the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Ruby Pan

Ruby Pan held its first spoken word “live” event, TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens, at Old Parliament House on Thursday, 24 August 2006. It was in support of Indignation 2006 and was an evening of light-hearted speeches celebrating Singaporean-ness. The mrbrown show was proud to be part of it.

This is a video of Ruby Pan’s segment. She brought the house down with her amazing ability to code-switch and use accents. Miyagi and I were backstage and we HEARD her performance, and for a while, we could have sworn there was more than one person on stage.

(Video footage courtesy of Kelvin of Warning, this is quite the big file hor. Yes, we know Youtube there got, but this version is sharp and clear one.

This mrbrown show is sponsored by Imaginary Friends Studios.

Vodcast iconVideo Podcast: the mrbrown show (video) 30 August 2006: TalkingCock in Parliament, Ruby Pan (MP4 Video, file size: 17.3mb, Time: 00:08:15)

For PC users who die die still don’t have Apple’s Quicktime installed, we also have a WMV version (WMV Video, file size: 20.1mb, Time: 00:08:15), right-click and save it to your computer.


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30 Responses to “the mrbrown show (video): TalkingCock in Parliament, Ruby Pan”

  1. Tarot Says:


  2. Saleh Says:

    Watching the videos, I can’t help but confirm that there is no lack of natural talent in Singaporeans; it’s just that the PAP ranks seem to lack this attribute. Hence their perpetual obsession for “foreign talent”.

  3. loveless deejay Says:

    woo this one she look chioer…

  4. HeartRuby Says:

    She is easily the best act of the evening… (sorry MB)… with teachers like this, why do we need “native” speakers?

  5. Danny Says:

    Damn, she’s da bomb.

  6. Nicholas Says:

    amazing…and its seems that many of us can connect with what she had to say..

  7. teddy cuddly bear Says:

    She looks great~seriously.
    She sounds great.

    Esp the way she pauses and grins at the part where she
    said: “when ppl go: Wow Really You have no accent!”
    (dats somewhere around the 100th minute)

    To the BF,

    You Are One Lucky Man!

  8. Great Skin Says:

    And don’t forget her beautiful skin too. I wonder what’s her secret.

  9. aghseng Says:

    what? people still doing beautiful skin jokes in the comments? haha get over it liao!

  10. Wenjin Says:

    Why no non-video podcasts?

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  12. Sarip Dol Says:

    great skit she did.

    i am disappointed there aren’t any videos from assoc. pro kirpal singh + imran johari. what dar?

    those 2 are way funny too.

    or maybe only i dig it.

  13. Sarip Says:

    ah sheesh. my bad. imran’s got! thankiu m.b.
    but still…

  14. macrothinker Says:

    Sarip Dol

    Go to Youtube, put in “” in the search key - you will see the entire collection of that evening’s events.

  15. littlecartnoodles Says:

    Ruby Pan for Zhng My Car XI !!!

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  17. frequenz Says:

    Man.. she rock big time!!! The switching of accent!!! Incredible and I take my hats off! Haha…

    No accent huh! Whalao eh!!! This really make me laugh during office hour! lolx

  18. Wenjin Says:

    Any 3gp Mr Brown videos plz…….

  19. Jason Says:

    Mr Brown….. oh I love you man, uhrm, in a brotherly way. I’m all the way here in Anderson, Indiana, pursuing a degree. But I get a taste of Singapore everytime I hear your podcast. And my feelings echo in the all the Singaporeans here, close to 4 in total. Sometimes, my Singapore friend act ang-moh until buai tah han. But she is converted after she listens to your podcast.

    I feel at home, truly.


  20. mp Says:

    she has all my votes! This is what we call talents! imagine her giving a speech during GE!

  21. chris Says:

    does anybody know who i can convert these to 3gp? thanks in advance :)

  22. pinky Says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  23. Lu Says:

    Not bad la. She can represent Singapore in that swtich-accent thingy. Indeed very talented. We should have more of these singaporeans who dare to stand out and talk…COCK haha.

  24. aaaaaa Says:

    to convert to 3gp.. can dl SUPER video converter.. free

    dl link

  25. dp Says:

    A Singaporean Got Talent!!!

  26. asdf Says:

    It’s unfortunate that her talent is going to be wasted as a PSC scholar pushing paper.

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  29. [click on image to enlarge] Says:

    Cash, Mash and who says there’s no talent in Singapore?…

    I haven’t been reading (online) as much as I’d like to, but I did come across three little gems:
    1. Someone paid $97 for an American hundred-dollar bill and with it the seller throws in (for free, of course) teachings about god, jesus, ange…

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