We have a winner for the Guess That Show contest!

We have a winner for our Guess That Show contest, folks! Congratulations to Alphonsus Loh! Damn, you’re good!

You have won yourself a Picoo-Z helicopter for getting 24 out of 25 of the answers right (no, number 10 was not Becker, dude, haha!)! We will be contacting you soon to tell you how to get your prize.

And thanks to all who joined! There will be more contests in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

Do listen to today’s show to get all the answers to the contest. It’s a fun walk down memory lane too!

3 Responses to “We have a winner for the Guess That Show contest!”

  1. The Kid Says:

    Thanks for thinking about us, looking foreward to your contest for the kids!

  2. Sengkangman Says:

    Ai-Yah…that No 10…. my fren ah, he tell me wrong-lah.

    He tell me sure sure correct one….”Becker” ..see now, he oso old like me forget oredy.

    never win, so how? got win oso don’t let you play with my heli-cropter ….

    Schmi…you reading this or not - huh,

  3. Wenjin Says:

    Maybe Guess the show for KIDS only. Then they opening and closing theme for kids show. Hehehehe…

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