the mrbrown show: the elite way of saying sorry

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It seems to be hip to say sorry these days! Don’t let life kick you in the balls! Do it the right way, with our training video!

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 30 Oct 2006: the elite way of saying sorry (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:16)


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  1. The life and times of Jonathan Lin » Blog Archive » Just Plain Old me @ IUB. Says:

    […] Life goes on as usual.. The sch semester is already into it’s 3rd week and I am NOT doing so well already. Well, shouldn’t be surprising news. I was never really one to hit the books anyway. Just that I think i probably will screw up my english class for argumentative writing. It’s so much different over here then back home. Have to cite countless articles and (well..i write about fantasy and what really makes a hero…)so…..ZzZzz… Well, let’s just say that Singapore’s standards are on average. So we shouldn’t think of ourselves as the ELITE forces, so much to speak….  a MR BROWN tape to show what i mean.. […]