the mrbrown show: Primary school shorts and toilet rolls

A longer show today, where Mr Miyagi and I reminisce about our shorts in Primary School, the complex nature of toilet rolls, and the quirks of dialects used in Singapore.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 12 April 2005: Primary school shorts and toilet rolls (MP3, Filesize: 5.3mb, Time: 00:30:48)


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    […] I have to thank Kin Mun for coming up with the crazy idea of having a podcast in the first place, and remember, we started out with an iPod and one of those plug-in mics you buy from the iShop or Apple Centre. Nothing stopped the occasional recording, and I remember a serious bout of flu keeping Kin Mun at home, necessitating the complex set-up of Skype and other software which allowed us to remotely ‘host’ a thirty minute show talking about such important national issues as ‘what is toilet paper called in Mandarin’? […]