Suddenly, T-Shirts!

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Update: Please note that the T-shirts will only reach the stores at 3pm today, Tuesday, 22 August 2006. Sorry about that.

I am also sorry if the email alert service we mentioned last time was seen as a pre-order service. As we mentioned earlier, we meant for that to be used to inform you guys when the T-shirts are ready, not to take orders. Given our current resources, we are unable to do online fulfillment, and we thought it easiest for all parties to sell it at these two very centrally-located stores. Most of the T-shirt work is being done by kind volunteers as it is. We will see if we can do online sales in future, but for now, this is the best solution we can think of. Thanks for understanding, hor.

Yay! The first batch of mrbrown show T-shirts arrived yesterday and were quickly distributed by our oompa loompa helpers. For convenience, those in Singapore can purchase their t-shirts at the ACTION CITY stores located in Heeren (5th floor) and Plaza Singapura (#B1-11). Their store address details are on their site.

Those of you who emailed us to be informed about the T-shirts will be informed about the shipment arrival via email.

Price is S$20 (cheap compared to other things in singapore!). Shirt sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL (Asian sizes lor).

Overseas fans — if you’d like to place an order for the t-shirts, please email us at tshirt(at) with the title “Overseas T-shirt Order” and we’ll let you know the shipping cost to your country. Payment is by Paypal only (so make friends with your ebay addict neighbour or something). Sorry, we can’t handle local orders by email because we’re shorthanded.

Proceeds from the sale go to helping a very important cause — keeping this website going — what else?

Please note that stocks are VERY limited. Only 350 of the Tur Kwa design and about 150 of the I am Singaporean design were produced because we no money. First come first served. And of course if this goes well, we’ll look into doing this on a larger scale next time (yes, yes, Zhng My Car tees).

What are you waiting for? Go and buy them now! They are available at as of today!

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