the mrbrown show: the humblite show

AKG C-3000B

Mr Tan and mrbrown discuss the news and come up with Singapore’s Word of the Year!

(Note: long show, big file.)

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 12 Dec 2006: the humblite show (MP3, file size: 10.8mb, Time: 00:26:10)


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7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the humblite show”

  1. A Humblite Says:

    I’m a Humblite. Are you?

  2. mingde Says:

    hey, about the ‘no free list’ thingy.
    Cinemas give out movie passes that can be redeemed for movies tickets. Cinemas are also clever and don’t want people with movies passes to crowd away people who pays for tickets.
    So, shows on the ‘free list’ are shows that have opened for a few weeks and don’t draw so much people.

  3. hotdog Says:

    i have joined the ranks of the Humblite! sign me up!

  4. fynyx Says:

    I seek to to be a humble elite, not a humblite; the latter has been
    portrayed in the show differently from the former.

    Your humblite can smack of false modesty.
    (A $10,000 dress was nothing, and that’s humble? ;-P )

    A better role model for the humble elite might be
    earlier greats like:

    - Lee Kong Chian, who started the Lee Foundation
    that has helped the arts, & students like I once was,
    without asking for payback; and

    - Wee Kim Wee, one of our ex-Presidents.

    (Yes, yes, I know mrbrown & Mr Tan did this podcast in jest,
    but this is just my 7c GST, can?)

    I remember a story about Mr Lee (Kong Chian, not brown, or…)
    after the Bukit Ho Swee fire of long ago, where he inconspicuously
    donated a huge sum for the victims, then quietly slipped away,
    giving way to a shopkeeper, showing off for reporters’ cameras,
    with his bloated (spoilt) cans of condensed milk.

    (Yes, yes, another NE [National Education] story… however:)

    These are the kinds of actions that come naturally, unbidden,
    from the truly humble elite.

    - currently writing from Tasmania
    from my brother’s notebook -

  5. not-a-humblite Says:

    hey great sarcastic humour, but can Mr. Tan not sound so sleepy? There’s no need to be hyper like the radio deejays, but the low-energy sound can be quite a downer for us listeners. Once again, thanks for all the happening podcasts.

  6. Mr. Tan Says:

    not-a-humblite- sorry- thats my trademark voice. ya just gotta love it!

  7. YawningToast Says:

    That was the most boring mrbrown show I have ever listened to. Standard dropped liao…

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