the mrbrown show: some help to cope with the price increases


We’d like to offer listeners some help with the recent price increases.

Listen to this episode and then download the PDF below to do your own or to send it to a friend! In fact, do your own version with our kit, and post it on your blog!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 22 Nov 2006: some help to cope with the price increases (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:19)

PDF: the mrbrown show DIY kit PDF (right-click and save the pdf to send it to a friend!)


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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: some help to cope with the price increases”

  1. VFKK Says:

    This podcast is one of the better ones… They should call it the mr brown and mr tan show, since mr miyagi is not around anymore. The previous shows are er… not as nice as the ones that are iconic like Zhng My Car, then again…

    What do I know, I just a fellow podcast listener…

  2. tanpeter Says:

    hi mr brown & mr tan .like to find out i’m trying to lock in on this site
    SAMMYBOY it can’t be lock in … can it be taken off ?????? can help pls
    need to get latest real-news ? for US pls thk


  3. eve Says:

    a) veary funneay. :D
    b) entertaining
    c) hilarious
    d) six stars

  4. Su Mengde Says:

    Very entertaining. In fact one of the more funnier podcasts. I hope there would be similar podcasts in the future.

  5. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Much better than yesterday’s SDU bummer, or the drain art one. Near-perfect deadpan tone, MB! However, I think it would’ve been better had it been Rub Pan. Just my opinion.

  6. Wei Zhong Says:

    I thought it was rather disappointing though, since I read the PDF first and found out that the audio was essentially a reading aloud of the PDF.

  7. Seven dollars Eighty Cents Says:

    WTF… I have to pay $0.00 to listen to your podcast!
    I very poor one, no money to pay, how?
    Can increase to 6% first in 2007, then to 7% in 2008 or not?

  8. yoho Says:

    good thing the podcast is always my first stop! :)

  9. jonathan Says:

    hey the background music is nice. may i know what’s the title? thanks!

  10. mike Says:

    Love this one and the Drain art one- both 6 stars!!

    Where is Ruby?? Ruby’s protesting wail is trademarked liao. She is so funny!!

  11. Dav Says:

    Podcast of the year!!!

  12. Wheelie Says:

    very funny. Yes, despite automation to the nth degree, manpower costs are always going up.

  13. strangeknight Says:

    I want my world-destroying robots. Or foreign talent. World-destroying foreign talent.

  14. Megadark Says:

    Exactly. We the lowly peasants are at the bigwigs’ mercy. Disregarding the whines and cryings of the poor, they are going to do it anyways.

    Always got tell-tale signs; first they announce some good news (economy getting better lah, people earning more lah etc), then immediately followed with ‘good news’ (for the bigwigs it is)… So everytime see good news on newspaper, it will make me worried cos you know what will follows.

    Been lisening to MrBrownShow for a while… thumbs up!!! (dont suck it please)

  15. Modern Coolie Says:

    Lol, i noticed the irony on the notice but forgot to take a pic to upload. luckilee you remembered! increase adjust fares to benefit consumers, so noble. newspaper say buy XXX new buses to add to the fleet, but reporter forgot to find out how many buses are so old they are going to be sold to neighbouring countries

  16. zan Says:

    thr BEST of the BEST, FOR NOW, cool 1 mrbrown, but why mention mr miyagi when he’s not in the video?

  17. yoho Says:

    zan: This one is audieo, not video. Also where got mention mr miyagi. you got hear properly or not? I think you heard Mr Tan isit???

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