the mrbrown show: Formula One comes to Singapore

Formula 1

Formula One may be coming to Singapore in 2008! We think the drivers may have a bigger challenge than they expect.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 16 Jan 2007: Formula One comes to Singapore (MP3, stereo, file size: 5.5mb, Time: 00:05:53)


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9 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Formula One comes to Singapore”

  1. will Says:

    brown, think mmLee say he dun wan F1 to come to singapore cos it will promote dangerous driving.

  2. Weiteck Says:

    dunno whether the speed limit will be reveiwed or not…
    they not goin to build new race track, but ustilising the roads in city area, ya…with all the speed limit signs around…
    Technically all the racers will kana summon lah…for speedin in the city…
    huge source of income for the government’s coffer…fines
    Singapore is a Fines city…

  3. Light Says:

    Haha, maybe they can find Johnny zhng their formual 1

  4. john Says:

    hey a eposide on warcraft leh :P

  5. diversify_diversify Says:

    After the race, LTA surely have to spend huge money to repair the surface of the road that used in the race. Dont be surprise LTA will rise the speed limit of major road to 200kmph and traffic police department will have F1 engines for their fleet of patrol car. Mind you

  6. Says:

    Formula One Racing In Singapore

    Several Cars Reported Missing During Inaugural Singapore F1 Race.16 Mar 2008The much anticipated inaugural Singapore Formula-1 race kicked off with much fanfare and was a resounding success with Jenson Button taking the first ever Singapore chequered

  7. justanky Says:

    Sound fun! Good start before the real thing….though SG is already very late into this. We lost out to the folks next door. Same goes for the IR. Looks like this time we will be much better…with 3?!! on the way!

  8. Gan K Says:

    BOOKED! yes Singapore republic is finally a little red dot on the FIA F1 calenday next next in Q3,sometime september/october. Its a dream and a cake on the platter for many and cheers for a possibly 1st ever night race-approved amicably by F1 supremo Bernie E. Its a sure GO! although the subsidy from the local govt is 60%, the spinoffs is 300% for many other areas of economic growth for the entire industry,albeit the early no-no from the staunch govt style, the highest order for driving licence drivers will be hitting town here in hotspot south east asia.Like it or not ,many thanks to the local rich man mr ong & co., the show must go on and plans are underway by authorities and civil fratenity to kick off the mega fantastic sports show piece to showcase here. thanks to all!

  9. Fauzi Says:

    Anyone know if Pico got the F1 event organiser if not anybody knows Who as got a radical ideas but worry got stolen later if out loud talk about it.

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