the mrbrown show (video): WTF! Show Preview 5 (ft mr brown)

This is the second video we made to make up for missing Day 4 of Videoblogging Week 2006.

“Alan Wong” lives in an estate that has everything upgraded. Yet he wants to “switch”.

Once again, we would like to stress that this video podcast does not stream “explicit political content” because that is prohibited during the election period under the Singapore’s Election Advertising Regulations.

We wouldn’t want that, because prison got no broadband.

Nope, all this aims to be is entertaining.

Podcast iconVideo Podcast: WTF! Show Preview 5 (ft mr brown) (Quicktime MOV, Filesize: 4.1mb, Time: 00:00:29)


2 Responses to “the mrbrown show (video): WTF! Show Preview 5 (ft mr brown)”

  1. Justin Lee Says:

    Haha!!! That is so funny! I love your video blogs. Keep it coming!

    These “switch” videos are hilarious and so true to Singapore. Reminds me when I was living in Singapore. I haven’t been keeping in touch with Singapore’s news. :P

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