute, being such a great man and all.

    the way u are putting yr words and ideas across makes you sound like a sour grape.

  150. kiat Says:

    MB obviously thought of him as a great entertainer, and with the wonderful soundcast from Mr.M brings Steve to life one last time for all of us to remember in a really memoriable way.

    Steve is a great supporter of Singapore Zoo, even calling Singapore Zoo a “sister” zoo of the Austria Zoo. Isn’t projecting Steve being in Singapore giving his wish of visiting the country where his favourite zoo (other than his own) resides?

    If you are an entertainer and one day you died, would you wish to see people cry over you?

    Worst, would you want people crying over you to scold other people with various insults and threats?

  151. rogue Says:

    singaporeans mostly are concerned and engrossed with things of minor importance.. as can be seen so far..

  152. Kiat Says:

    Why argue?

    Different people repect their deads in different ways. Some throw their dead into the sea. Some bury their dead in soil, while others burn up their dead or leave the dead on mountain tops for birds to eat and scatter the flesh.

    Crying father and mother about this tribute not showing respect for steve is like condemning people who respect their dead in a different way from yours.

    After all, it is their form of respect. Even if it is not the same way as yours, it is still respect.

  153. Kiat Says:

    now i noe why pap still says singaporeans are immatured when it comes to freedom of speech, etc..

  154. Boon Says:

    Goodbye Steve Irwin…u are a great Wildlife Warrior! May u be in heaven! U gave ur whole life to the animals, u are the MAN!

  155. Boon Says:

    Do not ever make fun of Steve Irwin! He is a hero in my heart! HE gave his whole life to the animals by protecting them and now u ppl are saying that he deserve this? he is a real wildlife warrior. not ppl like u will understand.

  156. Kiat Says:

    er huh?

  157. Boon Says:

    anyway he was not only a entertainer, he was and will continue to be a warrior. can u go around the earth just to save animals. can u really do it? he could! he spend dozens of millions of money on animals…can u do it? im inspire by him to become a wildlife warrior too

  158. Kiat Says:

    =D Thats good.

    Personally I can’t stand creepy crawlies so..

    Well, will have a taste of them next year when I’m in NS.

  159. gong kia Says:

    Boon said: “he spend dozens of millions of money on animals…can u do it? im inspire by him to become a wildlife warrior too.”

    Maybe you can start by coming over and taming my wild bitch girlfriend. I’ve been spending quite a lot of money on her too, but can’t seem to be able to get her to go back to her own habitat where she came from. Can you warriors out there please help restore her to the wild?

  160. agseng Says:

    all these people complaining about how steve irwin’s tribute was not to their liking- guess what? i bet you most of them havent done jack shit as a tribute to him. so its all just talking big!

    Someone says he’ll write in to SPH? haha dont make my anus laugh buddy. you think thats going to help? You’re just playing into their hands. SPH would love nothing better. and you know what after that- NO MORE TRIBUTES TO DEAD HEROES- good or bad included.

    people like you guys make me sick. no wonder kids in singapore are afraid to make mistakes- make on small mistake and people condemn you like crazy- do something good and no one stands behind you.

    Singapore deserves its future!