Suddenly, T-Shirts!

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Update: Please note that the T-shirts will only reach the stores at 3pm today, Tuesday, 22 August 2006. Sorry about that.

I am also sorry if the email alert service we mentioned last time was seen as a pre-order service. As we mentioned earlier, we meant for that to be used to inform you guys when the T-shirts are ready, not to take orders. Given our current resources, we are unable to do online fulfillment, and we thought it easiest for all parties to sell it at these two very centrally-located stores. Most of the T-shirt work is being done by kind volunteers as it is. We will see if we can do online sales in future, but for now, this is the best solution we can think of. Thanks for understanding, hor.

Yay! The first batch of mrbrown show T-shirts arrived yesterday and were quickly distributed by our oompa loompa helpers. For convenience, those in Singapore can purchase their t-shirts at the ACTION CITY stores located in Heeren (5th floor) and Plaza Singapura (#B1-11). Their store address details are on their site.

Those of you who emailed us to be informed about the T-shirts will be informed about the shipment arrival via email.

Price is S$20 (cheap compared to other things in singapore!). Shirt sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL (Asian sizes lor).

Overseas fans — if you’d like to place an order for the t-shirts, please email us at tshirt(at) with the title “Overseas T-shirt Order” and we’ll let you know the shipping cost to your country. Payment is by Paypal only (so make friends with your ebay addict neighbour or something). Sorry, we can’t handle local orders by email because we’re shorthanded.

Proceeds from the sale go to helping a very important cause — keeping this website going — what else?

Please note that stocks are VERY limited. Only 350 of the Tur Kwa design and about 150 of the I am Singaporean design were produced because we no money. First come first served. And of course if this goes well, we’ll look into doing this on a larger scale next time (yes, yes, Zhng My Car tees).

What are you waiting for? Go and buy them now! They are available at as of today!

37 Responses to “Suddenly, T-Shirts!”

  1. "Dr." Bob Says:

    Ah…. I wanted the “I am a Singapore PR” design

  2. Su Says:

    OMG I’m soo going to Hereen once I come back from Seattle this week!

    MB n Miyagi Rock!

  3. Julian Says:

    Good stuff! Just grabbed 5 to send to my friends overseas, each accompanied by a mini-CD with the Bak Chor Mee podcast in audio format - don’t sue me for the CD hor!

  4. candie Says:

    Yippi, going PS today to buy b4 all sold out. I want the turkwa one. Thanks MB & MM.

  5. Har Chiong Kai Says:

    I like how you put the PM’s “hilarious” endorsement on this site….:D

  6. Gan Seng Says:

    Not say I say, but you should get some ladies to model your T-Shirts like this!

  7. elf Says:

    hmm i went to both places… and the people say they don’t sell the t shirts.. i wonder wat’s wrong.. =(

  8. Jonathan Poon Says:


    te XL size you can wear right? I want to get my friends to get me one in singapore but not sure if the size can fit me or not!

    Too bad i cant be like Su here and fly back from Seattle! 8)

  9. elf Says:

    hmm went to both places just now… the people told me they don’t sell the t shirts…. =(

  10. Lincoln Says:

    I tot the last time we just had to put our orders in, but now it is first come first serve ?? Where got time to go down….

  11. Arrr Says:


  12. soulgroove Says:

    went to plaza sing outlet. apparently, stocks may have arrived at the warehouse but not at the shops. you guys may wanna leave your details and make reservation for your sizes.

  13. Charles Says:

    Hey, overseas how to buy? Err cannot? Where got fair???

  14. Herman Says:

    Just came back from Action City at Heeren. Where got Tur Kwa T-shirts?

  15. mingde Says:

    As of 1.30pm today, the t-shirts have NOT YET arrive in either of the store. Or so I was told by the cashier. When enquired when they will be in, he said he’s not sure. Anyway, he took down my phone and promise to call me when the t-shirts are there.

    So guys and gals, hold your horses.

  16. DK Says:

    I’m afraid I’m only able to make it down to the stores on friday. Hope still got stock by then….

