the mrbrown show: ERP IU ringtones


Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates to go up at six gantries, mainly at CTE. Maybe it’s time to customise your IU Unit with some new ringtones.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 7 August 2006: ERP IU ringtones (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:04:46)


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46 Responses to “the mrbrown show: ERP IU ringtones”

  1. Apu Says:

    First comment!

  2. "Dr." Bob Says:

    haa haa, very funny, so can i be the first one to download it?

  3. angie Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH, funny like hell ahh!

  4. Jake Says:

    Man, I laughed so hard…

  5. H.S. Says:

    so realistic. very funny as well
    this one also quite funny..

  6. jav Says:

    $1 $1 only $1..ERP only $1 hahaha that NG take was funny

  7. CZ Says:

    hahaha… nt bad lol btw when can we get to buy the t shirts?

  8. Amanda Says:

    lol. alot of cursing and swearing.

  9. zhihao Says:


    another dollar down the drain…


  10. curious Says:

    hmm….i thought mr brown is a Christian…y is he spouting vulgarities??

  11. Zhang Wei Says:

    One dollar~ One dollar~ The ERP only one dollar~


  12. blur bing Says:

    another classic.:) hahahahaaa..

  13. DOM the clown Says:

    eh? Bro zhihao is here too huh? I’m camping here….this can be sammyboys second kopitiam!


  14. ranvier Says:

    Ya know…it just reminds me that i happened to come across this lady who sells tissues on the street. To get people to hopefully buy tissue from her, she would sing something like,”…one dollar, one dollar…only one dollar~~~”

    LOL, don’t believe me? Ya will have to see for ya self sia. :)

  15. {-^_^-} Says:


  16. simpsons Says:

    Hey that HAHAH is from the simpsons!! copyright infringement!

  17. tissue woman Says:

    the real song for the tissue woman is this;
    uncle auntie gen wo mai tissue HAO MA? one dollar-one-dollar-one-dollar-one-dollar-repeat 10 times

  18. simpsons Says:

    the HAHAH is from the SIMPSONS

  19. simpsons Says:

    dun moderate la!! NABEH!

  20. snaketrader Says:

    mr brown,

    idea leh, steady lah… ;)

  21. X-posed Says:

    well done….. =)

  22. Red Cows Says:

    good lah

  23. Tarot Says:

    si beh steady…. like your podcast very much

  24. Amen Says:

    dear curious,
    Christian or no christian, is the heart that matters. There are many christians in the white demons party making so many commoners suffer, how you account for this…
    Thanks to MB & Miyagi bringing so much fun and joy. just enjoy and appreciate.

  25. Ah Meng Says:

    But then … Mr. Brown is so funny.

    Can do one about how inexperience HR recruitment executive at companies reject resumes of experienced worker because they “don’t fit” profile outlined by manager or not. Bo brain type.

  26. mp Says:

    as national day comes around the corner, it hurts to think that after 41 yrs of existence, the way to solve any form of problems be it traffic congestion lah, taxis no enuff lah whatever…… the only way out is to raise prices…. the promise of having COE to curb car population has since long forgotten.. it is now COE plus ERP (money tree) that will continue to bear fruit no matter how much they charge… i am feeling very sad…

  27. jediprodigy Says:

    nah beh, you said it man. everything *toot* time I *toot* drive through *toot* orchard road, I pay $1!! *Toot* nee nah beh pua *toot toot*!!! Even worse, the *toot* orchard road got 2 *toot toot* gantries, go past *toot* CTE in morning, pay *toot* $3. Go into *toot* orchard road, pay. Drive past *toot toot* rendezvous hotel, *toot* pay again! Now my *toot toot* income *toot* tax *toot* pay even more!! Chow *toot too*!! Soon I have to *toot* leave my *toot* car at home, take a *toot* bus, and still *toot* pay increased fare!!! Nah beh *toot toot*!! You think my *toot toot* progress package can *toot* pay is it? You next time *toot* deduct from there, don’t *toot* make me *toot* happy only, *toot* give me money then *toot* take back even more!! There is a *toot* phrase for this, it’s call a *toot* *deleted*-giver. Give and *toot* take back!! Go *toot* figure!!! Chee *toot*…

  28. zhihao Says:

    to DOM (the learned clown):
    yeah… previously all the podcasts were found on the until mb migrated them here. so i sort of migrated from there to here too… good to see familiar figures around…

    cheers =P

  29. jediprodigy Says:

    I would like to know how I can volunteer my voice to the Mr Brown show, if one can even do such a thing. Since I am a non-political socially-deviating-non-partisan who believes in realpolitiks, and all the goodness our ruling party affords us. I’d like to make a difference, without being different. So that the ruling party will not send me a strongly worded letter. Plus, I think I can do a pretty convincing ah beng accent as well, having been schooled in the fine art of hokkien repartee (which seriously consists of only a few choice words), plus I always have something to say about anything. So how ah?

  30. Sandra Says:

    I think the improved version from the beeping sound is funny…

  31. pika Says:

    …”1 dollar down the drain” 2 Thumb’s for Mr brown la !

  32. SM Says:

    Funny… I like the ‘one dollar, one dollar..’

    I agree with Ah Meng. Do one about incompetent HR exec lah.. pleaseeee…..

  33. Kster Says:

    CoolBrown man….wat a nice NDP we havin of ourself! $1 $1 c NDP alot mut paid ERP.dun can.wat car u drive? o….. S1 wit many TP beside?dun care alot paid $1. If not fine u! Happy NDP( if any )

  34. oompa Says:

    HAHA once my sister tried to navigate her way around town to avoid the erp, turn left, turn right, go roundabout, turn right again… then in the end, *beep* $0.50 go to gahmen.. hahaha she must have wasted like $4 of petrol to not pay the $0.50, which in the end she did anyway… haha

  35. noobster Says:

    LOL!!! excellent!!

  36. wildbluefox Says:

    I cut out the part got a lot of censored words and set as my mp3 ringtone, then my friends all look at my phone every time it rings…anyway…if ERP keep rising, will it affect the bus fares?

  37. Cool Says:

    I love your podcast very much ^_^

  38. bookie Says:

    nb, one dollar you complaint… next time three dollars hor lee si ah!! :D

  39. Reena Says:

    hahaha! mans im a singaporean living in australia and seriosuly by far this is the best podcast ive heard! my aussie frens love it too! keep up the uber great work! ^^

  40. wired! Says:

    Look at what someone who knows the “one-dollar tissue lady” has to say - pretty interesting considering that we often shun her.

  41. MyWebbieIsBack » Blog Archive » ERP IU Ringtone Says:

    […] Here’s a funny ringtone I’ve extracted from MrBrown Podcasr. If you adventurous enough, make this your ringtone… [Download it!] Extracted from the mrbrown show 7 August 2006: ERP IU ringtones […]

  42. bailin Says:

    Song bo!!! this is the best man!!! haha. laugh till tears come out.

  43. Warfan Says:

    omg!dam funny. i going sytart my own show./

  44. BlackSkullWolf Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……….wa lao sooo funny hahahah…….all da toots here n there!!hahahahahahahaha……

  45. Sherman Says:

    petrol cheap ah? road tax cheap ah? your car is father buy for you 1
    ah ?

  46. weishan Says:

    HAHAHAHA i laughed until i died ley!:)