mrbrown & Mr Miyagi SELL OUT! Yay!

We’re excited and I know its bad form to say something before its due but this is too cool to keep under wraps.

Brown Alert!
Just wanted to let you guys know that we’re in the testing stage to get the podcasts and vodcasts available on mobile phones. This means all the old shows as well as the new stuff we’ll be producing. Eventually we hope to get ringtones, wallpapers and other stuff available for those who really want to embarrass yourself. One of the first things we’ll have very very very soon is Brown Alert, our SMS Alert service with the technical help of very nice people at SingTel (don’t worry, M1 and Starhub users also can sign up lah!)

Watch this space for more news very very very soon. Conspiracy theorists and Political pundits can start commenting now.

A mrbrown & Mr Miyagi Radio Show!
We’ve also just finished 2 test episodes for the “coming-soon-to-a-major-radio-near-you” show, the mrbrown & Mr Miyagi Radio Show!

Those of you who’ve paid up for your Radio & TV License might as well tune in too! Watch this space in August for news. No downloading, no reading — just two guys talking rubbish in a storeroom/recording booth.

Sponsored Nokia N73!
Thanks to the wonderful people at Nokia, Miyagi and I each received a spanking new Nokia N73 each to muck around with. It comes with a Carl Zeiss lens (wah) and lots of fancy features. We’ll be putting the phone through the paces and let you know what rocks and what sucks. I already dropped it once and its still ticking so it’s a good start.

More T-Shirts News!
Update: only 250 of each design will be produced for our first run. Sorry, budget limited so have to be low run and only in white color only for now — but who knows — if it sells well, we definitely wanna do more especially a Zhng My Car T-shirt! What words to put on the shirt also very controversial so please feel free to take a marker and ownself write on either shirt. This is your chance to be creative!

We’re not rich but we’re not starving either. If you like what we do and want to help keep our little boat afloat, do help support the show through our t-shirts. Proceeds from the shirt sales help us to pay the various bills to keep the mrbrownshow podcasts and stuff going.

Sponsorships & Advertising
We’re always on the lookout for people who wanna sponsor shows or take up advertising space on or For those who are seriously interested, do email and be sure to tell us the nature of your business too.

Fun, right? We think so too! We’ll keep you guys updated with more news once we finalize things further.

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