the mrbrown show: half-grading


The elections are over, now it’s time to claim what you deserve.

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3 Responses to “the mrbrown show: half-grading”

  1. Xyndz Says:

    bastard sia
    I thought the gahmen work for all the good of people
    well it seems they work for the votes of people and the expense of the old and needy =.=
    (do not forget abt the GST hike…read gayle goh( more sense then the ones who decide our peasent fates)

    anyways we’re not blind n deaf…a mere peasent like me already questioned the integrity when I heard the upgrading thingy in their speeches, I’m sure there r more like me…but just too lost to do anything…not that we can if we wanted to (it seems)

    I do not deny the good they have done but it seems this uncompeted gahmen is breeding more blatant acts like telling the rising of GST rates r for the good of the poor (ooi dont make sense la, i poor i need to pay more for my rice? y not do the changes to the income tax then i pay once only but no need to pay for the many things i need to buy for my SURVIVAL.) ok maybe i dont understand the chimness behind ur policy so explain la but (not with lame reasons please) if it affects national security do something to counter it =D lol.
    walao not forgetting increasing of civil servants pays…I’m not saying that they dont deserve it (some of them do, they r just as cham as the peasents…maybe a lil better off…but remember circumstances n situations) and I’m not saying THE OTHERS deserve it.
    more transparency please…

    and then there was a old and feeble man, unable to work he had to drink from the garbage..(
    I know gahmen good also or else will have more of these cases…but it seems they’re forgotten them now in the pursuit of *ka ching*

    sorry for the long comment (semi essay?)
    just my 2 cents worth
    good luck all.

  2. yongwei Says:

    wa liew,now my block 113 hougang ave 1 lor ah soo upgrading also,got ELECTION for lifts too,sian,if successful,need pay,some more i stay 2nd level only,no old man,can climb stairs,still pay,few thousand dollar i think

  3. Pok-a-mon Says:

    I think you folks are lucky already, I am staying at one of those walk-over area, lift upgrade? Never even smell about it.

    Never see MP around, not sure if they are still managing by walking, or they are just too busy traveling overseas to meet other countries ministers.

    Our side wait until neck also almost broken liao, still don’t see lift stop at every floor, not even half floor, still need to climb 8-times-dunno-how-many-floor staircases. *sigh*

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