the mrbrown show: smart bed

Not a Smart Bed

Sleep smart, on a smart bed!

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 8 Sept 2006: smart bed (MP3, file size: 2.8mb, Time: 00:06:51)


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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: smart bed”

  1. Wenjin Says:


    Haahaha, dont step back!

  2. LaMeRy Says:

    Aiyoh~ u step on my stomach. Aiyoh~ pain~

  3. jiayong Says:

    hahaha… damm evil to spoof doctors like tt! but can’t believe how we’re willing to spend money on stupid ideas sometimes…

  4. andrewong2024 Says:

    Keep up the good work! You guys really entertain =)

  5. StevenGerrard Says:

    what is mr miyagi real name?

  6. robin Says:

    haha, tell u something, i tried mee siam with ham, LOL
    its delicious. =D you guys should try !!!

  7. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    Ouch!! I hope that’s not the bed in question - otherwise they’ll definately be more comfortable sleeping on the floor….

  8. jazzyme Says:

    Isn’t Miyagi’s name Ben?

  9. Sebastian Says:


  10. rachel Says:

    i love that accent you always put on! it’s hilarious.

  11. aygee Says:

    i always thought hospital beds always had foldable railings that can stop a patient from falling off the bed.

    This Smart Bed also reminds me of the NASA story. They spent thousands of dollars in R&D creating a pen that can write in zero gravity. The russians use pencils.

  12. michael Says:

    wahhahahahahaha all the aunties dont take trollies to there!!

  13. George Says:

    funny… :)

  14. paul Says:

    I wonder if all your pissed off listeners re Steve Irwin will be staying away. Or were they just bluff bluff trying to be high and mighty kaypo lan. I don’t think they can actually resist coming back. Everyone oso talk-cock only la.

    Aiyo… cannot tahan!! Pain ah, no podcast. I should have kept my mouth shut. I don’t even know why I so kaypo lan. I oso don’t know who is Steve Irwin. Now I must boycott the Mr Brown show after scolding MB so loudly in public because everybody oso scold what. But people all keep talking about all the latest funny podcasts. Aiya, pain ah.

    Ok I’ll go and check out MB’s blog but don’t let anyone know about it. And if sway sway anyone find out, I’ll just say I’m checking for any new development about the Irwin issue only, like whether Brown or Miyagi apologized to us. Si beh malu, nabeh chui tat lan.

  15. sweetrobots Says:

    mr lo gun chu..nice name…

  16. sayonara singapore Says:

    Great one again! My stomach pain, but only from laughing so much.

  17. sherry Says:

    Not funny at all…. Mr Brown, you sux! You look like a joker but joker also must have a good heart too. Steve Irwin is a wonderful man with full of love and life for the creatures on this earth. yet u all never respect him, very happy hor? u and miyagi making fun of Steve Irwin and still didn’t take out that stupid podcast, what are you guys trying to proof? u think u all very smart by making that stupid podcast? at least apologize for what u guys had done and re-do another podcast for steve irwin. So simple as that, ok dinner!

  18. Jake Says:

    Don’t be stupid, Sherry. Steve Irwin’s podcast is great, I don’t find it insulting but it is insulting to Singaporeans. LOL! Steve Irwin is well known for saving animals and putting back into the wild. By “saving” the Merlion, it shows that. Stop complaining.

    Aiyo..pain, fall off bed then kena by trolley, help me…

  19. agseng Says:

    what has the bed got to do with steve irwin????? some people are so slow.

  20. agseng Says:

    that room color coordination really off. looks like ideal set for porn shoot.