    PLEASE everyone… dont buy until out of stock. Leave 1 L size Tur Kwa for me. :D

  17. $1 ERP gone Says:

    Sharks..I went to Heeren happily want to buy turkwa tees but stock not yet arrive. I left Heeren 10mins later and while driving, the store ppl called to tell me stock is in, sigh….carpark $1.50 + ERP$1 gone for nothing. But nevermind, to support MB, I will go again tmw.

  18. mrbrownfanclub - Of course got noodle lah! » mrbrown T-shirts Says:

    […] I’m waiting to get them.But I think they are all gone.Only so little pieces! Yes, the long awaited mrbrown tshirts have arrived, according to this article I actually placed 2 orders for turkwa T-shirts but since now they are selling it at Action City stores, I suppose I can just buy it off the shelf. Too little T-shirts- 500, but I will still try my luck to get it over the weekend. […]

  19. Seth Says:

    Eh the quality of the Tee-shirts not very good leh.. Saw one tur kwa picture kena smudged.

  20. kf Says:

    I just bought the turkwa t-shirt from PS!!! HAHAHAHA!

  21. Deep3lue Says:

    Hehe.. I managed to get my hands on the XL size for BOTH tee shirts at the shop at Heeren today! The tees were so popular that during my time at the shop, people already enquired about the tees even though the staff did not had the chance to hang them up!

    MrBrown, I think you can start designing the ‘Zhng My Car’ tees already! Oh, and if possible, don’t re-print the current tees please? Reward the ones that rushed to buy your tees by making this current batch an exclusive one. Redesign the ‘turkwa’ and ‘i am Singaporean’ tees if you intend to do a reprint! Onz?

  22. Hello Kitty Says:

    What sizes did you peeps buy? How are the measurements like?

  23. JuzChris Says:

    Din i juz said dowan Tur Kwa design T-shirts? ;p
    Creative T-shirt though, maybe a collection someday!
    Now.. when will the mee siam mai humm design be out?? ;p

  24. sLiMe Says:

    Wah lau!!!! Win liao lor! I just got home from work, first thing I see on my compooter is this…. sigh…. By the time I go there tomolo sure no more liao!!! #$*!%@$!*%……

  25. Sngbueh Says:

    No female model the T how to gauge size leh? Not every woman bamboo stick.

  26. mr black Says:

    I was at hereen… saw the T-shirt in the box..managed to get the staff to get me a XL… no many ppl was there at 7 plus in the evening..

  27. Hello Kitty Says:

    Hey, mr black (and those who had bought theirs), can you kindly provide the chest measurement? Thanks!

  28. mr black Says:

    The measurement for XL - from neck to arm (sleeve) is 38cm ,side to side =51cm..

  29. DK Says:

    how come u onli need the chest mesurements? lol….

  30. Matr|x Says:

    since Zhng My Car is coming out, erm mayb a hum design juz like tur kwa LOL~

  31. nerubian Says:

    i bought 5 too! but when my colleagues saw, he bEGGGed me to sell to him wor, what to do - had to sell him 2 (one for his gf). hope the store has more!

  32. bczd Says:

    theyre sold out!!! =( only left with xs… sigh.. hope new batches come out soon =)

  33. ctstalin Says:

    i just bought 1 from PS action city :)

  34. pbb Says:

    both stores still got all the sizes lah. but stocks are running very low liao.

  35. CW Says:

    Hey nice tees there!

    just a suggestion from me:
    why not make bikini with the tng kua or hum as both cup
    like those football version we saw during world cup

  36. Hello Kitty Says:

    Of coz nit to knw chest measurement lah. People is lady mah!

    Had bought a few pieces from the Plaza Sing Branch. Didn’t quite like the glummy male SA but the lady was nice.

    Anyway, the sizes run big. Here are the estimated measurements.

    Size - Width / Length (inches)
    XS - 40 / 24
    S - 42 / 25
    M - 44 / 26
    L - 46 / 27
    XL - 48 / 28

  37. illusioNATION Says:

    Suddenly, there were blogskins.